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<Issue #68 - November-December 2004>

Featured Articles
Chica Lishis: Salutations and sensous summertimes to you, my sweetpeas
David Cross: It's Not Funny
Mitch Hedberg: Strategic Grill Locations
Moving In Stereo: Volume 8
Moving In Stereo: Volume 9
Whatever is Whatever: The Modest Debut of The Kinison and LaSalle Records

Interviews & Show Reviews
INTERVIEW: Clinic: Liverpool's other fab four discuss new record
INTERVIEW: Electric Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster... With Mass Market Potential!
INTERVIEW: Gary "Pig" Gold meets the Man Who Invented the Sixties: An interview with the Blacklisted Journalist Al Aronowitz
INTERVIEW: King Missle: King Missle's lyricist, vocalist, and only permanent member discusses his seminal rock band King Missle
INTERVIEW: Lair of the Minotaur: A relentless metal band whose old school influences run the gauntlet
INTERVIEW: Mike Watt: Punk rock legend discusses living, new record, touring, life
INTERVIEW: P*S*K: New School Punk Rock meets ElectroClash
INTERVIEW: Scum of the Earth The new project by Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs
INTERVIEW: The Oohlas: Former Everclear drummer fronts his own rock band, The Oohlas
INTERVIEW: Washington Social Club: Washington D.C.'s hottest indie rock act discusses debut record, etc.
INTERVIEW: Waxwings: Indie rock act Waxwings discuss latest record, new label
SHOW REVIEW: Deep Purple Communicate on a Cosmic Level
SHOW REVIEW: Heart w/ Lisa Loeb: The Greek Theater - August 1, 2004
SHOW REVIEW: Slayer: November 11, 2004 - The Roseland

DVD Reviews
Antiseen: The 20 Year Anniversary Show
Blasters, The: LIVE - Going Home
Calexico: World Drifts In - Live at the Barbican London
Chappelle Show, The: Complete First Season
Comedy Central Presents...: Roast of Denis Leary: Uncensored
Crank Yankers: Complete First Season
Geno Washington & The Blues ?uestion: What's In The Pot
Iggy & The Stooges: Live In Detroit
James Angell: Private Player In Concert
KMFDM: WWIII: Tour 2003
Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of Brit Pop
Ramones, The: RAW
Ray Charles: Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival
Reno 911: Complete First Season
Sonic Youth: Corporate Ghost: The Videos
South Park: Passion of the Jew
South Park: Season 3
South Park: Season 4
Strangers with Candy: Season 3
Superchunk: Crowding Up Your Visual Field
Supersuckers: Mid-Fi Field Recordings Volume 3: From the Audio/Video Department, Live In Anaheim
Wu-Tang Clan: Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 2

Rock & Pop Articles
Adam Mugavero: Breathe
Bella Fayes, The: Far From The Discos
Ben Folds: Invisible Circles
Broken Spindles: Fulfilled/Complete
Burning Brides: Leave No Ashes
Carlsonics: Carlsonics
Chronic Future: Lines in my Face
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains: The Big Eyeball in the Sky
Crix Crax Crux: Camel & Needle
Damnwells, The: Bastards of the Beat
Ditty Twisters: Pinata Baby
Donovan: Greatest Hits Live: Vancouver 1986
Dr. Theopolis: Astronomical
Eames Era, The: The Second EP
Elliott Smith: From a Basement on the Hill
Five Horse Johnson: The Last Men on Earth
Frausdots: Couture, Couture, Couture
Fucking AM, The: Gold
Future Leaders of the World: LVL IV
Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers present...: She Loves You
Gunshy, The: No Man's Blues
Halfway To Gone: Halfway To Gone
Heavenly States, The: King Epiphany [single]
Hello Nurse: Hey Sailor
John Fogerty: Deja Vu All Over Again
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror: Wake Up Captain
Lord Sterling: Today's Song for Tomorrow
Loveless: Gift to the World
Malady: Malady
Maplewood: Maplewood
Mark Lanegan Band: Bubblegum
Mark Mallman: Mr. Serious
Martinis, The: Smitten
Meow Meow: Snow Gas Bones
Milwaukees, The: Angel with a Knife
Nonpoint: Recoil
Omar A. Rodriguez Lopez: A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack Volume 1
Outward Bound: Prophecies of War
Perfect: Once, Twice, Three Times A Maybe
Pet Swan Project: Watermelon Pie
Pixies, The: Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies
Porcupines, The: EeenieMeenieMeineeMojo!
Poulain: For Passengers
Presidents of the United States of America: Love Everybody
Preston School of Industry: Monsoon
Ray Charles: Genius Loves Company
Rick Bain: Virtual Heavy Pet
Snake The Cross The Crown, The: Mander Salis
Some By Sea: Get Off the Ground If You're Scared
They Might Be Giants: The Spine
timewellspent: timewellspent
Tommy Stinson: Village Gorilla Head
Turn-Ons, The: East
Twilight Circus: Dub from the Secret Vaults
Valis: Head Full of Pills
Various Artists: Live From Nowhere Near You - Volume 1
Various Artists: Location Is Everything - Volume 2
Various Artists: The Sound of Young New York II
Veloura Caywood: (Side B) Unlistenable Mood Music From An Open Mood
Visqueen: Sunset On Dateland
Viva Voce: The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
Walking Concert: Run to be Born
Wolf Eyes: Burned Mind

