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...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead: Source Tags & Codes
A 18: Dear Furious
A Boy Called Spite: Advance Tape
A Day For Honey: A Day For Honey
A Girl Called Eddy: A Girl Called Eddy
A Life Once Lost: The Fourth Plague: Flies
A New Found Glory: From the Screen To Your Stereo
A New Found Glory: Nothing Gold Can Stay
A ONEFOOT Records Compilation: Check This Out, Baby!
A Perfect Murder: Unbroken
A Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower: Love in the Fascist Brothel
A.C. Cotton: Half Way Down
A.C.: It Just Gets Worse
A.F.I.: Black Sails in the Sunset
A.R.E. Weapons: A.R.E. Weapons
A18: Foreverafternothing
Abandoned Pools: Humanistic
Abbie Huxley: Pop [R.E.D.]
Abby Travis Foundation, The: The Abby Travis Foundation
Abby Travis: Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop
Aberdeen: Homesick and Happy To Be Here
ABOMINANT: Never Truly Dead
Abominant: The Way After
Aborted: The Archaic Abattoir
Abramelin: Abramelin
Absinthe Blind: Rings
Abstain: World Full Of Zombies
Abuse*Ment*Park: Electric Spanking Session
Accused, The: Paint It Red 7"
Acetone: York Boulevard
Acheron: Tribute To The Devil's Music
Acid King: III
Acoustic Junction: Strange Days
Action League: Interrupt This Program
Action: Action
Actionslacks: Never Never Shake, Baby
Actionslacks: The Scene's Out of Sight
Actual Tigers, The: Gravelled & Green
Acumen: Out of Balance
Adam Elk: Labello
Adam Green: Garfield
Adam Marsland: 232 Days and Counting
Adam Mugavero: Breathe
Adams: Ryan Adams sophomore solo album and Whiskeytown's last album: Gold and Pneumonia
Adamski: Adamski's Thing
Adema: Planets
Adjusters, The: Before The Revolution
Adjusters, The: The Politics of Style
Adjustments, The: "A Little To The Left"
Adjustments, The: Everybody Must Get Cloned
Admiral Twin: Mock Heroic
Adramelech: Seven
Adult.: Anxiety Always
Adversary: Forsaken By All That Once Set Me Free
ADZ: Odz 'n' Sodz
ADZ: Transmissions From Planet Speedball
Aereogramme: A Story In White
Aereogramme: Sleep and Release
Aeternus: Ascension of Terror
Aeternus: Shadows of Old
Affirmative Action Jackson: Demo CD-R
AFI: Sing The Sorrow
AFI: The Art of Drowning
Afro Q Ben: Hi-Fi Fro Funk
Afroman: The Good Times
After Forever: Invisible Circles
After Hours: The Trouble With Those Guys Is...
After The End: Making A Monster
Agalloch: Of Stone, Wind and Pillar
Agalloch: Pale Folklore
Agalloch: The Mantle
Agathocles/Black Army Jacket: Split 7"
Age of Silence, The: Acceleration
Agenda!, The: Start The Panic
Agent 99: Little Pieces: 1993-1995
Agents of the Sun: Aurora
Agents, The: <401>
Agents, The: For All The Massive
Agnostic Front: Dead Yuppies
Agnostic Front: Riot Riot Upstart
Agnostic Front: Something's Gotta Give
Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Cattlepress: Split LP -- Red Vinyl
Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope
Ahriman/Vae Victis: Split 7"
Aimee Mann: Lost In Space
Aina: Days of Rising Doom - The Metal Opera
Air: Talkie Walkie
Airport Noises: Last Flight In
Aks Mamma: Jolly Holidays!
Al Rose: Pigeon's Throat
Alabama Thunderpussy: Fulton Hill
Alanis Morissette: MTV Unplugged
Alarm Clocks, The: Yeah!
Alaska!: Emotions
Alaska!: Rescue Through Tomahawk
Alastor: Nothing for Anyone
Album Leaf, The: An Orchestrated Rise to Fall
Aldermen, The: Hoods In Hoodland
Aleda: On the Lips of Disaster
Alejandro Escovedo: Bourbonitis Blues
Alejandro Escovedo: By The Hand Of the Father
Alejandro Escovedo: Gravity [Re-issue]
Alejandro Escovedo: Thirteen Years [Reissue]
Alex Gopher: You My Baby & I
Alex Lloyd: Watching Angels Mend
Alex Walsh: Light Another Candle
Alex Woodard: Nowhere Near Here
Alexandra Slate: Edge of the Girl
Alexisonfire: Watch Out!
Alfie: A Word In Your Ear
Alfie: Do You Imagine Things?
Alfie: If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing
Alfie: People
Alias: The Other Side of the Looking Glass
Alibis, The: Forty Days and Forty Nights
Alice Dee Jay: Who Needs Guitars Anyway?
