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October 1, 2023

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This is Liberator (Burning Heart Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Liberator is a seven-piece third wave ska band from Sweden. With ska currently making a boom in the states, bands like Liberator are making a mark with their patented style of ska outside of America. And bringing them to you is Burning Heart Records.

The CD starts off with a very jazzy song called "Rooster." With the horns lighting the way, and then it busts into some ska guitar and picks it up. The horns are still setting up the whole song, and then the organ adds it's personal touch to the song. The drums occasional beat add a nice touch to the song. Track two, "A Lifetime of Todays," A standard third wave ska structure with the ska guitars, chorus, and back again. A very catchy chorus with it's light ska guitar in the background going at a fast pace, nice horns, and drums that are keeping the beat quite nicely! Track four, "Tell Me Tell Me," starts off with some very slow guitar and the drums keeping the guitar in check with soft drops on the drum. Then the song picks up with a reggae feel to the vocals and the music. Ska guitar and steady drums keep the tempo set, and the occasional horns add an extra mood to the song. Track seven, "Ruder Than You," happens to be my favorite track on the CD. Starts out with some horns that set the song on fire, and make it what it is. The song is lined with these thick horn beats, on top of the guitar, and the vocals. The song is very steady, but when the chorus kicks in, your hooked. "Cause I'm Ruder Than You/That's Why I act the Way I Do/I guess I'm Ruder Than You/Ruder Than Anyone You Knew." As his voice sets a very melodic tone to it, and the drums rhythm, along with all the hooks this song just grabs you and will hook you into the whole album. After you listen to this song you'll want to keep listening to the CD over and over again. This one song is the hit that delivers it all, and keeps your ears attentive. After a few more listens you'll realize that this CD's good point outshines it's flaws. A little repetitiveness here and there, but with songs like "Kingston Town," "New Girls," and "Liberator" all following "Ruder Than You," you'll remember why you bought the CD in the first place!

Liberator has a lot to offer. Sometimes they lose track of their goal, to keep the listener entertained, and lose some of their energy and captivity power, but as soon as you start to doubt them they kick you back and start playing something you love. Then after a few spins you just throw all caution to the wind and dive head first into the CD, and eventually fall in love with every track. It just takes a little longer than usual. I give this CD an A-.

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