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April 23, 2024

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Ten Foot Pole
Unleashed (Epitaph Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Ten Foot Pole is back again with "Unleashed." This pop-punk quartet from California combines catchy beats with emotion in their vocals to draw the listener in. The thirteen tracks on this album prove they are capable of it too!

The album starts off with some fast paced guitar work on "Fiction." Then the vocals enter and the song slows down. And then it picks right back up. The vocals are quite nice. They portray each emotion very eloquently, and they get their feeling across in a way that will make you sit back and think, "I know what they are talking about! I know that person...," or "I feel the same way!" Track two, "John," is a fast paced pop-punk song! This song is tied for my favorite song on the album! Their is so much feelings and emotions in this song, that blend greatly with the melodic beat of the band, and the emotional portrayal of each and every word by the vocalist. Like when he says "Dennis it's so good to see you/you have no idea/how bad it's getting on the street/I try to hide away/but they find me every day/and I'm so fucking tired of the heat/" and "yesterday I heard the news/they sent me a letter/said it was suicide/but I knew better" you feel the emotional output and you just sit back and feel every pain and whimper he spits out! Next up, "It's not me," tells the tail of a former relationship he had with her, but she is through with him. Once again, the catchiness of the song and the great job done by the vocalist tells the story so great! Track six, "Daddy," is the other song that tied for the trophy of "best song on the album." The vocals portray so much emotions whether it be fast paced punk, or whether it be the softly spoken words that jab you, you will feel the emotions the vocals get out! And the hooky guitar, the pounding thunder by the drums, and the magical bass will take those emotions ten steps forward with it's raw power and fierce nature! "A.D.D." finishes off the album! It starts off with the thundering drums, and then some heavy guitar follow it up, until the whole band pulls it together and the vocals enter. One of the most aggressive songs on the album until the chorus hits, and then your drawn in by the familiar pop-punk addictive choruses Ten Foot Pole does so well! This song is about wanting ritalin so you too can be smart in school, because "don't you know my teachers are always right," as brilliantly said by Dennis (lead vocals.)

Ten Foot Pole plays energetic pop-punk to the fullest! If your looking for a good CD to buy in 1997, get this CD! You won't be disappointed! I can only give this CD an A-, because it seems on tracks 7-12 they just got tired (even though these tracks are still great!) They just seem to blend in with each other! Get this CD, you won't be disappointed!

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