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July 12, 2024

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Inspecter 7
...The Infamous (Radical Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Inspecter 7 is nine piece band comprised of eight guys and a gal. They combine very up tempo ska beats with a traditional bite. Fifteen songs amount to their first full-length album.

The CD starts out with "The Infamous." A traditional instrumental, with the occasional shout. The horns are brighter than the sun, while the guitar is friendly and will talk you into dancing. The "noise toy" throughout the song is very interesting, and creates a very unique sound. The drums are soft and keep the beat very well. The bass goes along with the ride, and pulls everything together. "Regret" starts those feet moving. The guitar is very upbeat and causes your feet to skank vigorously. The vocals add a nice touch to the music. The song is very infectious, and will get you singing along after a few listens. The vocals go from fast and not as clear, to loud and clear. The song has a great vibe, and will warm you from head to toe. "Brother vs. Brother" takes a softer, more traditional approach. The vocals are soft and very powerful. But the hook in this song are the horns. They will melt even the hardest of souls and turn you into putty. They are so deep and powerful, you can't help but crave more. "Hub City Stompers" starts out with some energetic drumming that give you the impression this might be a fast dancing track. Then everything slows down to a very traditional beat. All-of-a-sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks, and everything jumps into a frenzy. The guitar picks up the pace, and the vocals get faster. The horns are faint in the background, but during their solo's they shine through the clouds. The song will keep you moving throughout the song, leaving no time to rest. But "Cookin'" will give you a chance to slow it down a bit and rest. The music will invade your body and make you sway to it. This instrumental will keep your body shaking and your mind keyed into its flavorful rhythms. "Agent 86" picks it up and sends your feet into another wild safari. Except for the occasional shouts, this is another instrumental track. But this time they throw it all at you, instead of giving you a slow traditional track, they make you work. "Popeye" gives you both sides of their music. Various parts are traditional, and other parts grab you and pick it up, forcing you to dance fast and have a great time. "See Ya" sends some more upbeat ska to your feet. The horns are very soulful and keep you warm, while the rest of the music entertains you and makes you enjoy every minute of it. "The Shape" closes out the CD in suspense. The music sounds like something out of Nightmare on Elm Street, then you hear laughter, and then your feet are served some more juicy morsels. That's right, some more energetic ska coming your way. End the CD with a BANG! Dance the night away...

Inspector 7 is a great band that combines traditional ska for all you fans of traditional with more upbeat licks that will appeal to all the two-tone and third-wave fans out there. If you want to just chill to traditional ska, this CD will let you. If you are looking for a CD that will serve you some music to dance to, this CD will provide that for you as well. I'll give this CD a B+.

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