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B Movie Rats: Bad For You
B.G.K.: A Dutch Feast . . .The complete works of Balthasar Gerards Kommando CD
Baba Signal: Star Single 7"
Babe the Blue Ox: The Way We Were
Baby Ray: Monkeypuzzle
Baby Snufkin: Pokey In The Bobo
Back Porch Mary: Back Porch Mary
Backdraft: Here To Save You All
Backsliders, The: Southern Lines
Backstabbers Incorporated: Bare As Bones
Backyard Babies: Total 13
Bad Astronaut: Houston, We have a Drinking Problem
Bad Brains: Omega Sessions
Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza / All Else Failed: Live at the Dungeon - Split CD
Bad Manners: Heavy Petting
Bad Moon Music: Empire
Bad Religion: The Process of Belief
Bad Wizard: #1 Tonite!
Bad Wizard: Free and Easy
Badawi: Clones & False Prophets
Badawi: Soldier of Midian
Badawi: The Heretic of Ether
Badly Drawn Boy: About A Boy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Badly Drawn Boy: Have You Fed The Fish?
Bait: Anatomy of Disaster
Balatonizer: Occlused In Ottusity
Bald Rapunzel: Diazepam
Ballboy: A Guide for the Daylight Hours
Ballboy: Club Anthems
Balsa Gliders: Cookout
Bands of the Acoustic Revolution: A Call To Arms
Bane: It All Comes Down To This
Bang! Bang!: Electric Six EP
Bang-Original Movie Soundtrack: Various Ska Artists
Bangs: Call And Response
Bangs: Sweet Revenge
Banjax: Dedicated to Cowards [MCD]
Bank of Brian: Leave Your Flaws At Home
Bantam: Western Soul
Baptist Generals, The: No Silver / No Gold
Baptist Generals, The: Void Touching Faster Victuals
Bar Feeders, The: Scotto El Blotto
Barbara McDonald: Madmen & Lovers
Bardo Pond: Dilate
Bargain Music: 77 003
Bargain Music: Cook the Beans
Barnyard Ballers: Punkabilly Invasion
Barnyard Playboys, The: Corn Dog Love
Baron Von Birdbath: Tales From the Birdbath
Barry Harris & Chris Cox Present...: Thunderpuss
Bart Ferguson: Salvation Road
Baseboard Heaters: Lost All Faith
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash: Distance Between
Bates Motel: Tales of Ordinary Madness
Bathory: Nordland I
Bathtub Shitter: Lifetime Shitlist
Bathtub Shitter: Lifetime Shitlist
Bathtub Shitter: One Fun 7" & 97+3 Shit Points 7"
Bathtub Shitter: Wall of World is Words
Bathtubshitter: Angels Save Us 7" / Mark A Muck 7"
BATMANIA: Songs Inspired By The Batman TV Series
Battery: Momentum
Bay Area Ska: Tomato Head Records Presents...Bay Area Ska
Bayside: Sirens and Condolences
Be Good Tanyas, The: Chinatown
Be: Thistupidream
Beach Boys, The: Hawthorne, CA
Beachwood Sparks: Make the Cowboy Robots Cry
Beachwood Sparks: Once We Were Trees
Beanweevils, The: The Beanweevils
Beard Bates: Lightyear's Tightrope
Beat Crusaders: All You Can Eat
Beaten Back To Pure: The Burning South
Beaten Back to Pure: The Burning South
Beatles, The: The Capitol Albums - Volume 1
Beatnuts: Stone Crazy
Beau Brummels: Live!
