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June 20, 2024

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Fashion Nugget (Capricorn Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Here is a band that just got into the buzz clip rotation with it's first single off their new album, "The Distance." This band has been working hard from it's humble beginnings in Sacramento, California. They deserve the success that is coming to them. It is hard to describe their sound. They go from rock, to country, to pop-rock, to whatever else influenced them. Let's just put it this way, they are VERY diverse! They like to express their different influences on every track, and they successfully do it with style!

Track one starts off with an organ, and is very mellow. Next is, "The Distance." A well-deserved buzz clip. For everyone that has already heard, "The Distance," you know this song is very contagious. For those who haven't, it is a pop-rock song, but very different from everything else on the market. Cake in itself is very different. They are talented, and never settle for O.K. They go "The Distance," and accomplish everything with an extra bang! Track three is called, "Friend is a four letter word." It starts off with some acoustic guitar, and is very mellow. I would classify this song as a very mellow, folk-rock song. Two songs go by and we come to the song, "Race Car Ya-Yas." It is basic talking and repeating the same lyrics over and over. Not a track worthy of the Cake stamp. Next up is, "I Will Survive." It starts off with some electric guitar in the background, and then enters the vocals and the rest of the band. A soft-rock/pop-rock track. Very catchy. But what of Cake isn't very catchy. It is very catchy, but when the chorus hits you are swallowed whole. You can't hide under your bed, this track will find you, and you are done for! Four tracks go by, and we come to the country tune, "She'll Come Back To Me." If you like Cake, you will eventually enjoy this track, but if you totally hate country, you best skip this track! There are fourteen tracks total, and "Sad Songs and Waltzers," is the final track. A tune that just reminds me of "I've Been Working on the Railroad." A song that would be enjoyed by gold miners during the California Gold Rush. It is even country tinted. I applaud Cake for proudly showing all their influences throughout this album, and not sticking to one genre.

Cake is definitely a band of talent! When so many bands these days want to one thing, and they stick to that, Cake is a band that wants (and is) a million things. But underline everything they do with the word talented. These guys are definitely avoiding the modern clich? that is going around, and are doing there own thing. I give this CD an A. You can't go wrong with this CD.

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