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D.B.S.: If Life Were A Result We'd All Be Dead
D.R.I.: Dealing With It
D.R.I.: The Dirty Rotten
D.R.I.: The Dirty Rotten CD
Daddy Longhead: Supermasonic
Dag Nasty: Minority of One
Dale Ann Bradley: Old Southern Porches
Dale Ann Bradley: Songs of Praise & Glory
Dalek: The Low Lows
Dalvin Degrate: Met.A.Mor.Phic
Dama: 2000 A.D.
Damage Manual, The: >1
Damage Manual, The: The Damage Manual
Damageplan: New Found Power
Damien Jurado: Ghost of David
Damien Rice: O
Damn Personals, The: Driver / Driver
Damn Personals, The: Standing Still In the USA
Damnation: The Unholy Sounds of Damnation
Damned, The: BBC Sessions
Damnwells, The: Bastards of the Beat
Damnwells, The: The Damnwells E.P. #1
Damon & Naomi: With Ghost
Damone: From The Attic
Dan Bern & the IJBC: Fleeting Days
Dance Hall Crashers: Honey, I'm Homely!
Dance Hall Crashers: Purr
Dance Hall Crashers: The Live Record
Daniel Bedingfield: Gotta Get Thru This
Daniel Johnston: Fear Yourself
Daniel Johnston: The Early Recordings Volume 1
Daniel Lanois: Shine
Daniel Prendiville: Tantrum Ego
Danmush: From Here
Danny Barnes & Thee Old Codgers: Things I Done Wrong
Danny Barnes: Minor Dings
Danzig: Circle of Snakes
Danzig: I Luciferi
Dark Fantastic, The: Goodbye Crooked Sear
Dark Funeral: Vobiscum Satanas
Dark Tranquility: Character
Darkane: Rusted Angel
Darkane: Rusted Angel
Darklands: A Memory Of You
Darkness, The: Permission To Land
Darkthrone: Sardonic Wrath
Darkthrone: Sardonic Wrath
Darrell Scott: Family Tree
Darren Hanlon: Hello Stranger
Daryl: The Technology
Dash Rip Rock: Recyclone
Dashboard Confessional: So Impossible
Dashboard Confessional: The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Dashboard Confessional: The Swiss Army Romance
Dataclast vs. The Earwigs: Split CD
Datsuns, The: The Datsuns
Dave Pirner: Faces & Names
Dave Ralph: Tranceport II
Dave Rave Group, The: Valentino's Pirates
David Andrews: Get Me Out Of This Place
David Axelrod: David Axelrod
David Bowie: Heathen
David Bowie: Hours
David Candy: Play Power
David Cross: Shut Up You Fucking Baby!
David Dondero: Shooting At The Sun With A Water Gun...
David Dondero: The Transient
David Gray: A New Day At Midnight
David Hillyard and the Rocksteady Seven: Playtime
David Holmes - Presents the Free Association & 13 Amp: Analyze That - Original Soundtrack [music by David Holmes]
David Hurn: He Was A Woman
David J.: Estranged
David Jacob-Strain: Ocean Or A Teardrop
David Mead: Indiana
David Parmley & Continental Divide: Pathway of Time
David Parmley & Continental Divide: There'll Always Be A Rocking Chair
David Parmley & Friends: What We Leave Behind
David Singer and the Sweet Science: Civil Wars
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys: Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest
David Zollo: Uneasy Street
Davis Waits: The Evolution Of...
Daybreak: Frozen Wintered Realms Of My Moonlit Record Collection - 7" [picture disc]
Daycare Swindlers: Heathen Radio
Daycare Swindlers: In Loving Memory
Daycare Swindlers: Testosterosa
Dayinthelife: Self Titled
Daylights, The: Next
Daylights, The: Vehicle
De La Hoya: Has No Credibility EP
Dead Food: Anger Meats 3" CD
Dead For A Minute/Submerge: Split 7"
Dead For A Minute: 10"
Dead Fucking Last: Grateful...
Dead Hate The Living, The: Shock and Awe
Dead Heroes: Let It Ride
Dead Kennedys: Bedtime For Democracy / Plastic Surgery Disasters & In Dog We Trust, Inc. / Mutiny On The Bay - Dead Kennedys Live!
