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'89 Cubs, The: There Are Giants...
(International) Noise Conspiracy, The: Survival Sickness
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead: Source Tags & Codes
1 Giant Leap: 1 Giant Leap
16 Horsepower: Hoarse
17 Reasons Why: The Dark Years
20 Minute Loop: Decline of Day
21 Jump Street: Second Season DVD
22 Jacks: Going North
22 Jacks: Overserved
27: Animal Life
3 Doors Down: The Better Life
30 Foot Fall: Acme-143
30footFALL: Ever Revolving, Never Evolving
34 Satellite: Stop
3rd Degree: Radio 7
3rd Rock from the Sun: Season One
3Storyhead: Leland Hotel
4-Gazm: "Here Kitty...Kitty..."
44 Long: Inside the Horse's Head
4HR Ramona: Pharmacy Park
50 Million: 50 Million 7"
6 Under Par: 6 Under Par
6-Minute Heartstop, The: 321odds
6-Minute Heartstop: 6-Minute Heartstop
63 Crayons: 63 Crayons
63 Crayons: Good People
6fg: You Thought We Were Ants
7 Seconds: Good to Go
7 Seconds: Scream Real Loud
764-Hero: Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere
764-Hero: Weekends of Sound
78 RPM's: GO EP
8 Mile: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture
8 Stops 7: In Moderation
808state: Pacific808:98.Cubik/Pacific808:98.Cubik98 singles
88, The: Kind of Light
98 Degrees: This Christmas
A Mr. Lady Compilation: Calling All Kings & Queens
A New Found Glory: From the Screen To Your Stereo
A New Found Glory: Nothing Gold Can Stay
A ONEFOOT Records Compilation: Check This Out, Baby!
A Winter's Tale
A.F.I.: Black Sails in the Sunset
Abandoned Pools: Humanistic
Abbie Huxley: Pop [R.E.D.]
Abby Travis: Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop
Aberdeen: Homesick and Happy To Be Here
Absinthe Blind: Rings
Abuse*Ment*Park: Electric Spanking Session
Acetone: York Boulevard
Acoustic Junction: Strange Days
Action League: Interrupt This Program
Action Plus+: dreamy pop turned nightmares
Actionslacks: Never Never Shake, Baby
Actionslacks: The Scene's Out of Sight
Actual Tigers, The: Gravelled & Green
Acumen: Out of Balance
Adam Elk: Labello
Adam Green: Garfield
Adam Mugavero: Breathe
Adams: Ryan Adams sophomore solo album and Whiskeytown's last album: Gold and Pneumonia
Adamski: Adamski's Thing
Adjusters, The: Before The Revolution
Adjusters, The: The Politics of Style
Adjustments, The: "A Little To The Left"
Adjustments, The: Everybody Must Get Cloned
Admiral Twin: Mock Heroic
ADZ: Odz 'n' Sodz
Aereogramme: A Story In White
Aereogramme: Sleep and Release
AFI: The Art of Drowning
Afro Q Ben: Hi-Fi Fro Funk
Afroman: The Good Times
After Hours: The Trouble With Those Guys Is...
Afterlife: A New Beginning
Agenda!, The: Start The Panic
Agent 99: Little Pieces: 1993-1995
Agents, The: <401>
Agents, The: For All The Massive
Agnostic Front: Dead Yuppies
Agnostic Front: Riot Riot Upstart
Aimee Mann: Lost In Space
Aks Mamma: Jolly Holidays!
Al Rose: Pigeon's Throat
Alanis Morissette: MTV Unplugged
Alarm Clocks, The: Yeah!
Alaska!: Emotions
Alaska!: Rescue Through Tomahawk
Alastor: Nothing for Anyone
Album Leaf, The: An Orchestrated Rise to Fall
Aldermen, The: Hoods In Hoodland
Alex Lloyd: Watching Angels Mend
Alex Picks the Top Ten Albums of 1998
Alex Walsh: Light Another Candle
Alex Woodard: Nowhere Near Here
Alfie: A Word In Your Ear
Alfie: If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing
Alias: The Other Side of the Looking Glass
Alibis, The: Forty Days and Forty Nights
Alice Dee Jay: Who Needs Guitars Anyway?
