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G Club Presents Banda Sonora: Guitarra G
G-Spot: Psycho Luna
G. Love Special Sauce: Yeah, It's That Easy
G.G. ALLIN: The Troubled Troubadour
Gabriel "Naim" Amor: Soundtracks
Gadjits, The: At Ease
Gaelic Storm: Herding Cats
Gamma Ray: No World Order!
Gamma Ray: Skeletons In The Closet
Gamma Ray: Skeletons in the Closet
Gangster Fun: Pure Amphetamines
Ganymede: Space and Time
Garbage: Bleed Like Me
Gargantula: Infinitasm
Garrin Benfield: Garrin Benfield
Garrison: Be A Criminal
Garrison: Twenty-Four/You're Devastated, I'm Sure 7"
Gary Numan: Exile
Gary Numan: Live In London
Gary Wilson: Forgotten Lovers
Gasp: Drome Triler of Puzzle Zoo People
Gathering, The: How To Measure A Planet 2xCD
Gathering, The: Superheat - A Live Album
Gatsby's American Dream: Ribbons & Sugar
Gelatin Boys: Beware of the Gelatin Boys
Gene: Libertine
Generator: Generator
Generators, The: Excess, Betrayal... and Our Dearly Departed
Generators, The: Welcome to the End
Generic Skaca
Generiks: Revenge of the Dung Beetle
Genesis: Archive 1967-1975 [4 cd box set]
Genghis Tron: Cloak of Love
Genitorturers: Machine Love
Genocide SS: II - We Are Born of Hate
Geoff Keezer: Zero One
George Duke: Face The Music
George Harrison: Brainwashed
George Harrison: The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 Box Set
George Jones: I Am What I Am
George Makovic: Electric Worrier
Gerald Collier: Breakin' Down
Geraldine: Pure Bastard Rock
German Art Students, The: Kissing By The Superconductor
Germs / Dead Boys, The: Germicide & Various What? Stuff / All This And More
Get Fucked: Get Fucked
Get Up Kids, The: On A Wire
Get Up Kids, The: Something to Write Home About
Ghost in the Machine: The Haunting Begins
Ghost Rockets, The: The Spatula Ranch Sessions Volume 1
Ghost, The: This Is A Hospital
Ghostride: Cobra Sunrise
Giant Sand: Cover Magazine
Giant Steps: Technicolor
Giants of Science: Blueprint for Courageous Action
Gigolo Aunts: Pacific Ocean Blues
Gillian Welch: Soul Journey
Gina Noell: Letting Go of Strings
Gingham Shmuz: Fallen
Gino Washington: Love Bandit
Gino Washington: Out of this World
Girls Against Boys: You Can't Fight What You Can't See
Girls Go Ska...: GIRLS GO SKA
Girls Under Glass: Zyklus
Girlschool: The Very Best Of Girlschool
Gitane DeMone: Am I Wrong?
Gitane DeMone: Life in Death '85-'89
Gits, The: Enter: The Conquering Chicken [re-issue]
Give up the Ghost: Year One
Gizmachi: The Imbuing
Gladshot: Gladshot
Glamour Puss: Wire & Wood
Glampire: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Glampire: The Heraldic Universe
Glands, The: The Glands
Glasseater: 7yearsbadluck
Glasses, The: Sunbreaks
Glassjaw: Everything You Wanted To Know About Silence
Glasspack, The: Bridgeburner
Glifted: Under and In
Gloria Record, The: Start Here
Glory of This: Adoration
Glossary: How We Handle Our Midnights
Glossary: This Is All We've Learned About Living
Glucifer: Get The Horn
Go For Broke: New Music With Old Chords
Go, The: Whatcha Doin'
Go-Betweens, The: Bright Yellow, Bright Orange
Go-Betweens, The: The Friends of Rachel Worth
Go-Nuts, The: "Skinny Bones Jones" b/w "Eat It All" [7" single]
Go-Nuts, The: The World's Greatest Super Hero Snak Rock And Gorilla Entertainment Revue
Go-Rin-No-Sho: Inner Light
Goat Shanty: Clearly Prespin 7"
Goatsnake: 1 + Dog Days
Goatsnake: Goatsnake I
Goatsnake: Trampled Under Hoof
Goatsnake: Trampled Under Hoof MCD
Gob/Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Split 7"
Gob: Foot In Mouth Disease
GOB: The Kill Yourself Commandment 12"
GOB: The World According To GOB
God Dethroned: Into The Lungs Of Hell
God Lives Underwater: Life in the So-Called Space Age
God Or Julie: What Doesn't Kill You
Goddamn Gentlemen: Sex-Caliber Horsepower
Godhead: Power Tool Stigmata
Godsmack: Awake
Godstomper / Rot: Split Tape
Godstomper: Hell's Grim Tyrant
Godstomper: Saturday Morning Power Violence 7"
GoGoGo Airheart: Exith Euxa
Gogogo Airheart: Gogogo Airheart
GoGoGo Airheart: Love My Life... Hate My Friends
Gold: In A Race Against Time
Goldcard: Goldcard
Golden Delicious: Live At The Laurelthirst
Golden Shoulders: Let My Burden Be
Golden Smog: Weird Tales
Goldenboy: Blue Swan Orchestra
Goldfinger: Darrin's Coconut Ass - Live From Omaha
Goldfinger: Hang-Ups
Goldfinger: Open Your Eyes
Goldfinger: Stomping Ground
Goldo: Goldo
Goldrush: Pioneers
Golgo: triSKAdekaphobia
Gomorrha: Gomorrha
Gone Orchestra, The: No Price Too High
Gone Without Trace: Gone Without Trace
GONKULATOR: Satan's Burial Ground
Gonkulator: Second War in Heaven
Goo Goo Dolls, The: Gutterflower
Goober Patrol: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Drunk
Good Charlotte: The Chronicles of Life and Death
Good Life, The: Black Out
Good Life, The: Lovers Need Lawyers
Good Life, The: Novena On A Nocturn
Good Riddance: Cover Ups
Good Riddance: Operation Phoenix
Good Riddance: The Phenomenon of Craving
Goodness: Anthem
Goodwill, The: Insult, Injury, Etc.
