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July 15, 2024

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Dead Nugget's Dish
Lotushead (Botswana at Night Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Dead Nugget's Dish blends funk, metal, and rock into one big mix. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois they bring the diversity of the city into their music and spit it back ten fold. After releasing a tape, and another full-length CD, their latest release is a nine song album entitled LOTUSHEAD.

When I popped this album in, the opening chords of "Drive-Bys of the Day" went straight through me and got me to dance. It was a catchy little funk riff that was very appealing. With a lot of step in it, it got me bouncing and jumping up and down. Then came the vocals. Try screaming while your foot is being ran over by a car. That's what they sounded like. Or maybe a higher pitched constant moan would be a more accurate way of describing it. Anyway you imagine it, they destroyed the music. From there on the disc would never be the same. The lyrics were humor-ridden, and offered a lot of hope for the music to grow on me, but there was a problem. The music just wasn't that good. The funk was cheap, the rock was weak, and the metal influence was tremendous. By track three, "Degas (Little Ballerinas)," I had already lost interest. Still listening, I was waiting for something to hit me and say, "listen to me. I am good!" Well, I thought that moment would arrive when "Safe Sex" came on. The lyrics were very humorous and made me bust up laughing. "Don't forget to leave the toilet paper next to the porno magazine!!!" was the whole lyrical base of the song. But after a few listens to this track, the cheap metal-funk and vocals turned me away. In came the live track, "Lottery Town," and the disc was over. Thank goodness.

These guys have a lot going for them in the humor department. They have a great sense of humor, but without meaning to their music comes off as a carnival ride that never ends, a never ending joke without a punch line, or a constant head wound that just won't stop throbbing. I'll give this CD a D-.

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