Alice Stuart: Can't Find No Heaven
Alien Crime Syndicate: Alien Crime Syndicate EP
Alien Crime Syndicate: Break the Record
Alien Crime Syndicate: Dust To Dirt
Alien Crime Syndicate: From The Word Go
Alien Crime Syndicate: XL From Coast To Coast
Alkaline Trio, The: For Your Lungs Only
Alkaline Trio: Goddamnit
Alkaline Trio: Maybe I'll Catch Fire
All Done With Mirrors: A Le Grand Magistery Compilation
All Natural: Second Nature
All Night: All Night
All You Can Eat: Manga!
All-American Rejects, The: The All-American Rejects
All-Time Quarterback: All-Time Quarterback
All: All
All: Live + One
All: Mass Nerder
All: Problematic
Allentons, The: Boulevard
Allister: Dead Ends and Girlfriends
Allman Brothers Band: Hittin' The Note
Allstonians, The: The Allston Beat
Aluminum Group, The: Happyness
Aluminum Group, The: Morehappyness
Always Sunday: Beautiful Disgrace
Always Sunday: demo
AM/FM: Audiot
AM/FM: Mutilate Us
AM/FM: The Sky Is The New Ground
Amanda Green: The Nineteen Hundreds
Amanda Thorpe: Mass
Amazing Crowns: Payback Live
Amazing Crowns: Royal
Amazing Royal Crowns, The: The Amazing Royal Crowns
Amazing Royal Crowns, The: The Amazing Royal Crowns
Amer Diab: The Year of the Apology
American Analog Set, The: Promise of Love
American Head Charge: The War of Art
American Hi-Fi: K-Town Sessions EP
American Hi-Fi: The Art of Losing
American Paint: Eggshells For Paperbacks
American Pie: Music From The Motion Picture
American Standard: The New American Standard Classics
AMFM: Getting Into Sinking
Amor Belhom Duo: Amor Belhom Duo
Amor Belhom: Wavelab
Amoree Lovell: The Burning Bush
Amps for Christ: The People At Large
Amps II Eleven: Amps II Eleven
Amusement Parks On Fire: Amusement Parks On Fire
Amy Annelle: School of Secret Dangers
Amy Ray: Stag
Amy Rigby: 18 Again
Anasarca: Discography: 1994-1997
Anbot Rodroid: Cyputer Comborgs
And/Ors, The: Will Self-Destruct
Anders Parker: Tell It To The Dust
Andre Williams: Bait and Switch
Andrea Maxand: Where The Words Go
Andrew W.K.: I Get Wet
Angelic Upstarts: Live From The Justice League
Angels in the Architecture: The Distance In Writing
Angie Aparo: The American
Angry Atom: the EP
Angry Salad: Angry Salad
Anne McCue: Amazing Ordinary Things
Anne Summers: Very Classy
Anniversary, The: Designing A Nervous Breakdown
Anniversary, The: Your Majesty
Another Level: Another Level
Another Prick In The Wall: A Tribute To Ministry
Anthony Joseph: Flying at the Speed of Emotion
Anthony Rapp: Look Around
Anthrax: The Threat is Real
Anti-Flag: Underground Network
Anti-Heros: Undearneath The Underground
Antiseen: The 20 Year Anniversary Show
ANTiSEEN: The Boys From Brutalsville
Apex Theory, The: Topsy-Turvy
Apocalypse Theatre: Cain or An Open Vain
Apparitions, The: Oxygen Think Tank
Apples In Stereo, The: Velocity Of Sound
Appleseed Cast, The: Low Level Owl: Volume I
Appleseed Cast, The: Low Level Owl: Volume II
Appleseed Cast, The: Two Conversations
April March: Triggers
Aquabats!, The: Charge!!
