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May 18, 2024

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The Ziggens
Ignore Amos (Skunk Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Skunk Records made it's name from Sublime, it's founders. And here Skunk Records is with it's second band, The Ziggens. Combining punk with surf, and throwing in some good old rock and roll, The Ziggens add the craziness to the party.

The party starts when the band kicks it off with "Domestic Violins." It starts off with a violin, a baby crying, and an abusive man yelling for beer. Then the surf-rock begins. When you think of violins, you normally don't think of violence. So as this song has a serious undertone, the overall feel of the song is very satirical. Track two, "Have a Bitchin' Summer," is a very amusing song that wants you to "have a bitchin' summer." An all out surfy/rock/party based song. The band is having a lot of fun singing this song, and you have a lot of fun listening to it. It's great for laughs. Track five, "My Paycheck Bounced," is a surf-country song, with some great surf riffs to it. Track eight, "She Shrunk On Her B-Day," starts off with some soft guitar, and then the band kicks into full gear. Power, hooks, and speed the song contains it all. The track itself has so much humor too it, for almost the first two minutes no vocals come in. Then some weird, distorted vocals enter adding a funny touch to the song. But the vocals are only there for a short time, and then the song fades out. "Big Salty Tears," is another song that has a country feel to it. The song is very mellow. Track thirteen, "Surfungus," is a mostly instrumental song, except when a female lends her vocals to sing the word "surfungus" a few times. She also asks a question, and a guys voice comes on to answer it for her, and then she is back to her one word singing. Then at the end she shouts, and the song is over. Track fourteen, "I love A Parade!" is a good old rock and roll song, with a few surf riffs thrown in here and there, about how they love parades. Very nice vocals on this song, and an all out fun song. These guys know how to have fun, and the constantly prove it to you. You can tell music is all about their love for it, and them wanting to have fun. There is no trace of them even caring about making money throughout this album. The CD ends with "Barefoot on Hot Cement," and from personal experience it is not a pleasant experience when this occurs. It starts out with a reggae like beat, and then they jump into a rocking state of mind, but slow it down again, and jump back again into the rock stage. You never know what your going to get with this song, and I like that.

No party is complete without the Ziggens. They are party guys, and they know how to have fun and rock at the same time! I give this album an A-. It's a good album. Visit Skunk's web page ( and find out how you can order this album!

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