Beautiful Mistake, The: The Beautiful Mistake
Beck: Odelay
Beck: Sea Change
Bedford/The Super Eighteen/Sometimes 7/Flotation Walls: 4 Way Split CD
Bedhead: Macha Loved Bedhead
Bee and Flower: What's Mine is Yours
Beefcake: Rejected
Beegees, The: This Is Where I Came In
Beep Beep: Business Casual
Beezewax: Oh Tahoe
Beggarz: Days Come Easy
Behead the Prophet No Lorn Shall Live: Making Craters Where Buildings Stood 7"
Bela: Exit Music
Belef: Infection Purification
Bell Rays, The: Grand Fury
Bella Fayes, The: Far From The Discos
Bella Fayes, The: The Truth in a Beautiful Lie
Bella Morte: The Quiet
Belladonne 2: A Sampler of Fairy Voices
Belle & Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Belle & Sebastian: I'm Waking Up To Us
Belle & Sebastian: Sing... Jonathan David
Belle Academe: Shimmer
Belle and Sebastian: Push Barman To Open Old Wounds
Belle Starr: Far As The Wind Blows
Bellevue Cadillac, The: Prozac Nation
BellRays, The: Raw Collection
Bellrays, The: The Red, White & Black
Belphegor: Lucifer Incestus
Beltones, The: Cheap Trinkets
Ben Arthur: Edible Darling
Ben Folds Five: Naked Baby Photos
Ben Folds: Invisible Circles
Ben Folds: Rockin' the Suburbs
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals: Diamonds On The Inside
Ben Kweller: Sha Sha
Benediction: Grind Bastard
Benett: Welcome To The Jungle
Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Kenny: Home - The Post-Parlo Records Split CD Series
Benjamins: The Art of Disappointment
Benton Falls: Fighting Starlight
Benumb / Pig Destroyer: Split 3"
Benumb: Soul of the Martyr
Berlin Project, The: the / transition / radio / EP
Berlin: LIVE: Scared and Profane
Berline, Crary, Hickman: Chambergrass
Beseech: . . .From a Bleeding Heart
Beth Orton: Daybreaker
Better Than Ezra: Live At House of Blues - New Orleans
Better Thoughts To Come / Tielnich, The: Split 7"
Bettie Serveert: Log 22
Betty Already: Amerimaniacs
Betty Blowtorch: Are You Man Enough?
Betty Blowtorch: Last Call
Between the Buried and Me: The Silent Circus
Beulah: The Coast Is Never Clear
Beulah: Yoko
Bev: Bev
Bicycle Thief, The: You Come And Go Like A Pop Song
Bicycle Thief, The: You Come And Go Like A Pop Song
Bif Naked: Purge
Big Bad Johns: I Will Be Good
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Save My Soul
Big Collapse: Prototype
Big D & The Kids Table: Big D & The Kids Table
Big D & The Kids' Table/Drexel: Shot By Lammi SPLIT CD
Big D and the Kids' Table: Good Luck
Big Fast Car: Fuel for the Fire
Big Five: In Yer Face
Big John Bates: Mistiki
Big Lick: The Hills Are Alive
Big Meteor: Wild River
Big Rude Jake: Big Rude Jake
Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Trio: On The Go
Big Star: Nobody Can Dance
Big Time Operator: High Altitude Swing
Bigger Lovers, The: Honey In The Hive
Bigger Lovers, The: This Affair Never Happened... And Here's Eleven Songs About It
Bigwig: An Invitation to Tragedy
Bigwig: Un Merry Melodies
Bikeride: Morning Macumba
Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria: Fireworks on TV!
Bill Lloyd: "Confidence Is High Plus 4"
Bill Lloyd: All In One Place
Bill Lloyd: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
Bill McGarvey: Tell Your Mother
Bill Monroe: Live From Mountain Stage
Bill Retoff: Pop Jewelry
Bill Rieflin & Chris Connelly: Largo
Billie Myers: Growing, Pains
Billionaire: Ascension
Billy Bragg and The Blokes: England, Half English
Billy Dechand: Pop Another Cork
Billy Gordon and the Blue Rockers: Helmet Laws Suck
Billy Joe Shaver: Freedom's Child
Billy Joe Winghead: Precious Moments
Billy King: Part Of The World [Cassette]
Billy Mahonie: The Big Dig
Bim Skala Bim: The One That Got Away
Bim Skala Bim: Universal
Binge: Crash
Bingo: H-OM
Biohazard: New World Disorder
Biohazard: No Holds Barred
Bionaut, The: Lubricate Your Living-Room
Birddog: A Sweet and Bitter Fancy
Birddog: Songs from Willipa Bay
Birdwatcher, The: Afternoon Tales From The Morning Never Knew
Birdy NumNum: The Courtship of Birdy NumNum
Bis: Return To Central
Bitter, Bitter Weeks: Bitter, Bitter Weeks
Bjork: Medulla
BK & Associates: Beatmaker Sessions
Black Box Recorder: England Made Me
Black Box Recorder: The Facts of Life
Black Box Recorder: The Worst Of...
