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Blues Goblins: Blues Goblins
Sacramentum: Thy Black Destiny
Sacred Steel: Wargods of Metal
Sacrifist: Liquid Seasons
Sad Riders, The: Lay Your Head on the Soft Rock
Sadaharu: Anthem for New Sonic Warfare
Sadistic Torment: Unearthly Horrors
Saeta: Resign To Ideal
Safes, The: The Safes
Safety In Numbers: In the Key of D
Sahara Hotnights: C'Mon Let's Pretend
Sahara Hotnights: Jennie Bomb
Sahara Hotnights: Kiss and Tell
Saint Etienne: Finisterre
Saint Etienne: Travel Edition 1990-2005
Saint Vitus: V
Sal Nastasi: Sal Nastasi
Salem: Love It or Leave Me
Sally Taylor: Apt. #6s
Sally Taylor: Tomboy Bride
Saloon: (This Is) What We Call Progress
Salty The Pocketknife: Salty The Pocketknife
Salvo: The Cult Of Speed
Sam Bisbee (and his incredible band): Live at Arlene Grocery
Sam Bisbee: Vehicle
Sam Phillips: Fan Dance
Samael: Eternal
Samiam: Astray
Samiam: You Are Freaking Me Out
Samples, The: Here and Somewhere Else
Samus: Desengano
Sanford Arms: The Twilight Era
Sanford Arms: Too Loud For The Snowman
Sarah Dougher: The Bluff
Sarah Rabdau: Benevolent Apollo
Sasha: Xpander EP
Sasquatch: Sasquatch
Satanic Surfers: 666 Motor Inn
Satanic Surfers: Unconsciously Confined
Satanicide: Heather
Satori: A Tribute to Bauhaus
Saturday Looks Good To Me: All Your Summer Songs
Saturday Looks Good To Me: EP
Saul Williams: Amethyst Rock Star
Savatage: Ghost In The Ruins - A Tribute To Criss Oliva
Savatage: The Wake of Magellan
Save Ferris: Introducing...Save Ferris
Save Ferris: It Means Everything
Save Ferris: Modified
Saves the Day: In Reverie
Saves The Day: Stay What You Are
Saves the Day: Through Being Cool
Saw Doctors, The: Songs From Sun Street
Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder
Saxon: Lionheart
Say Hi To Your Mom: Discosadness
Say Hi To Your Mom: Ferocious Mopes
Say Hi To Your Mom: Numbers & Mumbles
Sayyadina: Fear Gave Us Wings
Scalplock: On Whose Terms?
Scapegoat Wax: Swax
Scared of Chaka: Tired Of You
Scaries, The: Souvenir
Scars of Tomorrow: Rope Tied to the Trigger
Scars of Tomorrow: RopeTied To The Trigger
Scars, The: Rude Moon
Scary Valentine: Gorgon
Scattered Reminants: Destined To Fall
Scene Creamers: Suck On That Emotion
Scenteria: Act of Aggression
Schatzi: Death of the Alphabet EP
Schema: Schema
Schlager on Parade: Arizona Man 7"
Scholomance: A Treatise On Love
Scholomance: The Immortality Murder 2xCD
Scofflaws, The: LIVE! Volume 1
Scofflaws, The: Record of Convictions
Scoldees, The: My Pathetic Life
Scorn: (Anamnesis): 1994-97
Scorpions: Unbreakable
Scot Sax: Scot Sax
Scotchgreens, The: !Draw!
Scott Carpenter & The Real McCoys: Dear Everybody
Scott Miller & The Commonwealth: Thus Always To Tyrants
Scott4: Recorded in State LP
Scotty Campbell: Damned If I Recall
Scout Niblett: Kidnapped By Neptune
Scrabbel: Scrabbel
Scrape: Cassette Demo
Screamfeeder: Kitten Licks
Screamfeeder: Rocks on the Soul
Screeching Weasel: Television City Dream
Scrimmage Heroes, The: Nothing Comes Clean
Sculptured: Apollo Ends
SCULPTURED: The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled
Sea and Cake, The: One Bedroom
Sea of Tranquillity: The Omega Ruins
Seabound: Beyond Flatline
Seafood: Surviving the Quiet
Seafood: When Do We Start Fighting...
