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T-Minus Band: Technostalgia
T. Valentine: Hello Lucille... Are You A Lesbian?
T.K.A.: TKA Forever
T.O.Y.: White Lights
T.S.O.L.: Disappear
Tab Benoit: The Sea Saint Sessions
Tabitha's Secret: Don't Play With Matches
Tabla Beat Science: Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove
Tactical Sekt: Burn Process
Tagging Satellites: One Night Falls
Tahiti 80: Puzzle
Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the Soul
Take Warning: The Songs of Operation Ivy
Taking Back Sunday: Where You Want To Be
Talas: If We Only Knew Then What We Know Now
Talk, The: It's Like Magic In Reverse
Talking To Animals: Manhole
Talkingheads: Remain in Light
Tamara Walker: Angel Eyes
Tamas Wells: A Mark on the Pane
Tamia: Tamia
Tammy and the Lords of Misrule: King Maker
Tammy Cochran: Tammy Cochran
Tammy Wynette: Stand By Your Man
Tan Sleeve: Harder Than Your Husband
Tanger: Tanger
Tantra Monsters, The: The Tantra Monsters
Tanya Rae Brown: Meet the Mrs.
Tara Angell: Come Down
Tara Nevins: Mule To Ride
Tarantula Hawk: Tarantula Hawk
Tarental: We Move Through Weather
Tarentel / Howard Hello / Rumah Sakit: Ephemera Singles 99-2000 / Howard Hello / Obscured By Clowns
Tarentel: We Move Through Weather
Tarnation: Mirador
Tarot Bolero: Vauderville Rising
Tartharia: Abstract Nation
Taz Taylor: Caffeine Racer
TBone: Don't Look Back
Teardown: Persona Non Grata
Ted Nugent: Craveman
Teen Heroes: Audio Satellite
Teenage Fanclub: Man-Made
Teenage Frames: 1% Faster
Tegan & Sara: So Jealous
Tegan and Sara: If It Was You
Tej Leo: Rx/Pharmacists
Telefon Tel Aviv: Map of What Is Effortless
Telegraph: Quit Your Band
Telephone: EP
Telescopes, The: Third Wave
Templars, The: Reconquista 1994-1998
Templars: Biaus Seignors Freres
Templars: The Horns of Hattin
Temptations, The: Phoenix Rising
Ten Benson: Benson Burner
Ten Foot Pole: Bad Mother Trucker
Ten Foot Pole: Insider
Ten Foot Pole: Unleashed
Ten Story Love: Ten Story Love
Tenpin: Universal
Tension: War Cry
TEOS: The Evil Operating System
Terminus Victor: Mastering The Revels
Terror: One with the Underdogs
Terrorists: Forces 1977-1982
Terry Evens: Live Like A Hurricane
Terveet Kadet: The Ultimate Pain
Tesla: Into The Now
Testament: First Strike, Still Deadly
Testament: The Gathering
Tevin Campbell: Tevin Campbell
Tex Axile: Little Monsters
Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones: Eat Shit + 1
Texas Thieves: Forced Vacation
Texas: The Hush
Textures: Polars
Th' Legendary Shack*Shaker: Cockadoodledon't
Thalia Zedek: Been Here and Gone
Thalia Zedek: You're A Big Girl Now
Thanatos: Emerging From The Netherworlds
Thanksgiving: We Could Be Each Other's Evidence
The Capitol Years: Pussyfootin
The Carolines: Youth Electronics
The Cinema Eye/Audion: Split CD
The Forces of Evil: Friend or Foe?
The Karl Hendricks Trio: The Jerks Win Again
The Ladybug Transistor: The Ladybug Transistor
The Letter A: Aurora Metropolis
The Locust: Plague Soundscapes
The Minders: The Future's Always Perfect
The Remedy Session: The Remedy Session
The Sleepy Jackson: Lovers
The Weakerthans: Reconstruction Site
The Woggles: Ragged But Right
The Working Title: Everyone Here Is Wrong
The, The: NakedSelf
The:Enclitic: 7"
Theatre of Tragedy: Aegis
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: Collection
Them Eleven: Choose Your Beast
Them Wranch: Medium Rare
Themselves: The No Music
themselves: the no one.