Black Cobra: CD-EP
Black Crowes, The: A Tribute To A Work In Progress... Greatest Hits 1990-1999
Black Dawn: Absence of Time
Black Dice: Beaches and Canyons
Black Dice: Creature Comforts
Black Dice: Lost Valle
Black Halos, The: The Violent Years
Black Heart Procession, The: Amore del Tropico
Black Kali Ma: You Ride The Pony
Black Keys: Thickfreaknees
Black Label Society: Hangover Music Volume VI
Black Label Society: Sonic Brew
Black League, The: Ichor
Black Lips! , The: The Black Lips!
Black Maria, The: Lead Us To Reason
Black Market Fetus: Midwest Meltdown
Black Sabbath: Symptom Of The Universe: The Original Black Sabbath
Black Sheep: Sacrifice
Black Watch, The: Jiggery-Pokery
Black Widows, The: Arocknaphobia
Blackalicious: Blazing Arrow
Blackfoot: Live on The King Biscuit Flower Hour
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings: Bark
Blackmarket Star: A Date With Electric
Blake Hazard: Little Airplane
Blake Morgan: Anger's Candy
Blanket Music / Noise for Pretend: Split CD-EP
Blanket: Nice
Blanks 77: Tanked and Pogoed
Blastmat: 1984
Bleach: Astronomy
Bleeding Kansas: 1859
Blessed By A Broken Heart: All Is Fair In Love and War
BLESSEDBETHYNAME: The Divine Blasphemy
Bleu: Redhead
Blind Boys Of Alabama, The: Go Tell It On The Mountain
Blind Dog: The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog
Blind Guardian: A Night at the Opera
Blind Guardian: Nightfall In Middle Earth
Blind Herd of Sheep: A Compilation of Berkeley High Bands
Blindspot: Acceleration Zero
Blink 182: Dude Ranch
Bliss: Chasing The Mad Rabbit
Blister Rust: Who's Gonna Scratch Your Itch?!!
Blitz Babiez: Thought Spawn
Blitzkrieg: Absolutely Live
Blockage: Aim To Please
Blondes, Inc., The: The Blondes, Inc.
Blood Brothers, The: Burn Piano Island, Burn
Blood Brothers, The: March On Electric Children
Blood Brothers, The: Rumors Laid Waste
Blood Brothers, The: This Adultery Is Ripe
Blood Drained Cows, The: The Blood Drained Cows
Blood For Blood: Revenge On Society
Blood for Blood: Serenity
Blood for Blood: Spit My Last Breath 12"
Blood of Others: Unthinkable Thought 7"
Blood Red Throne: Altered Genesis
Bloodbath: Breeding Death
Bloodbath: Nightmares Made Flesh
Bloodhound Gang: Hooray for Boobies
Bloodpact/Reaching Forward: Split 7"
Bloodpact/Varsity: Split LP
Bloodstorm: Pestilence From The Dragonstar
Bloodthirsty Lovers, The: Telepathic
Bloom: "Only Your Eyes" b/w "Every Day" [7" single]
Blount: Acme-143
Blow-Up: Exploding Plastic Pleasure
Blue Beat Players: Torrid Rock
Blue Dogs: Letters from Round 0
Blue Flannel: XL
Blue Man Group: The Complex
Blue Meanies: Full Throttle
Blue Meanies: Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!
Blue Meanies: Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!