Sean Na Na: My Majesty
Sean Watkins: 26 Miles
Searing Meadow: Corroding from the Inside
Season To Risk: Men Are Monkeys. Robots Win.
Seaworthy: The Ride
Sebastian Bach & Friends: Bring 'Em Bach Alive
Second Chance: Double or Nothing
Second Hand Poets: S/T 3 Track EP
Second Skin: Skin Samples
Seconds, The: Y
Secret Cajun Band: Big House
Secret Secret: The Living Secrets
Secretaries, The: The Secretaries
Section 8 Cartel: Section 8 Cartel
See Jane Run: Dog Days
See Spot: Is There Any Love In Your Ska?
See Spot: Who Got It?
Seekonk: For Barbara Lee
Seela: Something Happened
Seether: Disclaimer
Self Hate: At The Beginning God Created Fear
Self: Gizmodgery
Send More Paramedics: The Hallowed and the Heathen
Senor Happy: I'm Sorry
Sense Field: Living Outside
Sense Field: Tonight and Forever
Sentenced: Crimson
Sentridoh: Lou B's Wasted Pieces '87-'93
Sepsism: Purulent Decomposition
Sepultura: Nation
Sermon, The: Volume
Sermon: From Death To Death
Sesh: 4535
Set 'Em Up Joe: Set 'Em Up Joe
Set Fire To Flames: Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static
Set On Stun: Reveals The Shocking Truth!
Setting Sun: Holed Up
Settlefish: Dance A While, Upset
SEV STATIK: Tha Point Man
Seven Foot Politic: Three Song Cassette
Seven Hearts, The: Broke My Hand b/w Heart of Swords 7"
Seven Hearts: Mots De Faux C*urs
Seven Story: Dividing By Zero
Seven Witches: Year of the Witch
Sevendust: Home
Sevendust: Sevendust
Sevenout: Feast of Eden
Severance: What Lies Ahead
Severe Torture: Bloodletting
Sewn Shut: Rediscovering the Dead
Sgt. Rock: Live The Dream
Shackled Down: The Crew
Shade: Forever Now, Nowhere Tomorrow
Shades Apart: Sonic Boom
Shadow Project: From The Heart
Shadow Reichenstein: Bella Was a Junkie
Shadow: Shadow
Shadows Fall: Of One Blood
Shadows Fall: The War Within
Shaft: Quint
Shake Appeal: You're Too Rich
Shakers, The: The Shakers
Shakes, The: The Shakes
Shallow: High Flyin' Kid Stuff
Shallow: Jumping Away From Something Exploding
Sham 69: 99% 2000
Shams, The: Take Off
Shane Bartell: Too Soon To Say
Shango: Metal Mafia
Shank: Coded Messages in Slowed Down Songs
Shank: Coded Messages...
