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Bedlight for Blue Eyes The Dawn
Go Betty Go Nothing Is More
P.F. Sloan: Child Of Our Times: The Trousdale Demo Sessions
P.J. Olsson: P.J. Olsson
P.M. Dawn: Dearest Christian, I'm So Very Sorry For Bring You Here. Love, Dad.
P.W. Long: Remembered
Pain Bastard: Skin on Fire
Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive: Building A Building
Paloalto: Heroes and Villains
Pangs: Stalemates & Sad Pastimes
Pansy Division: Absurd Pop Song Romance
Pansy Division: Total Entertainment!
Panthers: Let's Get Serious
Panty Lions: So Dang Rad
Papa Roach: Infest
Papa Roach: Lovehatetragedy
Papa Wheelie: Live Lycanthropy
Paper Lions: The Symptom and the Sick
Papillon: Soledad
Parade of the Lifeless: The Anatomy Of People's Bondage
Paradise Lost: Symbol Of Life
Paramore: whatyoudon'tknow
Parasites: Rat Ass Pie
Parasol's Sweet Sixteen 5: A collection of Parasol, Hidden Agenda, and Mud Label releases
Paria: Misanthropos
Paris, Texas: Brazilliant!
Paris, Texas: Like You Like An Arsonist
Park: It Won't Snow Where You're Going
Parka Kings, The: -Bienenidos!
Parker & Lily: The Low Lows
Parker and Lily: Hello Halo
Parker And Lily: Here Comes Winter
Parkinsons, The: A Long Way To Nowhere
Parricide: Ill-Treat
Party of One - Shotgun Funeral: Giddy Motors -- Magmanic
Party of One: Caught The Blast
Past Picks: Lucas, Count Bass D, and Aventee albums
Pat Green: Three Days
Pat MacDonald: In The Red Room
Pathos: PAX
Pathos: Perdition Splits the Skies
Patrick Conway: The Rocking Stone
Patrick O'Donnell: Then I Woke Up
Patrick Park: Under the Unminding Skies
Patrick Sky: Songs That Made America Famous
Patron Saints of Pop: An apostilary homage to Fleetwood Mac
Patron Saints of Pop: An apostilary homage to Fleetwood Mac
Patterson Hood: Killers and Stars
Patti Rothberg: Candelabra Cadabra
Paul Brill: New Pagan Love Song
Paul Kerschen: The Mozart Club
Paul Revere & The Raiders: The Essential Ride '63-'67
Paul Shortino & the Rhythm Junkies: Stand or Fall
Paul Westerberg: Come Feel Me Tremble
Paul Westerberg: Stereo / Mono
Paul Westerberg: Suicaine Gratifaction
Pavement: Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe
Pawtuckets: Dogsbody Factotum
Paybacks, The: Knock Loud
PC69: Electrified
Pea Shooter: Pea Shooter
Peabody: Professional Againster
Peabody: Stupid Boy
PEACE/WAR Compilation
Peaches: Fatherfucker
Peaches: The Teaches of Peaches
Peacocks: Come With Us
Peacocks: In Without Knockin'
Pearl Jam: No Code
Pearl Jam: Yield
Pearlfishers, The: Across The Milky Way
Peccatum: Lost in Reverie
Pedro The Lion: Control
Pegazus: Breaking The Chains
Peggy Honeywell: Honey for Dinner
Pele: Enemies
Pele: The Nudes
Pelican: Australasia
Penance: Alpha & Omega
Penny Jo Pullus: Lucky # 7
Pennywise: From The Ashes
Pennywise: Full Circle
Pennywise: Land of the Free?