Thermals, The: The Thermals
They Live: A Taste of the Good Life 7"
They Might Be Giants: Holidayland
They Might Be Giants: The Spine
They Walk Among Us: Mathematics, Art In Progress
Thievery Corporation : Richest Man In Babylon
Thinktank: In Anger!
Third Eye Blind: Third Eye Blind
Third Grade Teacher: Third Grade Teacher
Thirty3: Ether
This Aren't Two Tone: A Ska-Punk Compilation
This Ascension: SeVer
This Busy Monster: Fireworks
This Island Earth: Home Sweet Home
Thor and Mick Hoffman: Beastwomen from the Center of the Earth
Thorr's Hammer: Dommedagsnatt
Thorr's Hammer: Dommedagsnatt
Those Peabodys: Unite Tonight
Thought Industry: Recruited to Do Good Deeds For the Devil
Thrall: Lifer
Threadbare: Escapist
Three Bad Jacks: Made of Stone
Three Finger Cowboy: Hooray For Love
Three Japanese and One Chinese Friendee: How To Cook Sushi-Wook 7"
Thrice: The Illusion of Safety
Thrity Odd Foot of Grunts: Bastard Life Or Clarity
Throcult: Stormbringer: Conjuration of the Nighthorde
Throwaway Generation: Tomorrow's Too Late
Thrush Hermit: Sweet Homewrecker
Thumper: Songs From The Grave
Tiamat: Skeleton Skeletron
Tie That Binds, The: Slowly Sinking Under
Tiger Army: II: Power of Moonlite
Tiger Army: Tiger Army
Tiger Mountain: Get Along Like a House on Fire
Tiger Saw: Blessed Are The Trials We Will Find
Tight Bros. From Way Back When: Lend You A Hand
Tijuana Crime Scene: Change of Venue
TILT: Collect Them All
Tilt: Viewers Like You
Tim Bluhm: The Soft Adventure
Tim Carroll: Always Tomorrow
Tim Easton: Break Your Mother's Heart
Tim Flannery: Pieces of the Past
Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott: Real Time
Tim Reid: Any Given Day
Timbaland & Magoo: Welcome to our World
Timbaland and Magoo: Welcome To Our World
Time Spent Driving: Walls Between Us
timewellspent: timewellspent
Tina Cousins: Killing Time
Tindersticks: Can Our Love...
Tindersticks: Waiting For The Moon
Tiny Tim with Brave Combo: Girl
Tiny Tim: Rock
Tiny Tim: Tiny Tim's Christmas Album
Tishamingo: Tishamingo
Titanium Black: Bleed For You
TKA: Forever
TNT: "The Complete Studio Recordings 1974-1976"
TNT: Transistor
Toadliquor: The Hortator's Lament
Toasters, The: Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
Toasters, The: Live in Brazil!
Toasters, The: Skaboom!
Toasters: Enemy of the System
Tobin Sprout: Lost Planets & Phantom Voices
Today Is The Day: In The Eyes Of God
Today is the Day: Kiss the Pig
Today is the Day: Kiss the Pig
Todd Deatherage: Dream Upon A Fallen Star
Toilet Boys: Toilet Boys
Tom Hall: Tom Hall
Tom Jones - Live at Caesars Palace: Engelbert Humperdinck - Live at the Riviera, Las Vegas
Tom Lillo: Blue Eyed Mystic
Tom LoMacchio: Five Years Later
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: The Last DJ
Tom Russell: Modern Art
Tomahawk: Mit Gas
Tomahawk: Tomahawk
Tommy Guerrero: A Little Bit Of Somethin'
Tommy Guerrero: Junk Collector
Tommy Guerrero: Soul Food Taqueria
Tommy McCook and Friends: The Authentic Ska Sound of Tommy McCook
Tommy Stinson: Village Gorilla Head
Tommy Tutone: Rich Text Files
Tommy Womack: Circus Town
Tone: Ambient Metals
Toni Lynn Washington: Been So Long
Tonic: Sugar
Tony Babinski: Music from the mtl/ART Project
Tony Carey: The Boystown Tapes
Tony Low: Dandelion In The Year Of The Rooster
Tony Low: Sleight Of Hand
Tony Mentzer: Smell My Finger
Tony Romanello: Counting Stars
Tony Stouffer: One Swell Foop
Tonya Rae: Tonya Rae
Too Bad Eugene: At Any Rate
Topaz: The Zone
Tora! Tora! Torrance!: Get Into It
Torcher: Your Word Against Fire
Tori Amos: Strange Little Girls
Tories, The: Wonderful Life
Torrez: The Evening Drag
Toshiro Mifune: 7"
Total Devastation: Roadmap of Pain
Total Fucking Destruction: Demo 2000 CD-R
Toto: Through The Looking Glass
Totten Korps: Tharnheim: Athi-land-nhi; Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels
Townes Van Zandt: in the BEGINNING...
