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Age of Silence Complications: Trilogy of Intricacy
Beautiful Creatures Deuce
Infliction The Silencer
K's Choice: Almost Happy
K's Choice: Cocoon Crash
K-Ci & JoJo: Love Always
K-OS: Exit
K-Rec: Disque Jockey
Kaada / Patton: Romances
Kaamos: Lucifer Rising
Kaisers, The: Shake Me!
Kaitlyn Ni Donovan: Songs for 'Three Days'
KaitO: You've seen us--you must have seen us--
Kalmah: Swampsong
Kamelot: The Fourth Legacy
Karlophone: Press Any Key To Begin
Karmakanic: Wheel of Life
Karmakanic: Wheel of Life
Kasey Anderson: Harold St. Blues
Kasey Chambers: Barricades & Brickwalls
Kataklysm: The Prophecy
Katatonia: Discouraged Ones
Katharine Whalen: Jazz Squad
Kathleen Edwards: Failer
Kathy Walker Band, The: The Kathy Walker Band
Katrina Landon: River Voice
Kaz Murphy: Devil in the Barn
Keepsake: Black Dress In A B Movie
Keith Levene's Murder Global: Killer in the Crowd E.P>
Keith Welsh: American
Kelis: Tasty
Keller Williams: Buzz! and Spun
Kelly Hogan: Because It Feel Good
Kelly Price: Soul Of A Woman
Kelly's Heels: Gone Off Pop?!?
Kelly's Lot: Test Drive
Kemuri: Little Playmate
Kemuri: Little Playmate
Ken Burke: Arizona Songs
Ken Siegert: Up From The Murky Depths
Ken Stringfellow: Touched
Kennedy: Kennedy
Kennedy: Pink Afros
Kennedys, The: Evolver
Kenny Howes and The Yeah!: self-titled
Kenny Howes: The Right Idea
Kenny Lattimore: From The Soul of Man
Kev Russell's Junker: Buttermilk & Rifles
Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets: Restoration
Kevin Chalfant: Running With The Wind
Kevin Deal: Kiss on the Breeze
Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle: Night Light
Kevin Salem: Ecstatic
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror: Judo
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror: Wake Up Captain
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror: Wake Up Captain
Kevin Welch and the Danes: Millionaire
Kevorkian Death Cycle: A + 0 (m)
Khan: No Comprendo
Khan: Passport
Khanate: Khanate
Kickovers, The: Osaka
Kid Chaos: Love In the Time of Scurvy
Kid Dynamite: Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems
Kid Millions: American Tabloid
Kids of Widney High, The: Act Your Age
KILARA: The Funeral Fix
Kill Creek: Colors of Home
Kill Hannah: For Never & Ever
Kill Henry Sugar: Love Beach
Kill Me Tomorrow: The Garbage Man and The Prostitute
Kill Verona: Trauma
Kill Your Idols: From Companionship to Competition
Kill Your Idols: Funeral for a Feeling
Kill, The: superdragsmackheadpsychoplasticgogopunk
Killengod (Fear No God): Into The Ancient Moon
Killer, The: Better Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six
Killingtons, The: The Killingtons
Kills, The: Keep On Your Mean Side
Killswitch Engage: The End of Heartache
Kilowatthours / The Rum Diary: Split CD
Kim Fox: Return To Planet Earth
Kim Wilson: Lookin' For Trouble
Kim Wilson: Lookin' For Trouble
Kimya Dawson: I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean
Kind of Like Spitting: Bridges Worth Burning
Kind of Like Spitting: Kind of Like Spitting
Kind of Like Spitting: Old Moon in the Arms of the New
King Black Acid and the Starseed Transmission: Into the Sun
King Black Acid: Loves A Long Song
King Bravo selects SKA authentic volume 2: Tricia & The Supersonics (Miss Jamaica meets the Skatalites)
King Coleman: It's Dance Time!
King Django: A Simple Thread
King Django: Meets The Scrucialists
King Django: Reason
King Geedorah: Take Me To Your Leader
King Rat: The Towne Liar
King's X: Live All Over the Place
Kingdom Flying Club, The: Non-Fiction
Kings Of Convenience : Versus
Kings of Leon: Holy Roller Novocaine
Kingsmen / Gary U.S. Bonds / Del Shannon: Three Classic Rock 'N' Roll Must Haves!
Kinison, The: What Are You Listening To?
Kinks: Come Dancing With The Kinks, The: The Best of The Kinks 1977-1986
Kinski: Airs Above Your Station
Kiss of Death, The: The Kiss of Death
Kiss: Alive IV: Symphony
Kite-Eating Tree, The: Method: Fail, Repeat...
Kittie: Oracle
Kittie: Spit
Kitty In the Tree: Hello Kitty
Kleenexgirlwonder: After Mathematics
Kleveland: Everybody Wants To
KMFDM: Adios
Knapsack: This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now.
Knievel: No One's Going To Understand In My Way
Knight Area: The Sun Also Rises
Knoc-Turn'Al: L.A. Confidential Presents Knoc-Turn'Al
Knotworking: Notes Left Out
Know How, The: Happy Robot
Knowledge: A Gift Before I Go
Knoxville Girls: Knoxville Girls
Knut: Bastardiser
Kodo: Sai-So: The Remix Project
Koncept: Project: Ambershine
Konkhra: Weed Out The Weak
Koop: Waltz For Koop
Kor-Lokt: Primer
Korea Girl: Korea Girl
Kosher: Self Control
Kottonmouth Kings: Fire It Up
Koufax: It Had To Do With Love
Koufax: Koufax
Kowalskis, The: All Hopped Up on Goofballs
Krabathor: Orthodox
Kraftwerk: Tour De France Soundtracks
Krakatoa: Channel Static Blackout
Kreator: Enemy of God
Kreator: Violent Revolution
Krigshot: ...Och Hotet Kvarstar 7"
Krigshot: Maktmissbrukare
Krigshot: Orebro Mangel
Kris Kristofferson: Kristofferson
Krisiun: Conquerors of Armageddon
Kristin Hersh: The Grotto
Kryoburn: Enigmatic Existence
Kryptosexual Cancroid: split releases with GORE and DEVIANT VIRAL SOURCE
KUBiX: Construct
Kufala Recordings: Live albums by: Carrie Akre, Rudy, Velvet, Straight No Chaser, Ponticello, and Lappelectro
Kung Fu Rick: Kung Fu Rick 7"
Kungfu Rick: Motivation To Abuse LP
Kuscha: Sweet Little Lie
KW: Keith Washington
Kyle Fischer: Open Ground
Kylie: Body Language
Lacrimas Profundere Napalm
Sheavy Republic?
Trephine Trephine
Twilight Twilight
UIver Blood Inside
Unshine Earth Magick
V:28 Soul Saviour
Widow On Fire
Witchcraft Firewood
Wrecking Crew 1987-1991
YOB The Unreal Never Lived
You Will Die You Will Die
Zatokrev Zatokrev
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