Shank: The Curse of Shank
Shank: Two Different Shank 7"'s
Shannon Moore: LTD
Sharks and Minnows: Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board
Shaver: Electric Shaver
Shazam, The: The Shazam
Sheavy: Celestial Hi-Fi
Sheavy: Synchronised
Sheila Divine, The: New Parade
Sheila Divine, The: Where Have My Countrymen Gone
Sheila Nicholls: Wake
Shelter: Beyond Planet Earth
Shimmer Kids UnderPop Association: The Natural Riot
Shiner: Starless
Shins, The: Chutes Too Narrow
Shins, The: Oh, Inverted World
Shipping News: Three-Four
Shoeshine Blue: Shoeshine Blue
Shoeshine Blue: Sometimes Through the Static
Short Round: Language
Shortie: Without A Promise
Show Business Giants: Let's Have A Talk With The Dead
Showcase Showdown/August Spies, The: Assemble Your Own Dictator split 7"
Showoff: Showoff
Shrowd: TIRED
Shuggie: What It Is... And How To Get It
Shutdown: Something To Prove
Shutdowns, The: T-75
Shy: Hollywood & Vine
Shy: Unfinished Business
Shyness Clinic, The: Sea of Redlights
Shyster: Say Uncle
Si*Se: Si*Se
Sic & Mad: 23 Blues: The Destruction of Utopia Part 2
Sick Bees: My Pleasure
Sick Of It All: Call to Arms
Sick of it All: Live In A Dive
Sick of it All: Outtakes for the Outcasts
Sick Of It All: Potential For A Fall -- CD Single
Sick On The Bus: Set Fire To Someone In Authority
Sid Hillman Quartet, The: Volume Two
Sidestepper: 3am
Siege of Hate: Subversive By Nature
Sights, The: Got What We Want
Sigur R?s: ?g?tis Byrjun
Sigur Ros: ()
Sigur Ros: Ba Ba/Ti Ki/Di Do
Sigur Ros: Untitled 1
Silencers, The: Cyclerific Sounds
Silent Poets: To Come...
Silkenseed: Hurry Home
Silkk The Shocker: Charge It 2 Da Game
Silkworm: Italian Platinum
Silos, The: Laser Beam Next Door
Silver Sunshine: Silver Sunshine
Silverchair Diorama
Simian: Chemistry Is What We Are
Simian: We Are Your Friends
Simon & Garfunkel: Old Friends: Live In Concert
Simon Says: Shut Your Breath
Simon Stinger: Devil On My Mind
Simpatico: The Boy Is Mine
Simple Plan: No Pads, No Helments...Just Balls
Sinai Beach: Immersed
Sinai Beach: Immersed
Since By Man!: We Sing The Body Electric
Since the Day: El Mensajero No Es Importante
Since The Flood: Valor and Vengeance
Sing-Sing: The Joy Of Sing-Sing
Singapore Sling: The Curse of Singapore Sling
Single Frame: Wetheads Come Running
Sinkcharmer: Stars In Winter
Sinner: The End Of Sanctuary
Sinner: The Second Decade
Sir Hedgehog: Sir Hedgehog
Siren's Echo: Psalms of the Sirens
Sirenia: An Elixir for Existence
Sister Sonny: Lovesongs
Sisyphus: Greetings From Burkittsville
Sit 'N' Spin: "Dance With My Baby" and "Be Your Girl" b/w "El Guapo!" [7" EP]
Sit N' Spin: "I'm Sick" b/w "Shafto Road" [7" single]
Sit N' Spin: Pappy's Corn Squeezin'
Six Going On Seven: American'T
Six Going On Seven: Heartbreak's Got Backbeat
Six Parts Seven, The: Things Shaped In Passing
Six Reasons To Kill / Absida: Morphology of Fear Split CD
Six. By Seven: The Way I Feel Today
Sixer: Beautiful Trash
Sixer: Saving Grace
Sixteen Deluxe: The Moonman is Blue EP
Sixteen Horsepower: Folklore
Sk8 or Die: Not in my Skatepark
Ska Rock-Steady Reggae: The West Coast Chronicles Volume One
Ska Titans: Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites: The Godfather vs. The Founding Fathers
Skanic: Last Call
Skankaholics Unanimous: Under the Influence of SKA
Skankin' In the Pit: 7 American ska-punk bands/7 Japanese ska-punk bands
Skankin' Pickle: Fever
Skankin' Pickle: SkaFunkRastaPunk
Skanksters, The: Dub Cookery
Skapone: Bold New Flavor
Skarhead: Kings At Crime
Skarmagenddon 3: A New Beginning
Skarp: Bury Your Dead
Skatalites: Stretching Out
Skating Club: Bugs & Flowers
Skating Club: Skating Club
Skavoovie & the Epitones: The Growler
Skavoovie and The Epitones: Ripe
Skeletones, The: Dr. Bones
Skeptictank: Potted Meat Food Product
Skew Whiff: Taedium Vitae
Skinlab: Disembody: The New Flesh
Skinlab: Nerve Damage
Skinless: Foreshadowing Our Demise
Skinnerbox: Demonstration
Skinnerbox: Hepcat Season 7"
Skinnerbox: What You Can Do. What You Can't.