Blue Oyster Cult: Heaven Forbid
Blue Skies for Black Hearts: This Black Heart Is Gonna Break
Blue Sky Mile: Sands Once Seas
Blue Spark: Venus, Meet The Moon
Blue Star Creeper: If Nothing Else Shimmers
Blue Yard Garden: No Good Sundays
Bluebird: Black Presence
Bluebird: Hot Blood
Bluebottle Kiss: Come Across
Bluegrass '99: 12 Great Instrumental Recordings
Bluegrass 2001: 12 Great Instrumental Recordings
Bluetip: Join Us b/w No.2
Blur: Think Tank
Bo Bud Greene: Las Olas
Boards of Canada: Twoism
Boards of Canada: Twoism
Bob Beland: Amnesia Lane
Bob Delevante: Porchlight
Bob Mould: Body of Song
Bob Mould: Modulate
Bob Mould: The Last Dog and Pony Show
Bob Schneider: Lonelyland
Bobby & Jesse: Masters of the Mandolin
Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminals' Starvation League: "OK - I'm Sorry..." EP
Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals' Starvation League: From the End of Your Leash
Bobby Bare Jr.: Young Criminals' Starvation League
Bobby Conn: The Golden Age
Bobby Fuller / Bobby Fuller Four: Shakedown! The Texas Tapes Revisited / Never To Be Forgotten: The Mustang Years
Bobby Karate: Cold Returns
Bobby Lindstrom: A Lick and a Promise
Bobby Wayne: Hot Rod Motorcycles, Volume 1
Bodies, The: Firepower Is Our Business
Boggs, The: The Boggs
Boiler Room: Can't Breathe
Boilermaker: Leucadia
Boils, The: When The Sun Goes Down
Boils, The: World Poison
Boils, The: World Poison
Bolshoi, The: Away
Bolt Thrower: Mercenary
bomb32: All of the Above single
Bomboras, The: Head Shrinkin' Fun
Bomboras/The Ghastly Ones, The: Head Shrinkin' Fun/A-Haunting We Will Go-Go
Bombshell Rocks: Street Art Gallery
Bonfire Madigan: ...From The Burnpile
Bonfire Madigan: Saddle The Bridge
Bongzilla: Gateway
Bongzilla: Stash
Bonk: Western Soul
Bonnie Raitt: Fundamental
BOOK REVIEW: Blondie: From Punk To The Present -- A Pictorial History
BOOK: Music Hound's: R&B: The Essentials Album Guide
Books on Tape: The Business End
Books On Tape: Throw Down Your Laptops
Boris the Sprinkler: Get Mega Anal!
Boris: Absolute Go+
Boris: Amplifier Worship
Borknagar: Empiricism
Borknagar: The Archaic Course
Born From Pain: Sands of Time
Bosco: Action
Boston: Corporate America
Bottle Rockets: Brand New Year
Bottom of the Hudson: The Omaha Record
Bottom: You're Next
Boulder: Ravage And Savage
Boulder: Reaped In Half
Bouncing Souls / Anti-Flag: BYO Split Series Volume 4
Bouncing Souls, The: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Bouncing Souls, The: The One On
Bourbon Princess: Black Feather Wings
Bows: Cassidy
Boy Genius: Last Grand Experiment...
Boy Sets Fire: In Chrysalis
Boysetsfire: Live For Today
Boysetsfire: Tomorrow Come Today
BR5-49: Big Backyard Beat Show
Bracket: Live in a Dive
Bracket: When All Else Fails
Brad: Interiors
Brady Brock: I Will Live In You Where Your Heart Used To Be
Brady Harris: Good Luck Stranger
Braid: Lucky To Be Alive
Braille Stars: Golden Dream
Brainoil: Brainoil LP
Brainstorm: Liquid Monster
Bran Van 3000: Glee
Brand New: Deja Entendu
Brand New: Your Favorite Weapon
Brandon Patton: Should Confusion
Brandston: Dial In Sounds
Brandston: Send Us A Signal
Brandy: Never Say Never
Brat: We Are The Rockingest
Brave New Girl, NYC: Brave New Girl, NYC
Brave New Girl: No One Ever Said
Brazen: Brazen 7"
Brazil: A Hostage And The Meaning Of Life
Breaking Benjamin: So Cold EP
Breather Resist: Charmer
Breeders, The: Title UK
Breetles, The: Spooj
Brendan Benson & the Wellfed Boys: Metarie
Brendan Benson: Lapalco
Brendan Benson: One Mississippi
Brendan Perry: Eye of the Hunter
Brendon Massei: No More Sad Eyes
Brent Arnold and The Spheres: Last Boat
Brent Palmer: Stabilize
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The: Spacegirl & Other Favorites
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The: Strung Out In Heaven
Brian McKnight: Anytime
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The: The Dirty Boogie
Brides Of Destruction: Here Come The Brides
Brides of Destruction: Light Another Candle
Briefs, The: Sex Objects
Brigette McWilliams: Too Much Woman
Bright Eyes: Every Day and Every Night
Bright Eyes: Fevers and Mirrors
Bright Eyes: Lifted or The Story is in the Soil Keep Your Ear to the Ground
Bright Eyes: There Is No Beginning to the Story EP
British Sea Power: The Decline Of British Sea Power
Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham: L'Avventura
Broadband: All Girls Do The Math
Broadcast: Pendulum
Broadways, The: Big City...