Punk & Hardcore Articles
800 Octane: Rise Again
A 18: Dear Furious
Amanda Woodward: La Decadence De La Decadence
Amazing Device: The Quiet Room
Anger Regiment: Aces and Eights
Beaten Back to Pure: The Burning South
Blood for Blood: Serenity
Breather Resist: Charmer
Building Press, The: Young Money
Bury Your Dead: Cover Your Tracks
Call Me Lightning: The Trouble We're In
Cast Aside: The Struggle
Codeseven: Dancing Echoes/Dead Sounds
Coliseum: Coliseum
Complete Control: Reaction
Death Before Disco: Party Bullet
Drag Strip Riot: Drag Strip Riot
Endicott: The Words In Ink Don't Lie
Fear Before the March of Flame: Art Damage
Fight, The: Nothing New Since Rock 'n' Roll
Flogging Molly: Within A Mile From Home
For the Worse: The Chaos Continues
Fu Manchu: Start The Machine
Funeral for a Friend: Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation
Glasspack, The: Bridgeburner
Good Charlotte: The Chronicles of Life and Death
Hazen Street: Hazen Street
Higher, The: Star Is Dead
Hot Cross: Fair Trades and Farewells
Instruction: God Doesn't Care
Lords: The House That Lords Built
Moments in Grace: Moonlight Survived
My Revenge!: Less Plot, More Blood
Name Taken: Hold On
Nervous Return, The: Wake Up Dead
Psycho-Path: Desinvoltura
Raw Power: The Hit List
Rise Against: Siren Song of the Counter Culture
Safety In Numbers: In the Key of D
Saint Vitus: V
Salem: Love It or Leave Me
Sk8 or Die: Not in my Skatepark
Social Distortion: Sex, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll
Stand and Fight: Together We Win
Stiff Little Fingers: Guitar and Drum
Straylight Run: Straylight Run
Suicide Note: Too Sick To Dance
Taking Back Sunday: Where You Want To Be
Traindodge: The Truth
Vaux: Plague Music

Metal & Hard Rock Articles
A Perfect Murder: Unbroken
After Forever: Invisible Circles
Alabama Thunderpussy: Fulton Hill
Alexisonfire: Watch Out!
Alter Bridge: One Day Remains
Anodyne: Lifetime of Gray Skies
Arch Enemy: Dead Eyes See No Future
Belphegor: Lucifer Incestus
Blitzkrieg: Absolutely Live
Burmese/Fistula: Burmese/Fistula
Carcass: Choice Cuts
Cathedral: The Serpent's Gold
Champion: Promise Kept
Chevelle: This Type of Thinking
Cradle of Filth: Songs from Nymphetamine
Cream Abdul Babar: Excavation 1995-1998
Crisis: Like Sheep Led To Slaughter
Crown/a>, The: Crowned UnHoly
Danzig: Circle of Snakes
Dead To Fall: Villainy and Virtue
Dio: Master of the Moon
Dokken: Hell To Pay
Donnybrook: Out of Print
Draconian: Where Lovers Mourn
Entombed: Inferno
Even the Odd: Popular Among Van Owners
Ewigkeit: Radio Ixtlan
Falkenbach: OK Nefna Tysvar Ty
Final Dawn: Under the Bleeding Sky
Forever Is Forgotten: Dying Beautiful
Goatsnake: Trampled Under Hoof
Gone Without Trace: Gone Without Trace
Grave: Fiendish Regression
Highroad No. 28: Dynamic Introspection
Hostage Heart, The: The Hostage Heart
I Killed The Prom Queen: When Goodbye Means Forever
Impulse Manslaughter: Live at WFMU
Insision: Revealed and Worshipped
Isis: Panopticon
It Dies Today: The Caitiff Choir
Karmakanic: Wheel of Life
Kill Verona: Trauma
Lair of the Minotaur: Carnage
Lamb of God: Ashes of the Wake
Leviathan: Tentacles of Whorror
Lickgoldensky: Lickgoldensky
Lilitu: The Delores Lesion
Megadeth: The System Has Failed
Mindgrinder: Mind Tech
Minor Times, The: Making Enemies
Misery Signals: Of Malice and the Magnum Heart
Moonlyght: Progressive Darkness
Mortiis: The Grudge
Motorhead: Inferno
Murder Squad: Ravenous Murder
Niya: Head Held High
Outbreak: You Make Us Sick
Power & The Glory, The: Call Me Armageddon
Project 86: Songs To Burn Bridges By
Remembering Never: Women and Children Die First
Rwake: If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die
Sasquatch: Sasquatch
Scorpions: Unbreakable
Shadows Fall: The War Within
Society's Finest: Love, Murder, and a Three Letter Word
Starwood: If It Ain't Broke, Break It
SUNN 0))): White2
Susperia: Unlimited
Switchblade: Switchblade
Terror: One with the Underdogs
Thor and Mick Hoffman: Beastwomen from the Center of the Earth
Today is the Day: Kiss the Pig
Transmission 0: 0
Twisted Sister: Stll Hungry
Tygers Of Pan Tang: First Kill
Unearth: The Oncoming Storm
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Fenriz Presents The Best of Old School Black Metal
VARIOUS ARTISTS:: Resident Evil : Apocalypse
Vintersong: The Focusing Blur
W.A.S.P.: The Neon God Part II: The Demise
Xasthur: Telepathic With The Deceased
Zao: The Funeral of God

Country & Bluegrass Articles
Castanets, The: Cathedral
Clampitt, Gaddis, and Buck: Nine Tracks
Clemente: Teeth Measure The Need
Eric Ambel: Knucklehead 1990-2004(Lakeside Lounge Records)
Hayley Hutchinson: Independently Blue
Ian Moore: Luminaria
Navigators, The: Glory, Glory
Pine Hill Haints, The: You Bury Your Hate In A Shallow Grave
Steve Turner: And His Bad Ideas

Electronic & Gothic Articles
Books on Tape: The Business End

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