Skinny Puppy: Remix Dystemper
Skinny Puppy: The Process
Skintilla: Shedding Skin
Skip James: Studio Sessions - Rare and Unreleased
Skiptrace: Skiptrace
Skoidats, The: The Times
Skullflower: Orange Canyon Mind
Skunk Anansie: Post Orgasmic Chill
Sky Cries Mary: Seeds
Sky Cries Mary: Until the Grinders Cease
Skycam: Minutes Into Days
Skyline BLVD.: Skyline BLVD.
Skypaint: A Pop Opera
Slackers, The: Redlight
Slackers, The: The Question
Slackjaw: The Curvature of the Earth
Slapshot: Digital Warfare
Slapshot: Tear It Down CD EP
Slapstick: Slapstick 93-96
Slaughter & The Dogs: A Dog Day Afternoon
Slaughter Lord: Thrash 'Til Death '86-'87
Sleater-Kinney: One Beat
Sleater-Kinney: The Hot Rock
Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum: Grand Opening and Closing
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Of Natural History
Slight Slappers: Very Best of Slight Slappers 2" record
Slightly Stoopid: Slightly Stoopid
Slim Cessna's Auto Club: The Blovdy Tenent Trvth Peace
Slink Moss: Legend
Slip, The: Angels Come On Time
Slipknot: IOWA
Slipknot: Slipknot
Sloan: Navy Blues
Slobber/R.W.S.: Split 7"
Slobber: 600 Pounds of Pure Metal 7"
Slobber: Self Titled Semi-Discography
Slobberbone: Barrel Chested
Sloe: Inexact Replica
Sloppy Meateaters: Conditioned By The Laugh Track
Sloth/Fleshpress: Bingo Split 7" single - pink swirled vinyl
Sloth: Dead Generation
Slow Fore: Oil
Slow Gherkin: Double Happiness
Slow Gherkin: Run Screaming
Slow Gherkin: Shed Some Skin
Slow Horse: Slow Hors
Slow Ride: Slow Ride
Slow Signal Fade, The: Through The Opaque Air
Slowcoach: New Strategies Are Necessary, This Is Not Solid Ground
Slowrush: Volume
Slumber Party: 3
Slumber Party: Psychedelicate
Slumber: Fallout
Slut Em Go: The Disrespectful Beat
Smack: On You
Smart Brown Handbag: Fast Friends
Smarty Pants: Annoyager
Smarty Pants: EP Phone Home
Smashing Pumpkins, The: The Aeroplane Flies High
Smashing Pumpkins: Earphoria
Smogtown: All Wiped Out
Smoke Off Vinyl: Nice E.P
Smoking Catapillar: "Out Of The Cocoon"
Smoking Popes: LIVE
Smoking Popes: The Party's Over
Smooths, The: No Brakes
Smooths, The: Very Own Vegas
Smut Peddlers: Coming Out
Snack Truck: Harpoon
Snake The Cross The Crown, The: Mander Salis
Snakes, The: The Snakes
Snapcase: Bright Flashes
Snapcase: Designs For Automotion
Snapcase: End Transmission
Snarfel: Thirty Years of Andy Cahan
Sneakster: Pseudo-Nouveau/Fifty-Fifty
Snitches, The: Star Witness
Snog: Third Mall from the Sun
SNOT: Get Some
Snowdogs: Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies
Snowmen: Last Days of the Central Freeway
Snuff: Numb Nuts
Social Distortion: Live at the Roxy
Social Distortion: Sex, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll
Social Distortion: White Light, White Heat, White Trash
Social Scare: Sound Formula
Society Gone Madd!: Save Room For Dessert
Society's Finest: Love, Murder, and a Three Letter Word
Sodom: 2 Originals Of Sodom
Sodom: Agent Orange
Sodom: Better Off Dead
Sodom: Get What You Deserve
Sodom: M-16
Sodom: Marooned Live
Sodom: Masquerade In Blood
Sodom: Ten Black Years -- Best Of 2xCD
Soft Boys, The: Nextdoorland
Softball: Tenku
Soil: El Chupacabra!