Aquabats, The: Fury of the Aquabats
Aquabats, The: The Return of The Aquabats
Arab Strap: Elephant Shoe
Arab Strap: Mad For Sadness
Arab Strap: Monday at the Hug & Pint
Aram: Ghosts in a Season
Archer Prewitt: Three
Archers of Loaf: White Trash Heroes
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 2: The Doldrums + Vital Pink
Arling & Cameron: Sound Shopping
Art of Noise: The Seduction of Claude Debussy
Arthur Nasson: No Mystery
Arthur: Brand New Dream
Arthurs, The: Walking in the Sunlight
Articles, The: Flip F'real
Arto Lindsay: Invoke
As Friends Rust: As Friends Rust
As Tall As Lions: Lafcadio
Ash: Free All Angels
Ashtray Babyhead: Radio
Asian Man Records Presents...: Mailorder is FUN!
Asian Man Records Presents...Mailorder is Still Fun!!
Ass Ponys: Lohio
Ass Ponys: Some Stupid With A Flare Gun
Asylum Street Spankers: Mercurial
Asylum Street Spankers: My Favorite Record
Asylum Street Spankers: Sideshow Fez DVD
At The Drive-In: In/Casino/Out Vaya
Atari Teenage Riot: 60 Second Wipe Out
Ataris, The: Look Forward to Failure
Atom and his Package: Hamburgers
Atomic 61: Goodbye Blue Monday/Purity of Essence
Attractive Female Twins, The: Rock Appreciation 101
Attrition: The Hand The Feeds - The Remixes
Aubrey Haynie: The Bluegrass Fiddle Album
Audio Learning Center: Cope Park
Audio Learning Center: Friendships Often Fade Away
August Spies, The: The August Spies
Auntie Christ: Life Could Be A Dream
Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me: More Music from the Motion Picture
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack
Authorized Bruisers (1988-1994), The: Anything You Want, It's All Right Here
Automatic 7: Beggar's Life
Autopilot Off: Autopilot Off
Autopilot Off: Make A Sound
Avail: One Wrench
Avengers, The: Died For Your Sins
Avoid One Thing: Avoid One Thing
Aware 7 - The Compilation
Awol One & Daddy Kev: Souldoubt
Azure Ray: November
B Movie Rats: Bad For You
Babe the Blue Ox: The Way We Were
Baby Snufkin: Pokey In The Bobo
Back Porch Mary: Back Porch Mary
Backsliders, The: Southern Lines
Bad Manners: Heavy Petting
Bad Religion: The Process of Belief
Bad Wizard: #1 Tonite!
Badawi: Clones & False Prophets
Badawi: Soldier of Midian
Badawi: The Heretic of Ether
Badlands: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska
Badly Drawn Boy: About A Boy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Badly Drawn Boy: Have You Fed The Fish?
Bald Rapunzel: Diazepam
Ballboy: A Guide for the Daylight Hours
Ballboy: Club Anthems
Balsa Gliders: Cookout
Bands of the Acoustic Revolution: A Call To Arms
Bane: It All Comes Down To This
Bang! Bang!: Electric Six EP
Bang-Original Movie Soundtrack: Various Ska Artists
Bangs: Call And Response
Bangs: Sweet Revenge
Bank of Brian: Leave Your Flaws At Home
Bantam: Western Soul
Baptist Generals, The: No Silver / No Gold
Baptist Generals, The: Void Touching Faster Victuals
Bar Feeders, The: Scotto El Blotto
Barbara McDonald: Madmen & Lovers
Bardo Pond: Dilate
Bargain Music: 77 003
Bargain Music: Cook the Beans
Barnyard Ballers: Punkabilly Invasion
Baron Von Birdbath: Tales From the Birdbath
Barry Harris & Chris Cox Present...: Thunderpuss
Baseboard Heaters: Lost All Faith
BASEketball Soundtrack
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash: Distance Between