Dead Left: A Wishful Life
Dead Meadow: Shivering King and Others
Dead Moon: Dead Ahead
Dead Nugget's Dish: Lotushead
Dead Red Sea: Birds
Dead Squash: Dead Squash Is Dead [Cassette]
Dead Stars on Hollywood, The: Anthems for the Friendly-Fire Generation
Dead To Fall: Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces
Dead To Fall: Villainy and Virtue
Dead Voices on Air: Frankie Pett Presents Happy Su
Deadbeats, The: The Deadbeats
Deadeyesunder: Cursed Be The Deceiver
Deadlights, The: The Deadlights
Deadly Snakes, The: Ode To Joy
Deadweight: Stroking the Moon
Deal's Gone Bad: Guide To Boat Drinks and Cruise Cocktails
Deal's Gone Bad: Large And In Charge
Deal's Gone Bad: Overboard
Dealership: Secret American Livingroom
Dealership: TV Highway To The Stars
Dean Osborne: Kentucky Son
Dear John Letters: Rewriting The Wrongs
Dear John Letters: Unbroken
Dear Nora: The New Year E.P.
Dears, The: Protest
Death Angel: The Art of Dying
Death Before Disco: Party Bullet
Death Before Dishonor: Friends Family Forever
Death By Chocolate: Death By Chocolate
Death By Chocolate: Zap The World
Death Cab for Cutie: Forbidden Love e.p.
Death Cab For Cutie: The Photo Album
Death Cab For Cutie: The Stability E.P.
Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlanticism
Death Cab For Cutie: We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes
Death Cab for Cutie: You Can Play These Songs With Chords
Death From Above 1979: You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
Death On Wednesday: 6 Songs To _____ To
Death On Wednesday: Buying The Lie
Deathray Davies, The: The Kick and the Snare
Deathray: Deathray -and- White Sleeves EP
Deathwatch Beetle Repairman: Hollow Fishes
Deathwitch: Violence Blasphemy Sodomy
Debris Inc.: Debris Inc.
Decapitated: The Negation
Decapitated: The Negation
Decemberists, The: Castaways and Cutouts
Decepticonz, The: Rot Your Brain
Decibully: Sing Out America!
Decoded Feedback: Shockwave
Ded Bugs: Planet of Blood
Ded Bugs: The Night We Got Sick and Died 7"
Dee Dee Ramone: Zonked!
Dee Snider: Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down
Deeds Of Flesh: Inbreeding the Anthropophagi
Deep Reduction: 2
Deer Whistle: Stranded Somewhere Else
Deerhoof: Apple O'
Deering and Down: Coupe de Villa
Defiance: Rise or Fall
Deftones, The: White Pony
Deftones: Around the Fur
Defy False Authority: Defy False Authority
Dehra Dun: Mariposa Salad Days
Deicide: When Satan Lives
Del Amitri: Some Other Sucker's Parade
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien: Future Development
Delays: Faded Seaside Glamour
Delays: Faded Seaside Glamour
Delays: Nearer Than Heaven
Delgados, The: Domestiques
Delgados, The: Hate
Delgados, The: The Great Eastern
Delphine: We're Sleeping Better Now EP
Dem Brooklyn Bums Big Band: There Goes The Neighborhood
Demolition Doll Rods: ON
Demon Hunter: Demon Hunter
Denise Marsa: Self
Denver Harbor: Scenic
Departure Lounge: Too Late To Die Young
Depeche Mode: The Singles -- 86>98
Depression / Mesrine: Split CD
Der Dritte Raum: Spaceglider
Deranged: High on Blood
Desaparecidos: Read Music, Speak Spanish
Descend: Hate For Your Blood - Cassette single
Descendents: Everything Sucks
Desert Sessions: Volumes 9 & 10
Desorden P?blico: The Ska Album
Desoto Reds: Hanglide Thru Yer Window
Despitado: The Emergency Response
Destination:Oblivion: Thirteen Beginnings to the End
Destiny's End: Breathe Deep The Dark
Destroyer: This Night
Destroyer: Your Blues
Destruction: The Anti-Christ
Detachment Kit, The: They Raging, Quiet Army
Deteriorot: In Ancient Beliefs
Detroit Cobras, The: Seven Easy Pieces
Detroit Cobras: Seven Easy Pieces
Devendra Banhart: Nino Rojo -AND- Rejoicing in the Hands
Deviates: My Life
Devics: If You Forget Me...