Soil: Throttle Junkies
Soilent Green: A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down
Soilwork: Stabbing The Drama
Soilwork: Steel Bath Suicide
Solace: 13
SOLACE: Cassette Demo
Solar Twins: Solar Twins
Soledad Brothers: Voice of Treason
Solefald: Pills Against the Ageless Ills
Solex: Low Kick and Hard Bop
Some By Sea: Get Off the Ground If You're Scared
Some Kind of Hate: Undisputed
Something About Vampires and Sluts: I'm Not Afraid of Sex
Something Corporate: North
Son of Sam: Songs from the Earth
Son, Ambulance: Euphemystic
Song of Zarathustra: The Birth Of Tragedy
Songs for Cassavetes: An All-Ages Film
Songs for the Jetset 2000: Volume Three
Sonic Youth: Murray Street
Sonic Youth: Nurse
Sonics, The: Here Are The Sonics/Boom
Sonique: Hear My Cry
Sonny Landreth: The Road We're On
Sonny Vincent: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Sons and Daughters: Love The Cup
Sons of Daughters: Sons of Daughters
Sons of Otis: X
Sorry About Dresden: Let It Rest
Sorry About Dresden: The Convenience of Indecision
SOS: SOS, The Mob And The Limo Love Scam
Soul Coughing: EL OSO
Soul Hooligan: Music Like Dirt
Soul Reaper: Written In Blood
Soulfly: OHM
Soulfly: Prophecy
Soulhat: Experiment On A Flat Plane
Soulive: Get Down
Soulive: Next
Soulmotor: Soulmotor
Sound of Rails, The: Prelude of Hypnotics
Sound of Urchin, The: You Are The Best
Sounds Like Sunset: Saturdays
Sounds Of The San Francisco Adult Bookstores: Sounds Of The San Francisco Adult Bookstores
Soundtrack of Our Lives, The: Behind the Music
SOUNDTRACK: Sexy Beast Soundtrack
Sourmash: Hoedown A-Go-Go [Cassette]
South: From Here on in
Southern Culture on the Skids: Mojo Box
Southkill: Southkill
Southpacific: Constance
Souvenirs, The: King of Heartache
Sow: Sick
Space Monkeys: The Daddy Of Them All
Space Twins: The End of Imagining
Spaceheads: Low Pressure
Spacehog: The Hogyssey
Spahn Ranch: Architecture
Spanic Boys: Torture
SPARKLE*JETS U.K.: Bamboo Lounge
Sparkle: Sparkle
Sparta: Austere
Sparta: Porcelain
Sparta: Wiretap Scars
Spatial Field: Remember Right Now
Spazz: Crush, Kill, Destroy
SPAZZ: Sweatin' 3: Skatin', Satan & Katon
Spazz: The Jeb EP
Speak 714: The Scum Also Rises 7"
Speak No Evil: Speak No Evil
Special A.K.A, The: In The Studio
Special Consensus: 25th Anniversary
Special Consensus: Our Little Town
Special Goodness, The: Land Air Sea
Specials, The: Guilty 'Til Proved Innocent!