Gordian Knot: Emergent
Gordon Downie: Battle of the Nudes
Gore Beyond Necropsy: Noise-A-Go Go!!!
Gore Gore Girls: Up All Night
Gorillaz: Gorillaz
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: The Blue Trees
Gosling: Gosling
Gossip, The: That's Not What I Heard
Gothic Sex: Laments
GoToHells: Rock 'n' Roll America
Gourds, The: Cow Fish Fowl and Pig
Gov't Mule: Life Before Insanity
GOV'T Mule: The Deep End
Graham Colton Band: Drive
Graham Parker: Your Country
Graig Markel: The Gospel Project
Grain USA: Billboard
Grain USA: Over The Counter Culture
Gran Torino: Two
Grand National: kingSIZE
Grand Theft Autumn Presents: The Fast-Trak Holy Nova Symphony featuring Coco B's and Eskimohunter
Grandaddy: Concrete Dunes
Grandaddy: Sumday
Grandpaboy: Dead Man Shake
Grandpaboy: Grandpaboy
Granfaloon Bus: Exploded View
Grasshopper and the Golden Crickets: The Orbit of Eternal Grace
Gratitude: Gratitude
Grave Digger: Excalibur
Grave: Fiendish Regression
Gravel Pit, The: The Gravel Pit Manifesto
Gravelpit: History: Mission & Tradition
Gravitar: Freedom's Just Another Word For Never Getting Paid
Gravity Willing: Requia
Gravy, The: Hangman's Pop
Gravy: Fourteen
Great Crusades, The: Damaged Goods
Great White: Can't Get There From Here
Great White: Thank You... Goodnight!: The Farewell Concert
Greater California: The Little Pacific
Grech: Unholy
Green and Yellow TV, The: Record X
Green Carnation: A Blessing in Disguise
Green Carnation: Light of Day, Day of Darkness
Green Day: Hitchin' A Ride Single
Green Day: International Superhits!
Green Day: Shenanigans
Green Day: Warning
Green Rode Shotgun: Bang
Green Romance Orchestra: Play Part I and IV
Green Velvet: Green Velvet
Greenbriar Boys, The: Best of The Vanguard Years
Greenbriar Boys: Big Apple Bluegrass
Greenhouse: Tomorrow The World
Greenwheel: Soma Holiday
Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers present...: She Loves You
Gren: Camp Grenada
Grey Area: Fanbelt Algebra
Grey Area: Grey Area
Greyscale: Discord for the Dead Kid
Gridlock: Further
Grief / 16: Split 10"
Grief: ...And Man Will Become The Hunted
Grief: Torso
Grief: Turbulent Times: Unreleased and Out-of-Print Material 1992-1998
Grind: Best Of
Grindspoon: Licker Bottle Cozy
Grindstone: Grindstone
Grinspoon: Guide To Better Living
Grinspoon: Licker Bottle Cozy
Grip Weeds, The: "We're Not Getting Through" b/w "I Can Hear The Grass Grow"
Grip, Inc.: Solidify
Grnd Ntl Brnds: The Great Dumbening
Groinchurn: 6x9+5 -- 10" Pic Disc
Groinchurn: Already Dead 3" CD
Groovie Ghoulies: Fun in the Dark
Groundswell: Corrode
Groups of Wrath, The: The Groups of Wrath
Gruesome Galore: Gracious Living
Guano Apes: Proud Like A God
Guff : The Guff Is A Disaster EP
Guided By Voices: Earthquake Glue
Guided By Voices: Isolation Drills
Guided By Voices: Universal Truths and Cycles
Guild of Ages: Vox Dominatas
Gunga Din, The: Your Glitter Never Dulls
Guns Up: All This Is
Gunshy, The: No Man's Blues
Gunshy, The: To Remember/To Forget
Gus Black: Uncivilized Love
Gus Gus: Polydistortion
Gutter Swans: Foolishness Meets Vision
Guttermouth.: Gorgeous
Guttermouth: Covered With Ants
Guttermouth: Gusto
Guttermouth: Musical Monkey
Guy Clark: The Dark
Gwen Mars: Driving A Million
Gwen Mars: Gwen Mars EP
Gwens, The: Devil's Cliff
Gypsy Moths, The: The Gypsy Moths
GZR: Ohmwork
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