Toxic Bonkers: If The Dead Could Talk
Toxic Bonkers: Seeds of Cruelty
Toxic Field Mice: Nobody Cried When Jaws Died
Toxic Narcotic: We're All Doomed
Trabant & The Funerals: Moment of Truth & Pathetic Me
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players: Vintage Slide Collections from Seattle, Volume 1
Track One AB: Reverie
Track Star Lion Destroyed The Whole World
Tracker: Blankets
Tracker: Polk
Tracy Nelson: Live From Cell Block D
Tragically Hip, The: In Violet Light
Trail of Tears: Disclosure In Red
Trailer Bride: Hope Is A Thing With Feathers
Traindodge: The Truth
Training For Utopia: Plastic Soul Impalement
Tram: A Kind of Closure
Tram: Frequently Asked Questions
Tram: Heavy Black Frame
Trans Am: TA
Trans Megetti, The: Fading Left To Completely On
TransChamps: Double Exposure
Transistor Transistor: Erase All Name and Likeness
Transmission 0: 0
Transmissionary Six: Transmissionary Six
Transplants, The: The Transplants
Trapt: Trapt
Travis: Good Feeling
Treble Charger: Detox
Trenchcoat Club: Hitch Your Station Wagon To A Star
Trent Summar & The New Row Mob: Trent Summar & The New Row Mob
Trepan: Trepan
Trephine: s/t MCD
Tri State Killing Spree: PXC
Tri-Polar: Tri-Polar
TriAna: Electronica
TriAna: The Color of Sound
Triangle: Triangle
Tribal Music: Tribal Trance and Rivertribe
Tricky: Blowback
Tricky: Vulnerable
Trinket: Trinket
Triple Whip: Bare Boned
Tristeza: Dream Signals in Full Circles
Tristeza: Spine and Sensory
Triumph 2000: Phazed & Confused
Triumph: Live At The US Festival
Troubled Hubble: Penturbia
TRS-80: The Manhattan Love Machine
Trucker Crank / No Room for Fuzzy: Split 7" [grey marble vinyl]
Trudy Lynn: U Don't Know What Time Is
True Love: True Love
Truly: Feeling You Up
Truly: Twilight Curtains
Tsjuder: Desert Northern Hell
Tuatara: Breaking The Ethers & Trading with the Enemy
Tuatara: Cinemathique
Tub Ring: Drake Equation
Tub Ring: Fermi Paradox
Tubetop: Three Minute Hercules
Tuesday: Early Summer
Tuesday: Freewheelin
Tullycraft: Beat Surf Fun
Turbo AC's, The: Winner Take All
Turbonegro: Ass Cobra -and- Apocalypse Dudes
Turin Breaks: Ether Song
Turmoil: The Process Of...
Turn-Ons, The: East
Turn-Ons, The: Love Ruined Us
Turrigenous: Turrigenous
TV on the Radio: Young Liars
Tweaker: The Attraction To All Things Uncertain
twig: Headshots
Twilight Circus: Dub from the Secret Vaults
Twisted Sister: Club Daze Volume One
Twisted Sister: Stll Hungry
Two Loons for Tea: Looking for Landmarks
Two Man Advantage: Don't Label Us
Two Man Advantage: Drafted
Two Minute Miracles, The: Volume II
TWO VIEWS: Bizzy Bone -- Heaven'z Movie
Tygers Of Pan Tang: First Kill
Type O Negative: Life Is Killing Me
Tyrese: Tyrese
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