Specials, The: More Specials
Specials, The: The Specials
Specs, The: Social Life
Spectacular Johnny Horton, The: The Spectacular Johnny Horton
Spectator Pump: Demo Cassette
Spectator Pump: Styrofoam Archives
Speed Duster: Quick and Painless
Speedball Baby: The Blackout
Speedbuggy USA: Cowboys & Aliens
Speedbuggy USA: Round Up
Speedbuggy: Grand Theft Omaha
Speedbuggy: Hardcore Honkey Tonk
Speedbumps: Crayon Box
Spider Nick and The Mad Dogs: Bone Dog
Spiders & Snakes: Hollywood Ghosts
Spike Priggen: The Very Last Thing That You Treasure
Spin Doctors: Here Comes The Bride
Spinal Cord: Remedy
Spinanes, The: Arches and Aisles
Spineshank: Strictly Diesel
Spineshank: Strictly Diesel
Spinning Heads: Change the Game LP
Spirit Caravan: The Last Embrace
Spiritual Bats: Sacrament
Spiritual Beggars: On Fire
Spiritualized: Amazing Grace
Spiritualized: Let It Come Down
Spitalfield: Stop Doing Bad Things
Spitfires, The: In Too Deep Again
Spits, The: The Spits
Spiv: Don'tcha Know?
SPIV: Everybody's A Rock Star Tonight
Split Habit: Biting My Lip
Split Lip Rayfield: Split Lip Rayfield
Spock's Beard: The Kindness of Strangers
SPOKEN WORD: Chris Kessler: Living In A Box - A Journey Through Altered States of Existence
SPOKEN WORD: Noam Chomsky: Free Market Fantasies - Capitalism In The Real World
Sponge: For All The Drugs In the World
Sponge: New Pop Sunday
Spooks: Things I've Seen - music from the motion picture soundtrack Once In The Life
Spooky Pie: Poisonberry
Spoon: Girls Can Tell
Spoon: The Agony of Laffitte
Spoozys: Astral Astronauts
Spring Heeled Jack U.S.A.: Songs From Suburbia
Sprout: Sprout
Sprouts: Pins and Glasses 7"
SPV: Demons & Wizards
Spyglass: Strategies for the Stranded
Spyndakit: Ill Children
Spyro Gyra: Road Scholars
Squad Five-O: What I Believe
Squash Bowels/Birdflesh: Split 7" [blue vinyl]
Squirrel Nut Zippers: Christmas Caravan
Squirrel Nut Zippers: Perennial Favorites
Squirtgun: Fade To Bright
St. Germain Boulevard: New Version The Complete Series
Stabbing Westward: Darkest Days
Stabbing Westward: Wither Blister Burn & Peel
Stabitha: Breaking Mirrors Again
Stacey Earle: Dancin' With Them That Brung Me
Stacey Earle: Simple Gearle
Stack: Konkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit
Stage: Stage
Staind: Just Go Mudshovel
Stampin' Ground/North Side Kings: Allied Forces
Stand and Fight: Stand and Fight
Stand and Fight: Together We Win
Standard, The: August
Standard, The: Wire Post To Wire
Star City: Inside the Other Days
Star Of Ash: Iter.Viator
Starfighter: Beautiful Machine
Stark: The Surgical Suite
Starlight Mints: Built On Squares
Starling: Sustainer
Stars As Eyes: Loud New Shit
Stars of Track and Field: Stars of Track and Field
Stars: Heart
Starsailor: Silence Is Easy
Start Trouble: Every Solution Has Its Problem
Start, The: Death Via Satellite EP
Start, The: Shakedown
Starter Kit: Starter Kit
Starter Kit: Starter Kit
Starting Line, The: With Hopes of Starting Over...
Starwood: If It Ain't Broke, Break It
Stateside: Twice As Gone
Static X: Machine
Steadfast: Sixteen Reasons Why
Steadman: Loser Friendly
Steady Ups: Soul of the City
Steamkings, The: Marmalized
Steel Prophet: Messiah
Steepwater Band, The: dharmakaya
Stella Soleil: Dirty Little Secret
Step Kings, The: Let's Get It On!
