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July 15, 2024

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Daddy Longhead
Supermasonic (Honest Abe's Custom Records)

By: Alex Steininger

"'Sorriachi' rock...What's Sorriachi? Well, it's near mariachi, silly. Take three Texans, one of whom is the Butthole Surfers' Jeff Pinkus, and dress 'em up in mariachi outfits and, well, let them rock. 'Sorriachi.' I also like the 'poor man's ZZ Top' reference." Hmm...after listening to the CD Sorriachi still confuses me. The best way I can describe it is a blend of heavy metal, country, and good old fashion rock. Still confused? Don't worry, it's natural.

Track one kicks it off with "Churn." A weird trip into the world of Sorriachi is about to begin. A lot of bass, guitar jams, steady drums, and vocals that are stretched and extend themselves into soft moans. Track two, "Amalgam Eggs," kicks it off with a fast paced 70's rock guitar solo, and then the rest of the band enters. A mid-fast paced jam showing the band can rock. Track three, "Shingles," has a big 70's rock sense to it. It's like 70's rock meets heavy metal when they weren't playing loud and fast. From the guitars to the vocals it does have a feeling of influence by bands like ZZ Top. "My Feet Are Smoking," starts it off with some hooky guitars that you could imagine a modern day rock band on "alternative" radio to write. But then the vocals come in and the guitar soon changes, and their rock roots shine through. Soon after that the fiddle enters, which gives it a down home country like feeling. "2nd Hand Noose," starts off with some fairly heavy guitar, another part to show that 80's rock lends a hand in influences to Daddy Longhead. The guitar continues with the rest of the band, and you get a very strong 80's rock feeling. And then the vocals enter and it sounds like a forty year old man trying to re-capture his fame he had with his rock band, and now they are adapting to the 80's style. Not too appealing. Then again, I was never a fan of heavy metal. And when they went soft-metal (like this track) it was very unappealing. The CD closes out with "P Ychic Reader." Fast, energetic drums kick it off, while the thunderous guitars keep going. And then the vocals enter. I guess I'm not really a fan of their vocals. This song, like too many songs on this album, remind me of 70's rock bands coming alive in the 80's with their version of fast, yet softer, brand of rock fused with metal. Too me, this is just a waste.

Daddy Longhead has very impressive credentials, and are very talented. But they seem to have used their talents for evil on this album. Too me this is nothing more than a band that plays for fun in their garage, and sometimes at rock clubs to a bunch of aging people trying to re-capture their youth. A C- for their hard work and effort.

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