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June 19, 2024

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Twenty-Eight Teeth (TVT Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Ska music is on the rise in popularity, and Buck-O-Nine is quickly climbing the charts with their solid mix of ska, pop, and good old rock and roll. Their latest release, Twenty-Eight Teeth, is their first full-length for a major label.

Buck-O-Nine kicks it off with a song about being your own person and just being true to yourself. "Round Kid" possesses blaring horns and beats that will get you jumping, slamming, and dancing around in a crazed frenzy. And the vocals add so much depth and truth to the song, that you'll be dancing around while examining the way you interact in every day society. "Nineteen" is my favorite track on the album. Bringing you a healthy dose of the distorted guitar all the moshers will appreciate, and then some quick ska guitar that will get even the biggest stick in the mud up and dancing around like he'd just seen the light. And once again, the vocals combined with the lyrics add an aroma to the song that will make you think. You'll jump around, skank, or whatever you prefer to do while listening to music, and after the songs over you'll sit there thinking about what it all means, but the next song will quickly grab you back into a frenzy. "Jennifer's Cold" brings a topic almost everyone has had to deal with...a self-centered person to the forefront. It starts out very slow with some nice guitar, perfect to slowly skank along to. The chorus picks it up a bit, but just a tiny bit. The mellow mood will give you time to rest from all the energy you've used up enjoying all the other tracks. Getting tired of the same old stuff on the radio? Well so are many others, including Buck-O-Nine, and they voice their opinions on "What Happened to My Radio?" Some more of their powerful blend of pop, ska, and rock. If your not dancing along to this track, you better have a good an injury restricting you from getting up and dancing. After thirteen tracks, and energy depletion from enjoying this CD to it's fullest, your bound to get hungry! And so did they, tackling the issue of what to put in their stomach to fill that "Little Pain Inside" their tummies. This time they put down the electric guitars, and bring in an acoustic guitar. It's rock with a dash of country, and a great way to end the CD.

The first time I put this CD in I fell in love with the horns. The horns add so much to this band. From soothing melodies to fast paced frenzies they can play it all. After listening to the CD many times, I also fell in love with the way they combine everything to form a perfect blend of musical styles too. If you haven't already ran out and bought this CD, you should. A definite A+.

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