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: Dark Wave EP
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: Pig Lib
Stephen Malkmus: Stephen Malkmus
Stephin Merritt: Eban & Charley - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Stereo Crush: Like A Girlfriend
Stereo Total: Musique Automatique
Stereofan: Stain My Heart
Stereophonics: Word Gets Around
Steve Earle: Sidetracks
Steve Earle: Transcendental Blues
Steve Ketchen and the Kensington Hillbillys: Self-Titled
Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums: Come Out Swingin!
Steve Newman & Friends: Old Country
Steve Turner: And His Bad Ideas
Steve Turner: Searching for Melody
Steve Von Till: As The Crow Flies
Stewart Brodian: Misplaced Messiah
Stewboss: Wanted A Girl
Stiff Little Fingers: Guitar and Drum
Stiffed: Sex Sells
Still Remains: Of Love and Lunacy
Stingers ATX, The: This Good Thing
Stitches, The: Twelve Imaginary Inches
Stiv Bators: L.A. Confidential
Stolie: Satire-Laden Melodies
Stolie: Stolie
Stompin' Tom Connors: The Confederation Bridge
Stone of Abel/Residue: Split 7"
Stone Temple Pilots: Thank You
Stoned: Music For The Morons
Stop It!: Self-Made Maps
Stormclouds: Not of this Earth
Straight Faced: Broken
Strange Ways, The: Corporate Monkey
Strangefolk: Weightless in Water
Strangeways, The: Another Roud
Strapping Young Lad: Alien
Strapping Young Lad: No Sleep 'Till Bedtime - Live in Australia
Strapping Young Lad: No Sleep 'Till Bedtime - Live in Australia
Stratford 4, The: The Revolt Against Tired Noises
Stratford Mercenaries: "Live in the U.S.A. 1997" 7"
Straylight Run: Straylight Run
Streets, The: Original Pirate Material
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, The: Maximum Overdrive
Stretch Armstrong: La Revolution Transmission
Stretch: Armstrong
Stretching Regular: Stretching Regular
Strife: Truth Through Defiance -- Unreleased and Rare Recordings
String and Return, The: Invisible City
String Cheese Incident, The: Carnival '99
Stringtown Road: Chamomile and Color TV
Strobe Talbot: 20 Pop Songs
Stroke 9: Nasty Little Thoughts
Strokes, The: Is This It
Strokes, The: Room on Fire
Strong Intention: Extermination Vision
Strong Intention: What Else Can We Do But Fight Back
Structure Of Lies / Iranach: Split CD
Structure of Lies/Misery Index: Split CD
Structure of Lies: Abacus
Strung Out: An American Paradox
Strung Out: Exile In Oblivion
Strung Out: The Element of Sonic Defiance
Strung Out: Twisted By Design
Strychnine: Born in a Bar
Stubborn All-Stars: Back With A New Batch
Stubborn All-Stars: Nex Music
Stubborn Records Presents: Version City
Stuck Mojo: Violated
Stud Cole: Burn Baby Burn
Sturgeon General: Stout
Sturmgeist: Meister Mephisto
Stymie: Surrounded by Idiots
Styrenes, The: It's Still Artastic
Styx: Cyclorama
Styx: Styxworld Live 2001
Subincision: Subincision
Subject to Change: A compilation of Northwest Artists to benefit Artists for a Hate Free America
Sublimatus: Evidence
Submerge / Superstatic Revolution: Split 7"
Submerge/Karras: Split 7"
Submerge: In Gold We Trust 7" [yellow/gold vinyl]
Substance D: Addictions
Subterranean Masquerade: Temporary Psychotic Stage [MCD]
Subthunk: Just A Few Notes Before We Go
Subvertor: Cryptobiosis
Suck On Sick On The Bus / Punk Police: 2xCD-EP
Sucker: Sucker
Suckerpush: Reminiscing...