Bay Area Ska: Tomato Head Records Presents...Bay Area Ska
Be: Thistupidream
Beachwood Sparks: Once We Were Trees
Beanweevils, The: The Beanweevils
Beat Crusaders: All You Can Eat
Beatles, The: The Capitol Albums - Volume 1
Beautiful Mistake, The: The Beautiful Mistake
Beck: Sea Change
Bedhead: Macha Loved Bedhead
Beefcake: Rejected
Beegees, The: This Is Where I Came In
Beep Beep: Business Casual
Before You Were Punk 2: Another Punk Rock Tribute to 80's New Wave
Bell Rays, The: Grand Fury
Bella Fayes, The: Far From The Discos
Bella Fayes, The: The Truth in a Beautiful Lie
Belle & Sebastian: I'm Waking Up To Us
Belle & Sebastian: Sing... Jonathan David
Belle Academe: Shimmer
Belle and Sebastian: Push Barman To Open Old Wounds
Bellevue Cadillac, The: Prozac Nation
BellRays, The: Raw Collection
Beltones, The: Cheap Trinkets
Ben Arthur: Edible Darling
Ben Folds: Rockin' the Suburbs
Ben Kweller: Sha Sha
Benett: Welcome To The Jungle
Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Kenny: Home - The Post-Parlo Records Split CD Series
Benjamins: The Art of Disappointment
Benton Falls: Fighting Starlight
Berlin Project, The: the / transition / radio / EP
Berlin: LIVE: Scared and Profane
Best of Insomniac with Dave Attell, The: Uncensored Volume 2
Best of Twist-A-Rama
Beth Orton: Daybreaker
Better Than Ezra: Live At House of Blues - New Orleans
Bettie Serveert: Log 22
Betty Already: Amerimaniacs
Betty Blowtorch: Are You Man Enough?
Betty Blowtorch: Last Call
Beulah: The Coast Is Never Clear
Beulah: Yoko
Bev: Bev
Bicycle Thief, The: You Come And Go Like A Pop Song
Bicycle Thief, The: You Come And Go Like A Pop Song
Bif Naked: Purge
Big Bad Johns: I Will Be Good
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Save My Soul
Big D & The Kids Table: Big D & The Kids Table
Big D & The Kids' Table/Drexel: Shot By Lammi SPLIT CD
Big D and the Kids' Table: Good Luck
Big Fast Car: Fuel for the Fire
Big Five: In Yer Face
Big Lick: The Hills Are Alive
Big Meteor: Wild River
Big Rude Jake: Big Rude Jake
Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Trio: On The Go
Big Star: Nobody Can Dance
Big Time Operator: High Altitude Swing
Bigger Lovers, The: This Affair Never Happened... And Here's Eleven Songs About It
Bigwig: An Invitation to Tragedy
Bigwig: Un Merry Melodies
Bikeride: Morning Macumba
Bill Hicks: Flying Saucer Tour Volume 1 -and- LoveLaughterAndTruth
Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria: Fireworks on TV!
Bill McGarvey: Tell Your Mother
Bill Monroe: Live From Mountain Stage
Bill Rieflin & Chris Connelly: Largo
Billie Myers: Growing, Pains
Billionaire: Ascension
Billy Bragg and The Blokes: England, Half English
Billy Joe Shaver: Freedom's Child
Billy Joe Winghead: Precious Moments
Billy Mahonie: The Big Dig
Bim Skala Bim: The One That Got Away
Bim Skala Bim: Universal
Binge: Crash
Bingo: H-OM
Bionaut, The: Lubricate Your Living-Room
Birddog: A Sweet and Bitter Fancy
Birddog: Songs from Willipa Bay
Birdwatcher, The: Afternoon Tales From The Morning Never Knew
Birdy NumNum: The Courtship of Birdy NumNum
Bis: Return To Central
Bitter, Bitter Weeks: Bitter, Bitter Weeks
Bjork: Medulla
Black Box Recorder: England Made Me
Black Box Recorder: The Facts of Life
Black Box Recorder: The Worst Of...