DevilDriver: DevilDriver
Devlins, The: Waiting
Devoted Few, The: Sleepless
Dewey Defeats Truman: B-Sides, Rarities, and Out-Takes
Dewey Defeats Truman: The Road To Nowhere Maps E.P.
Dewey Phillips: Red Hot & Blue
Diablotones, The: The Diablotones
Diabolic: Subterraneal Magnitude
Diabolic: Supreme Evil
Diana Darby: Fantasia Ball
Diana Darby: Fantasia Ball
Diary of Dreams: Psychoma?
Dichotic: Collapse Into Despair
Dichotic: Lowest Common Denominator
Dictators, The: D.F.F.D.
Die Form: Histories
Die Monitor Batss: Girls of War
Diecast: Tearing Down Your Blue Skies
Dig: Life Like
Digital Blue: The World That Revolves Around Me
Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton, The: Irony Is A Dead Scene
Dillinger Escape Plan, The: Miss Machine
Dillinger Escape Plan, The: Under The Running Board
Dillinger Escape Plan: Calculating Infinity
Dillinger Four Situationist Comedy
Dimlaia: Dimlaia
Dinosaur Jr.: BBC In Session
Dinosaur Jr.: Hand it Over
Dio: Master of the Moon
Diodes, The: Tired Of Waking Up Tired
Dirtclodfight: Hymnal
Dirty Americans: Strange Generation
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The: Buck Jump
Dirty Power: Dirty Power
Dirty Projectors, The: Slave's Graves & Ballads
Disappointment Incorporated: F=0
Disappointment Incorporated: Spoken Through The Profits
Disappointments, The: Midwest Coast
Disarray: A Lesson In Respect
Discontent: Discontent
Discount: Half Fiction
Dishes, The: 1-2
Dishwalla: Opaline
Disillusion: Back to the Times of Splendor
Dismember: Hate Campaign
Distance, The: Your Closest Enemies
Distillers, The: Coral Fang
Distillers, The: Sing Sing Death House
Distillers, The: The Distillers
Distillers, The: The Distillers 7"
Distorted Reality: A Fine Line Between Love and Hate
Distorted Reality: The Fine Line Between Love Hate
DISTRESS: Class Crucifixion
District: Don't Mess With The Hard Punx
Disturbed: Coming Down With The Sickness
Ditty Twisters, The: Vicodin Saturday Night
Ditty Twisters: Pinata Baby
Divide By Zero: Answer To No One
Division of Laura Lee: Black City
Divit / Everyday Victory: Split CD
Divit: Broadcaster
Dixie Hummingbirds, The: Music in the Air
Dizzy Dizzy MK II: Demo
Dizzy Elmer: Crying To The Moon
Dizzy Elmer: This Bad Dog
Dizzy Rascal: Boy In Da Corner
DJ Dan: In Stereo
DJ Jester, aka 'The Filipino Fist': Heavily Booted
DJ Jester, The Filipino Fist: River Walk Riots
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid: Riddim Warfare
DJ Walter Rocktight: Mix No. 8
DMBQ: The Essential Sounds from the Far East
DMX: It's Dark and Hell is Hot
Doc and Richard Watson: Third Generation Blues
Doc Hopper: Zigs, Yaws & Zags
Doc Watson: Trouble In Mind - The Doc Watson Country Blues Collection 1964-1998
Dodd Michael Lede: Whatever Happened To You
Dodge the Deathray: You Am, You Ain't
Dogmatics: 1981-86
Dokken: Erase the Slate
Dokken: Hell To Pay
Dollar Store Cowboys: And The Horse They Rode In On. . .