Broadways, The: Broken Star
Broadways, The: Broken Van
Brock Pytel: Second Choice
Brody's Militia/Widespread Bloodshed: Split CD
Broken Bottles: In The Bottles
Broken Family Band, The: The King Will Build A Disco
Broken Social Scene: Bee Hives
Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It In People
Broken Spindles: Fulfilled/Complete
Broken Teeth: Broken Teeth
Bronx, The: Bats!
Bronx, The: The Bronx
Brother Egg, The: Snowflake & Fingerprint Machine
Brothering: Brothering [cassette]
Brought Low, The: The Brought Low
Brujeria: Brujerizmo
Brutal Truth: Goodbye Cruel World 2xCD
Bubbadinos, The: The Band Only A Mother Could Love
Bubbadinos, The: We're Really Making Music Now
Bubble: Bash Bish
Buck-O-Nine: Hellos & Goodbyes
Buck-O-Nine: Libido
Buck-O-Nine: Pass The Dutchie
Buck-O-Nine: Twenty-Eight Teeth
Buckcherry: Time Bomb
Bucket of Monkey: NE146D9
Buckfast Superbee: Star and a 1/2
Buckfast Superbee: You Know How The Song Goes
Buddy Blue: Sordid Lives
Buddy Miller: Midnight and Lonesome
Buffalo Daughter: I
Buffalo Tom: Besides - A Collection of B-Sides and Rarities
Buffseeds: Sparkle Me
Buglite: Love and Other Sorrows
Bugsy!: Demo CD
Building Press, The: Amplitude Of Frequencies Over Time
Building Press, The: Young Money
Built Like Alaska: Autumnland
Built Like Alaska: Hopalong
Bumblebeez 81: The Printz
Bumblebeez: White Printz
Buried Alive: Last Rites
Buried Alive: The Death of Your Perfect World
Buried Inside: Chronoclast: Selected Essays on Time-Reckoning and Auto-Cannibalism
Burmese/Fistula: Burmese/Fistula
Burmese: 8 Track Live Bootleg [Double Cassette box]
Burn Your Bridges: Burn Your Bridges
Burned Up Bled Dry: Cloned Slaves for Slaves 7"
Burning Airlines: Carnival 7"
Burning Brides: Fall of the Plastic Empire
Burning Brides: Fall of the Plastic Empire
Burning Brides: Leave No Ashes
Burning Image: 1983-1987
Burning Witch: Towers 12" Colored Vinyl
Burnside Project: The Networks, The Circuits, The Streams, The Harmonies
Burnt By The Sun: Burnt By The Sun
Burnt By The Sun: Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution
Bury Your Dead: Cover Your Tracks
Bury Your Dead: Cover Your Tracks
Business Machines, The: Almost Automatic
Business, The: Hardcore Hooligan
Busters, The: Make A Move!
Busters, The: Welcome to Busterland
Busy Signals, The: Baby's First Beats
Busy Signals, The: Pretend Hits
Busy Signals: pureenergy
Butch Walker: Letters
Butchies, The: 3
Butterfly Joe: Butterfly Joe
Butterfly Jones: Napalm Springs
Butterfly Messiah: It's Time
Butterscott: The Gloworm Disappears [cassette]
Butthole Surfers: Weird Revolution & Humpty-Dumpty LSD
Buzz Prophets: Kentucky
Buzzcocks: Buzzcocks
Buzzkill: House of Bad Touch
By Night: Burn the Flags
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