Pennywise: Live @ The Key Club
Pentagram: Sub-Basement
People Involved, The: The People Involved
Pep Rally: Deadline
Pepe Deluxe: Super Sound
Pere Ubu: Beach Boys See Dee Plus
Perfect: Once, Twice, Three Times A Maybe
Pernice Brothers: Overcome By Happiness
Pernice Brothers: Yours, Mine & Ours
Perpetual Faith Killer: Stalemate
Pest: Towards The Bestial Armageddon -- Gold Vinyl 7"
Pet Shop Boys: Disco 3
Pet Swan Project: Watermelon Pie
Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings: I Know It By Heart
Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings: Sweet Ona Rose
Pete Krebs and the Kung Pao Chickens: Hot Ginger and Dynamite
Pete Krebs/Danny Barnes: Duet for Clarinet and Goat
Pete Krebs: Bittersweet Valentines
Pete Miser: Radio Free Brooklyn
Pete Palladino: Sweet Siren of the Reconnected
Pete Townshend & Raphael Rudd: The Oceanic Concerts
Peter Case: Bee Line
Peter Parker: Semiautobiographical
Peter Searcy: Could You Please And Thank You
PFFR: United We Doth
PH.C./Infest: Split 7" [Blue Vinyl]
Phantasm: Wreckage
Phantom Limbs: Displacement
Phantom Planet: Phantom Planet
Phantom Planet: The Guest
Phantom Planet: The Guest
Phantom Tollbooth: Beard of Lightning
Phasm: Hate at First Seed
Phenomenal Cats, The: "Seagirl" And 5 Other Dogs
Phil Angotti and the Idea: Flower Bomb
Phil Norman: If By Yes
Philadelphia Ska Revolution: Philadelphia ska compilation
Phobia: Destroying The Masses
Phobia: Grind Your Fucking Head In
Phobia: Means Of Existence
Phoenix Rising, The: Lullaby
Phoenix Thunderstone: Phoenix Thunderstone
Phoenix Thunderstone: Picnic With The Dead
Phoenix/Nebulin: Distanza
Physics: Live: 2.7.98
Piano Magic: Writes Home Without Homes
Piebald/River City High: Split EP
Pieces, The: The Pieces
Pierces, The: Light of the Moon
Pietasters, The: Awesome Mix Tape #6
Pietasters, The: Willis
Pig Destroyer: Painter of Dead Girls
Pigface: Below the Belt
Pigface: Easy Listening
Pigface: The Best of Pigface
Pihr: Reborn
Pilfers: Chawalaleng
Pilfers: Pilfers
Pillbox: Gimme What I Want
Pills, The: Wide Awake With The Pills
Pilot Scott Tracy: Any City
Pilot To Gunner: Games At High Speeds
Pilot: When The Day Has Broken
Pin-Ups, The: Backseat Memoirs
Pinback: Blue Screen Life
Pine Hill Haints / Clampitt, Gaddis, & Buck: The Pine Hill Haints meet Clampitt, Gaddis, & Buck
Pine Hill Haints, The: You Bury Your Hate In A Shallow Grave
Pine Marten: Beautifulstakesandpowerpoles
Pinehurst Kids: Bleed It Dry
Pinehurst Kids: Minnesota Hotel
Pinehurst Kids: Three Song demo
Pinehurst Kids: Viewmaster
Piney Gir: Peakahokahoo
Pinhead Circus: The Black Power of Romance
Pink Grease: All Over You
Pinkerton Thugs, The: The Pain and...
Pinkeye d'Gekko: Rhythm & Westrn
Pinq: Quiet Games for Hot Weather
Pins, The: All The Night Sky
Piranhas, The: Erotic Grit Movies
Pistol Grip: Another Round
Pistol Grip: Live At The Glasshouse
Pistol Grip: The Shots From The Kalico Rose
Pitch Black: Pitch Black
Pitch Black: This is the Modern Sound
Pitchshifter: Deviant
Pitty Sing: Demons, You Are The Stars In Cars 'Til I Die
Pitty Sing: Pitty Sing
Pixies, The: Doolittle
Pixies, The: Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies
PJ Harvey: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
Place of Skulls: Nailed
Place of Skulls: With Vision
Placebo: Black Market Music
Placebo: Without You I'm Nothing
Places, The: The Autopilot Knows You Best
Plaid Pantry Project: Hit Songs From The Service Industry
Plaid: Double Figure
Plaid: P-Brane EP
Plan B: Like A Ship Sailing
Plan E: Found & Lost
Plan E: Songs For A Rainy Day
Plan of Attack: The Working Dead
Plane: Hello More
PLANKEYE: The One and Only
Plastic Mastery: In the Fall of Unearthly Angels
Plastic: Black Colours
Plastiscene: Seeing Stars
Playgroup - Partymix Volume One: Steinski - Nothing to Fear: A Rough Mix (self-released)
Playgroup: Playgroup
Playing Enemy I Was Your City
Pleasure Forever: Pleasure Forever
Plone: For Beginner Piano
Plot To BlowUp The Eiffel Tower, The: If You Cut Us, We Bleed MCD
Plug: Untitled 7"
Plural: Have a Rad Summer
Plus / Minus: + / -
Plus Ones / Travoltas, The: Split CD-EP
Plus Ones, The: It's A Calling
Point Defiance: Point Defiance
Point Juncture, WA: Juxtapony EP
Point of Few: Beneath The Surface 7"
Polar Goldie Cats: Polar Night Stress
Poleposition: XO
Polterchrist: Engulfed by the Swarm
Polysics: Hey Bob! My Friend!