Dolly Parton: Halos & Horns
Dolly Varden: The Dumbest Magnets
Dolomites: Dolomites EP
Dolorean: Not Exotic
Dolorean: Violence In the Snow Fields
Dolour: Waiting for a World War
Domino Kings, The: Life & 20
Don Austin: s/t 7" [tan swirled vinyl]
Don Campau & MJB: Sinecure
Donnas, The: American Teenage Rock 'N' Roll Machine
Donnas, The: Get Skintight
Donnas, The: The Donnas
Donner Party, The: Complete Recordings 1987-1989
Donnybrook: Out of Print
Donovan: Greatest Hits Live: Vancouver 1986
Dont's, The: Misc Radio Leakage
Doodars: Downtown Newyorkers Ruin Everything
Dopo Yume: True Romance
Doppelganger: Meet Your Evil Twin
Doppleganger: Mad Sky/Throwing Stones 7"
Dora Flood: Lost On Earth
Dora Flood: Welcome
Dorks, The: The Dorks
Dos Coyotes: Dos Coyotes
Double Eclipse: Have It Your Way
doubleDrive: 1000 Yard Stare
Doug Gillard: Salamander
Doug Martsch: Now You Know
Doug Sahm: San Antonio Rock
Doves: Lost Sides
Down & Out with The Dolls: Motion Picture Soundtrack
Down by Law: All Scratched Up!
Down To Earth Approach: Another Intervention
Downpilot: Leaving Not Arriving
Downset: Check Your People
Downway: Defeat Songs
Dr. Dan: Dan on the Moon
Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars: Dandimite!
Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars: Ram Di Dance
Dr. Speedlove Presents: Volume 2
Dr. Theopolis: Astronomical
Dr. Theopolis: The Playa' E.P.
Dr. Theopolis: The Voice of the Future
Draconian: Where Lovers Mourn
Drag Strip Riot: Drag Strip Riot
Drag The River: Closed
Dragons, The: Cheers To Me
Dragons, The: Live at the Casbah
Dragons, The: R*L*F
Dragons, The: Rock N Roll Kamikaze
Drain Babies: Drain Babies
Drapes, The: Swollen
Drapes, The: The Silent War...
Dream Child: Reaching The Golden Gates
Dream City Film Club: In The Cold Light of Morning
Dredg: El Cielo
Drinking From Puddles: A Radio History
Drive-By Truckers: Decoration Day
Drive-By Truckers: Southern Rock Opera 2xCD
DROGHEDA: Celebrating Five years of Violence
Dropkick Murphys vs. Face To Face: Split EP
Dropkick Murphys: Do or Die
Dropkick Murphys: The Gang's All Here
Dropkick Murphys: The Singles Collection
Dropscience, The: Dies Tonight
Dropscience, The: Experimenting With Contrast
Drown, The: The Drown
Drowningman: Howtheylight
DrugMoney: MTN CTK JNK
Drumkan: Faze
Drunk Horse: Adult Situations
Drunk Horse: Adult Situations
Drunk in Public: Tapped Out!
Drunk Injuns / Free Beer / Los Olvidados: I Will Fight No More, Forever / The Only Beer That Matters / Listen To This
Drunk Stuntmen: Iron Hip
Drunk with Joy: Drunk with Joy [single]
Drunks, The: Ruin It For Everyone
Dry Heaves, The: Are You Still Mad At The Dry Heaves?
Drysdales, The: The Drysdales
Drywater: Drywater
Dub Pistols: Point Blank
Dudoos, The: Specium Sommer
Dudoos: Kogidaso! Shura-Shu-Shun!
Duf Davis & The Book Club: Endless, Mindless Violence
Duf Davis & The Book Club: I Hate People...No Exceptions
Duf Davis & The Book Club: Taken By An Angel's Helper
Duf Davis and the Book Club: Murdertainment
Duke Fame: Regrets
Duke Robillard: Exalted Lover
Duke: Duke
Duke: Duke
Dulcinea: Dulcinea EP
Dumptruck: Lemmings Travel To The Sea
Dumptruck: Terminal
Duncan Sheik: Finding Air
Duncan Sheik: Humming
Dureforsog: Exploring Beauty
Dusty 45s: Devil Takes His Turn
Dusty Trails: Dusty Trails
Dwarves, The: Come Clean
Dwight Twilley: Perfect World" b/w "Never Enough"
Dwight Yoakam: Last Chance For A Thousand Years
Dying Fetus: Stop At Nothing
Dylan-Thomas Vance: Cowboy Soul and Country Blues Volume 1
Dymaxion: Awakened By Reality
Dynamite Boy: Finder's Keeper's
Dynamite Boy: Somewhere In America
Dynamite Hack: Superfast
Dynasty: Dynasty
Dyslexic Apaches: Fake Angst and the Teenage Blowtorch
[Daryl]: Uneven Surfaces
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