Black Crowes, The: A Tribute To A Work In Progress... Greatest Hits 1990-1999
Black Dawn: Absence of Time
Black Halos, The: The Violent Years
Black Heart Procession, The: Amore del Tropico
Black Jacket Racket -- Volume 2
Black Jacket Racket: A compilation of rockabilly, psychobilly, and punkabilly bands
Black Keys: Thickfreaknees
Black Watch, The: Jiggery-Pokery
Black Widows, The: Arocknaphobia
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings: Bark
Blackmarket Star: A Date With Electric
Blake Hazard: Little Airplane
Blanket Music / Noise for Pretend: Split CD-EP
Blanket: Nice
Blanks 77: Tanked and Pogoed
Blasters, The: LIVE - Going Home
Blasting Room
Bleu: Redhead
Blind Herd of Sheep: A Compilation of Berkeley High Bands
Blindspot: Acceleration Zero
Blink 182: Dude Ranch
Bliss: Chasing The Mad Rabbit
Blister Rust: Who's Gonna Scratch Your Itch?!!
Blitz Babiez: Thought Spawn
Blondes, Inc., The: The Blondes, Inc.
Blood Brothers, The: Burn Piano Island, Burn
Blood Brothers, The: This Adultery Is Ripe
Bloodhound Gang: Hooray for Boobies
Bloodthirsty Lovers, The: Telepathic
Blount: Acme-143
Blue Beat Players: Torrid Rock
Blue Dogs: Letters from Round 0
Blue Flannel: XL
Blue Man Group: The Complex
Blue Meanies: Full Throttle
Blue Meanies: Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!
Blue Meanies: Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!
Blue Skies for Black Hearts: This Black Heart Is Gonna Break
Blue Spark: Venus, Meet The Moon
Blue Star Creeper: If Nothing Else Shimmers
Bluebird: Black Presence
Bluebird: Hot Blood
Bluegrass '99: 12 Great Instrumental Recordings
Bluegrass 2000
Bluegrass 2001: 12 Great Instrumental Recordings
Blues Goblins: Blues Goblins
Bo Bud Greene: Las Olas
BOAS: Mansion
Bob Delevante: Porchlight
Bob Mould: Body of Song
Bob Mould: The Last Dog and Pony Show
Bob Schneider: Lonelyland
Bobby & Jesse: Masters of the Mandolin
Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals' Starvation League: From the End of Your Leash
Bobby Conn: The Golden Age
Bobby Karate: Cold Returns
Bobby Lindstrom: A Lick and a Promise
Bobcat Goldthawit: I Don't Mean To Insult You, But You Look Like...
Bodies, The: Firepower Is Our Business
Boggs, The: The Boggs
Boiler Room: Can't Breathe
Boilermaker: Leucadia
Boils, The: World Poison
bomb32: All of the Above single
Bomboras, The: Head Shrinkin' Fun
Bombshell Rocks: Street Art Gallery
Bonfire Madigan: ...From The Burnpile
Bonfire Madigan: Saddle The Bridge
Bonk: Western Soul
BOOK REVIEW: Father of Rock & Roll: The Story of Johnnie "B. Goode" Johnson
BOOK REVIEW: Free Money To Change Your Life: By Matthew Lesko
Books on Tape: The Business End
Books On Tape: Throw Down Your Laptops
Bosco: Action
Boston Rock Anthology Volume 20/U.S. Rock Anthology No. 2
Bottle Rockets: Brand New Year
Bottom of the Hudson: The Omaha Record
Bounce: Music From The Motion Picture
Bouncing Souls / Anti-Flag: BYO Split Series Volume 4
Bouncing Souls, The: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Bouncing Souls, The: The One On
Bows: Cassidy
Boy Genius: Last Grand Experiment...
