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July 25, 2024

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The Heptet (formerely Ska King Crab)
Mission To Mars (Self Released)

By: Alex Steininger

The Heptet (formerly Ska King Crab) combines up tempo third wave ska with some traditional ska and jazz, as well as a hit of swing here and there. With a combination like that, These eleven tracks should keep you dancing for the entire forty-five minutes of this CD.

The CD starts out with "Mike Tha Barber." It starts out with some nice horns, before quickly jumping into it's third wave ska, up tempo beats. The vocals are strong, and send out a lot of humor and fun. The guitar rides through the song, while the bass sends gentle bass lines through the song. The drums keep the pace, will faint horns come in and out through the song. "Pennsylvania 6-5000" is a more traditional sounding ska tune, with a bit of jazz and swing thrown in to get you dancing through the entire song. This time the horns are bright and strong, and stay that way through the whole song. It's the way it should be. Although it is annoying when they stop the music to shout the title of the song throughout the song, it's still a good song. And the reason it's a good song is that instead of the faith sounding horns like on "Mike Tha Barber," the horns are powerful and light up the song like stars light up the night sky. "At the O" is another up tempo, third wave ska track. The keyboards add nice depth to the song, and the horns are strong. The vocals are still soothing, and add a little mood to the song. "The New BK Dream Girl" is another humorous, up beat song. These guys are all about fun, and that is what their music is...FUN! The horns are powerful and nice, the guitars make your feet dance, and the rhythm section pulls everything together nicely. The vocals add so much to the song, especially on a song that's about liking a girl who is really a guy. And what's more fun than "Inspector Gadget." That's right, these guys cover INSPECTOR GADGET! And they do it with class. This song will have you bringing old memories to the front, while your dancing and laughing your head off. Skank the night away with this song. The horns are so intense they make you want to cry, and the keyboards add a beautiful flare to the song. Once again the vocals add a lot to the song, because every word sung has a lot of humor in it coming from this vocalist. And on the same track as good ol' "Inspector Gadget" is the title track, "Mission to Mars." A nice up beat instrumental. The horns get better and better each track as you go. That's amazing, and I love it! The CD closes out with "371 Ska." To go along with the humor and fun loving nature of the music, the time is even classified for this song. They also have sections in their thank-you's that are classified. These guys never stop having fun! Pick up this CD and join in on the party!

I can't say enough good things about this band. Sometimes in this serious world you just need to kick back and have some fun. Relax, and joke around a bit. That's exactly what these guys do, and they are amazing at it! Order this CD, you won't regret it! A definite A.

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