Alice In Chains: Unplugged
Alice Stuart: Can't Find No Heaven
Alien Crime Syndicate: Alien Crime Syndicate EP
Alien Crime Syndicate: Break the Record
Alien Crime Syndicate: Dust To Dirt
Alien Crime Syndicate: From The Word Go
Alien Crime Syndicate: XL From Coast To Coast
Alkaline Trio, The: For Your Lungs Only
Alkaline Trio: Goddamnit
Alkaline Trio: Maybe I'll Catch Fire
All About Chad: Down In Front
All American Rejects, The: The All American Rejects
All Done With Mirrors: A Le Grand Magistery Compilation
All Ill: Symbols of Innovation
All is Suffering: The Past: Vindictive Sadisms of Petty Bureaucrats
All Natural: Second Nature
All Night Radio: Spirit Stereo Frequency
All Night: All Night
All Out War: Condemned To Suffer
All Out War: For Those Who Were Crucified
All State Champion: Is It Nothing To You
All You Can Eat: Manga!
All-American Rejects, The: The All-American Rejects
All-Girl Summer Fun Band: 2
All-Time Quarterback: All-Time Quarterback
All: All
All: Live + One
All: Mass Nerder
All: Problematic
All: Problematic
Allentons, The: Boulevard
Alliance, The: Time Heals Nothing
Allister: Dead Ends and Girlfriends
Allman Brothers Band: Hittin' The Note
Allstonians, The: The Allston Beat
Altar: Provoked
Alter Bridge: One Day Remains
Altimeter: Bantyman b/w Where You Go [7" single]
Aluminum Group, The: Happyness
Aluminum Group, The: Morehappyness
Always Sunday: Beautiful Disgrace
Always Sunday: demo
AM/FM: Audiot
AM/FM: Mutilate Us
AM/FM: The Sky Is The New Ground
Amanda Green: The Nineteen Hundreds
Amanda Rogers: The Places You Dwell
Amanda Thorpe: Mass
Amanda Woodward: La Decadence De La Decadence
Amazing Crowns: Payback Live
Amazing Crowns: Royal
Amazing Device: The Quiet Room
Amazing Royal Crowns, The: The Amazing Royal Crowns
Amazing Royal Crowns, The: The Amazing Royal Crowns
Amebix: Arise!
Amelia: Somewhere Left to Fall
Amen: Death Before Musick
Amenta, The: Occasus
Amer Diab: The Year of the Apology
American Analog Set, The: Promise of Love
American Dog: Last of a Dying Breed
American Head Charge: The War of Art
American Heritage: Bipolar
American Hi-Fi: K-Town Sessions EP
American Hi-Fi: The Art of Losing
American Paint: Eggshells For Paperbacks
American Standard: The New American Standard Classics
AMFM: Getting Into Sinking
Amon Amarth: Versus The World
Amor Belhom Duo: Amor Belhom Duo
Amor Belhom: Wavelab
Amoree Lovell: The Burning Bush
Amorphis: Tuonela
Amps for Christ: The People At Large
Amps II Eleven: Amps II Eleven
Amusement Parks On Fire: Amusement Parks On Fire
Amy Annelle: School of Secret Dangers
Amy Ray: Stag
Amy Rigby: 18 Again
Anal Piglet: Demo CD-R
Anasarca: Discography: 1994-1997
Anasarca: Godmachine
Anata: Under A Stone With No Inscription
Anathema: A Natural Disaster
Anberlin: Blueprints For The Blackmarket
Anbot Rodroid: Cyputer Comborgs
Ancient Chinese Secret: Caveat Emptor
And/Ors, The: Will Self-Destruct
Anders Parker: Tell It To The Dust
Anderson Council, The: Coloursound
Andre Williams: Bait and Switch
Andrea Maxand: Where The Words Go
Andrew W.K.: I Get Wet
Android Lust: The Dividing
Andy Timmons: That Was Then, This Is Now
Angel Dust: Bleed
Angel Dust: Of Human Bondage
Angela Davis: The Prison Industrial Complex - Spoken Lecture
Angelic Upstarts: Live From The Justice League
Angelique: Present
Angels in the Architecture: The Distance In Writing
Anger Regiment: Aces and Eights
Angie Aparo: The American
Angoras, The: The Angoras
Angry Atom: the EP
Angry Salad: Angry Salad
Anima Nera: Anima Nera
Animal Collective: Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee
Animal: 900LB Steam
Animatronics: 2000, The: The Year Of The Future
Annal Nathrakh: Domine Non Es Dignus
Anne McCue: Amazing Ordinary Things
Anne Summers: Very Classy
Annex: Demo Cassette 99
Annihilator: All for You
Annihilator: All For You
Anniversary, The: Designing A Nervous Breakdown
Anniversary, The: Your Majesty
Anodyne: Lifetime of Gray Skies
Anonymous: Hill to Hill 7"
Another Level: Another Level
Ant-Bee: Child Of The Moon [CD single]
Ant-Bee: Lunar Muzik
Anterrabae: Shakedown Tonight
Anthony Joseph: Flying at the Speed of Emotion
Anthony Rapp: Look Around
Anthony Rapp: Look Around
Anthrax: Music of Mass Destruction
Anthrax: The Greater of Two Evils
Anthrax: The Threat is Real
Anti-Flag & Against All Authority: split 7"
Anti-Flag: Underground Network
Anti-Heros: Undearneath The Underground
Antigama: Discomfort
Antiseen: Bad Will Ambassadors
ANTiSEEN: The Boys From Brutalsville
Apes, The: Oddeyesee
Apes, The: Oddeyesee
Apes, The: The Fugue In The Fog
Apex Theory, The: Topsy-Turvy
Aphex Twin: 26 Mixes For Cash
Apocalypse Theatre: Cain or An Open Vain
Apocalypse Theatre: Cain or an Open Vein
Apophis: Heliopolis
Apoptygma Bezerk: 7
Apparitions, The: Oxygen Think Tank
Apples In Stereo, The: Velocity Of Sound
Appleseed Cast, The: Low Level Owl: Volume I
Appleseed Cast, The: Low Level Owl: Volume II
Appleseed Cast, The: Two Conversations
April March: Triggers
Aquabats!, The: Charge!!