Suffrajett: Suffrajett
Sugar Ray: Floored
Sugarbuzz: Sugarbuzz
Sugarcult: Start Static
Sugarplum Fairies: Introspective Raincoat Student Music
Suicidal Tendencies: Freedumb
Suicide Commando: Axis Of Evil
Suicide Commando: AXISofEVIL
Suicide Commando: Construct Destruct
Suicide Machines, The: A Match And Some Gasoline
Suicide Machines, The: Destruction By Definition
Suicide Machines, The: Steal This Record
Suicide Machines: Battle Hymns
Suicide Note: Too Sick To Dance
Sullen: Paint The Moon
Sulphur: Compound
Sumerland: And All Is Always Now
Summer At Shatter Creek: Summer At Shatter Creek
Summers End: Summers End
Sun, The: Love & Death EP
Sun: Inquire Within
Sunday Flood: Advisory
Sunday Munich: Pneuma
Sunday's Best: Poised to Break
Sunday's Best: The Californian
Sunfur: New Skin
SUNN 0))): The Grimm Robe Demos
SUNN 0))): White2
SUNN O))): White 1
SUNN O))): White2
Sunna: One Minute Science
Sunny Day Real Estate: How It Feels To Be Something On
Sunny Day Real Estate: The Rising Tide
Sunset Valley: Boyscout Superhero
Sunset Valley: Goldbank 78 Stack
Sunset Valley: Icepond
Sunset Valley: The New Speed
Sunshine Blind: I Carry You
Super Hi Five: Super Hi Five 7"
Super Transatlantic: Shuttlecock
Super TransAtlantic: Super TransAtlantic
Super XX Man: My Usual Way
Superbees, The: High Volume
Superchrist: Heavy Metal Tonight
Superdrag: Last Call For Vitriol
Supergrass: Life On Other Planets
Superheavygoatass: 60,000 Years
Superhighway Carfire: Defective Immediately
Superjoint Ritual: Use Once and Destroy
SuperKreme: SuperKreme
Supersuckers / Electric Frankenstein: Splitsville Volume 1
Supersuckers: Must've Been Live
Supersuckers: The Evil Powers Of Rock 'N' Roll
Suplex: Radio Transport... Are You Leaving?
Supperbell Roundup: At Station Four
Supreme Beings of Leisure: Divine Operating System
SushiRobo: Drawings and Garbage Structures
Susperia: Unlimited
Sutrobath: Aquatica
Svala: The Real Me
Svelt: Souvenir
Swag: Catch-All
Swallow the Sun: The Morning Never Came
Swarm of the Lotus: When White Becomes Black
Sweatmaster: Sharp Cut
Sweaty Nipples: Thrill Crazed Space Kids...Blasting the Flesh off Humans
Sweeper: demo
Sweet Roxx: 7" Single
Sweetbelly Freakdown: Sweetbelly Freakdown
Sweetheart: Art Is Dead Is Dead
Swell: For All The Beautiful People
Swell: Whenever You're Ready
Swimmer: Surreal
Swingin Utters/Youth Brigade: BYO Split Series Volume II
Swingin' Utters: Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, and Bones
Swingin' Utters: Five Lessons Learned
Swingin' Utters: Swingin' Utters
Swingtips, The: Let's Play Some Ball!
Swingvergnugen, The: Road Rage
Switchblade Symphony
Switchblade: Switchblade
Swoon 23: The Legendary Ether Pony
Swords Project, The: The Swords Project EP
Swords Project: Entertainment Is Over If You Want It
SWV (Sisters With Voices): Release Some Tension
Sxip: When Joy Destroys Sorrow
Sybarite: Nonument
Sylvain Chauveau: Un Autre D?cembre
Systems Officer: Systems Officer
Systemwide: Systemwide
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