Ponticello: Dark Skies
Ponticello: Down Like Mercury
Pop Culture Casualties: They're Only Doing It To Get Attention
Pop Unknown: The August Division
Pope Factory: Pope Factory
Popland: Groovy
Porcupines, The: EeenieMeenieMeineeMojo!
Porn: Wine, Women, and Song
Pornstore Janitors: Porn Again
Portastatic: Autumn Was A Lark
Porter: Whiskey Hill
Posies, The: Every Kind of Light
Posies, The: In Case You Didn't Feel Like Pluggin In
Posies, The: Nice Cheekbones and a Ph.D.
Possibilities, The: Way Out
Post Office: Fables In Slang
Post Stardom Depression: Ordinary Miracles
Postal Service, The: Give Up
Postal Service, The: Such Great Heights
Poster Children: International:RTFM
Poster Children: On The Offensive
Potshot: 'Til I Die
Potshot: Pots and Shots
Potshot: Pots and Shots
Potshot: Potshot A-GoGo
Potshot: Rock 'n' Roll
Poulain: For Passengers
Pounders, The: Demo
Power & The Glory, The: Call Me Armageddon
Powerman 5000: Anyone For Doomsday?
Powerman 5000: Transform
Pram: Dark Island
Pram: Dark Island
Prefuse 73: One Word Extinguisher / Extinguished: Outtakes
Prejudice: Inner Struggle MCD
Presidents of the United States of America, The: II
Presidents of the United States of America: Love Everybody
Pressure 4-5: Burning The Process
Pressure Cooker: Burning Fence Instrumentals
Pressure Point: To Be Continued--
Preston School of Industry: Monsoon
Pretty Mighty Mighty: Normal
Pretty Suicide: Suicide Shot
Prick: The Wreckard
Pride & Fall: Nephesh
Prids, The: Glide, Screamer
Primal Scream: Autobahn 66
Prime Sth: Underneath The Surface
Primitive Radio Gods: White Hot Peach
Primus: The Brown Album
Princeton Reverbs Colonial, The: Ring The Pair-A-Bells
Pro-Pain: Shreds of Dignity
Probot: Probot
Prodigy: Fat of the Land
Prodigy: Fat of the Land
Project 86: Songs To Burn Bridges By
Project Dark: Excited by Gramophones Volume 4
Project Hate MCMXCIX, The: Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate
Project X Straight Edge Revenge
Project: Failing Flesh: A Beautiful Sickness
Prom, The: Under the Same Stars
Promise Ring, The: Wood/Water
Prong: 100% Live
Prong: 100% Live
Propain: Fistful Of Hate
Propain: Run For Cover
Proton Accelerator: Proton Accelerator
Pseudocipher: Pseudocipher
Pseudopod: Pseudopod
Psychic TV: Origin of the Species - Volume Too
Psycho-Path: Desinvoltura
Public Announcement: All Work, No Play
Public Enemy: Revolverlution
Puffy AmiYumi: Nice
Puffy: Spike
PuffyAmiYumi: An Illustrated HIstory
Pulley: @#!*
Pulley: Together Again For The First Time
Pullman: Viewfinder
Pulp: We Love Life
Pulp: We Love Life
Punchy: Just My Type
Punk Goes Ska
Punk Group, The: International Rock Stars
Pure Drama: 3:33
Pure Joy: Gelatin and Bright
Pure Sweet Hell: The Voyeurs of Utter Destruction As Beauty
Puritans, The: Marquee Themes
Puritans, The: Sing The Hymns of Shoutin' Abner Pim
PURO ESKANOL: Latin Ska Underground Volume 1 & 2 [Two separate discs]
Purr Machine: Ging Ging
Purusa: 101
Purusa: Spectacle
Put-Downs, The: Wrong Side of Texas
Puya: Fundamental
PUYA: Fundamental
PV: Create Your Lover
Pyrexia: Cruelty Beyond Submission
Pyuria: Calliphora Vomitoria Introitus
Ringword Justice Replaced By Revenge
Rufio The Comfort of Home
Saviours Warship
Scars of Tomorrow The Horror of Realization
Schleprock Learning To Fall
Sick Bees The Marina Album
Singapore Sling Life Is Killing My Rock 'n' Roll
Small Towns Burn A Little Slower Mortality As Home Entertainment
The Bangkok Five 10 The Hard Way
The Mistons World of Convenience
The Runs Wet Sounds
The Trouble Nobody Laughs Anymore
The Turbo A.C.s Avenue X
Valencia This Could Be A Possibility
Various Artists Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004
Various Artists Masters of Horror
Various Artists Punk Rock Is Your Friend 6
Various Artists Take Penacilin Now
Various Artists Taste of Chaos
With Honor This Is Our Revenge
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