Boy Sets Fire: In Chrysalis
Boycott Radical Records: A label sampler
Boysetsfire: Live For Today
Boysetsfire: Tomorrow Come Today
BR5-49: Big Backyard Beat Show
Bracket: When All Else Fails
Brady Brock: I Will Live In You Where Your Heart Used To Be
Brady Harris: Good Luck Stranger
Braid: Lucky To Be Alive
Braille Stars: Golden Dream
Bran Van 3000: Glee
Brand New: Deja Entendu
Brand New: Your Favorite Weapon
Brandston: Dial In Sounds
Brat: We Are The Rockingest
Brave New Girl, NYC: Brave New Girl, NYC
Brave New Girl: No One Ever Said
Breeders, The: Title UK
Brendan Benson & the Wellfed Boys: Metarie
Brendan Benson: Lapalco
Brendan Benson: One Mississippi
Brendon Massei: No More Sad Eyes
Brent Arnold and The Spheres: Last Boat
Brent Palmer: Stabilize
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The: Spacegirl & Other Favorites
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The: Strung Out In Heaven
Briefs, The: Sex Objects
Bright Eyes: Every Day and Every Night
Bright Eyes: Fevers and Mirrors
Bright Eyes: Lifted or The Story is in the Soil Keep Your Ear to the Ground
Bright Eyes: There Is No Beginning to the Story EP
Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham: L'Avventura
Broadways, The: Big City...
Broadways, The: Broken Star
Broadways, The: Broken Van
Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It In People
Broken Spindles: Fulfilled/Complete
Bronx, The: Bats!
Bronx, The: The Bronx
Brother Egg, The: Snowflake & Fingerprint Machine
Brought Low, The: The Brought Low
Buck-O-Nine: Hellos & Goodbyes
Buck-O-Nine: Libido
Buck-O-Nine: Pass The Dutchie
Buck-O-Nine: Twenty-Eight Teeth
Buckcherry: Time Bomb
Bucket of Monkey: NE146D9
Buckfast Superbee: Star and a 1/2
Buckfast Superbee: You Know How The Song Goes
Buffalo Tom: Besides - A Collection of B-Sides and Rarities
Buglite: Love and Other Sorrows
Bugsy!: Demo CD
Building Press, The: Amplitude Of Frequencies Over Time
Building Press, The: Young Money
Built Like Alaska: Autumnland
Built Like Alaska: Hopalong
Bumblebeez 81: The Printz
Burning Brides: Fall of the Plastic Empire
Burning Brides: Fall of the Plastic Empire
Burnside Project: The Networks, The Circuits, The Streams, The Harmonies
Business Machines, The: Almost Automatic
Busters, The: Make A Move!
Busters, The: Welcome to Busterland
Busy Signals, The: Baby's First Beats
Busy Signals, The: Pretend Hits
Busy Signals: pureenergy
Butch Walker: Letters
Butchies, The: 3
Butterfly Joe: Butterfly Joe
Butterfly Jones: Napalm Springs
Buzz Prophets: Kentucky
Buzzcocks: Buzzcocks
Cadillac Blindside: Read the Book, Seen the Movie
Cadillac Tramps: Live!
Cake: Comfort Eagle
Cake: Fashion Nugget
Caleb Klauder: Sings Out
Calexico: Feast of Wire
Calexico: World Drifts In - Live at the Barbican London
Califone: Quicksand/Cradlesnakes
California: Elekibass
Call and Response: Tiger Teeth
Calla: Televise
Camaro Hair: Far From OK
Camaros, The: Dangergirl
Camber: Beautiful Charade
Camber: Wake Up and Be Happy
Cameron Dezen: Love + Rescue
Campfire Girls: Delongere
Candy Ass: Orgy
Candy Snatchers, The: Human Zoo!
Candy Snatchers, The: Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed
Candyskins: Death of a Minor TV Celebrity
Canned Heat: Boogie 2000
Canned Heat: The Boogie House Tapes
Canyon: Empty Room
Capitol K: Island Row
Capitol Years, The: Jewelry Store
Capitol Years, The: Meet Yr Acres
Carbon Leaf: 5 Alive!