Aquabats, The: Fury of the Aquabats
Aquabats, The: The Return of The Aquabats
Arab Strap: Elephant Shoe
Arab Strap: Mad For Sadness
Arab Strap: Monday at the Hug & Pint
Aram: Ghosts in a Season
Arch Enemy: Dead Eyes See No Future
Arch Enemy: Stigmata
Archer Prewitt: Three
Archers of Loaf: White Trash Heroes
Archetype: Dawning
Are You God?: Self Titled Demo CDR
Ariel Kill Him: In The Pyramid
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 2: The Doldrums + Vital Pink
Arling & Cameron: Sound Shopping
Armagedon: The Tribute to Destruction
Armor For Sleep: Dream To Make Believe
Arrivals, The: Exsenator Orange
Art of Noise: The Seduction of Claude Debussy
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup: Rock Me Mama
Arthur Nasson: No Mystery
Arthur: Brand New Dream
Arthurs, The: Walking in the Sunlight
ArthurX and The Scars: Love, Peace, Flesh
Articles, The: Flip F'real
Arto Lindsay: Invoke
As Friends Rust: As Friends Rust
As I Lay Dying: Frail Words Collapse
As Tall As Lions: Lafcadio
Asa Chang & Junray: Junray Song Chang Leaf
Asguard: Wikka
Ash: Envy
Ash: Free All Angels
Ashtray Babyhead: Radio
Asian Man Records Presents...: Mailorder is FUN!
Aslan Faction: Sin-Drome of Separation
Aspera: Oh Fantastica
Asrai: Touch in the Dark
Ass Ponys: Lohio
Ass Ponys: Some Stupid With A Flare Gun
Astral Doors: Of The Son And The Father
Asunder: A Clarion Call
Asylum Street Spankers: Mercurial
Asylum Street Spankers: My Favorite Record
At The Drive-In: In/Casino/Out Vaya
Atari Teenage Riot: 60 Second Wipe Out
Ataris, The: Look Forward to Failure
Atom and his Package: Hamburgers
Atomic 61: Goodbye Blue Monday/Purity of Essence
Atomic InFlux: Sickened
Atomic Number 76: Atomic Number 76
Attic's Noise: Premonitions and Smiles
Attractive Female Twins, The: Rock Appreciation 101
Attrition: The Hand The Feeds - The Remixes
ATW: The Lipstick Murders
Aubrey Haynie: The Bluegrass Fiddle Album
Auburn System, The: The Auburn System
Audio Bullys: Ego War
Audio Learning Center: Cope Park
Audio Learning Center: Friendships Often Fade Away
August Spies, The: The August Spies
Aunt Beaph: 2000 AB
Auntie Christ: Life Could Be A Dream
Authority Zero: Andiamo
Authorized Bruisers (1988-1994), The: Anything You Want, It's All Right Here
Automatic 7: Beggar's Life
Automatic Animal: Automatic Animal
Automatic Black: De-Evolution
Autopilot Off: Autopilot Off
Autopilot Off: Make A Sound
Avail: Front Porch Stories
Avail: One Wrench
Avatar: Van Gogh Complexions
Avenged Sevenfold: Waking the Fallen
Avengers, The: Died For Your Sins
Avoid One Thing: Avoid One Thing
Avrigus: The Final Wish
Awol One & Daddy Kev: Souldoubt
Axel Rudi Pell: The Ballads III
Azoic, The: Conflict
Azoic, The: Conflict
Azoic, The: Forward...
Azure Ray: Azure Ray
Azure Ray: November
Ginny Owens Long Way Home
Perfect Murder, A: Unbroken
Rzeznia: Mathematic Grind
The Crest Skeptik
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