Carbon Leaf: Indian Summer
Careen: Crash Couture
Cargo Cult: Strange Men Bearing Gifts
Caribbean, The: History's First Know-It-All
Caribbean, The: William of Orange EP
Carlsonics: Carlsonics
Carrier: Carrier
Cary Hudson: Cool Breeze
Cary Pierce: You Are Here
Cash Audio: The Orange Sessions
Casket Lottery, The: Moving Mountains
Casper and the Cookies: Oh!
Cassettes, The: The Cassettes
Castanets, The: Cathedral
Casualties, The: Die Hards
Cat Power: The Covers Record
Catfish: Viciously Delicious
Cato Salsa Experience: A Good Tip For A Good Time
Caustic Resin: Keep on Truckin
Cave-In: Tides Of Tomorrow
Celest: See Through Me E.P.
Cells, The: We Can Replace You
Centaur: In Streams
Center of the Universe
Centro-Matic: All The Falsest Hearts Can Try
Centro-Matic: Distance And Clime
Centro-Matic: Love You Just The Same
Chaan! Ban! Thank You Ben: Chaan! Ban! Thank You Ben
Chains, The: On Top Of Things!
Chainsuck: Kindly Stop For Me
Champale: Simple Days
Chapmans, The: Follow Me
Chapmans, The: Notes from Home
Chappelle Show, The: Complete First Season
Chappelle's Show: Complete Second Season Uncensored
Character: We Also Create False Promises
Chargers Street Gang, The: Holy The Bop Apocalypse
Charlatans UK, The: Songs From the Other Side
Charlie Rich: Behind Closed Doors
Charlotte Martin: On Your Shore
Cheap Shots-Volume II: Burning Heart Records bands compilation
Cheap Trick: Special One
Checkered Cabs, The: Remember
Chemlab: Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar -and- East Side Militia [re-issues]
Chemlab: Oxidizer
Chemlab: Suture
Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Soul Caddy
Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Zoot Suit Riot
Cherry Valence, The: Riffin
Chevelle: Point #1
Chicago Underground Duo: Axis and Alignment
Chicken Hawks, The: Hard Hitting Songs For Hard Hit People
Chicklet: Wanderlust
Chigger: Trampoline
Chinkees, The: ...Are Coming!
Chinkees, The: Searching For A Brighter Future
Chitlin Fooks: Did It Again
Chixdiggit!: From Scene to Shining Scene
Chlorine: Primer
Choice Picks: Celebrating the 10th Annual International Bluegrass Music Awards
Choke: There's A Story To This Moral
Chokebore: Black Black
Choking Victim / Squatta's Paradise: Crack Rock Steady split CD
Choking Victim: No Gods / No Managers
Choo Choo La Rouge: Wall To Wall
Chris Connelly and the Bells: Blonde Exodus
Chris Isaak: Speak of the Devil
Chris Lee: Cool Rock
Chris Mills: The Silver Line
Chris Murray: Raw
Chris Robinson: New Earth Mud
Chris Whitley: Hotel Vast Horizon
Christiansen: Emphasizing Function Over Design
Christiansen: Forensics Brothers and Sisters!
Christina Aguilera: Stripped
Chumbawamba: Readymades
Chumbawamba: WYSIWYG
Churchills, The: You Are Here
Churn: This Way to the Other Side
Cigarbox Planetarium: Self-Titled
Cinema Beer Nuts: The Original Punk Rock Taste
Citizen Bird: Citizen Bird
Citizen Cope: Citizen Cope
Clairvoyants: Your New Boundaries
Clampitt, Gaddis, and Buck: Nine Tracks
Clare Quilty: Strong
Clark S. Nova: Dim Summer
Clawfinger: Two Sides
Clay Pigeons Soundtrack
Clayton Ellers: A Flame In The Cold
Clean, The: Anthology
Clearlake: Cedars
Clearlake: Wonder If The Snow Will Settle
Clearmotive: Is There A Market For This?
Clemente: Teeth Measure The Need
Clevergirl: Masters of the Here and Now
Cliff Hillis: Be Seeing You
Cliftons, The: Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol
Clinic: Walking With Thee
Clinic: Winchester Cathedral
Clint Mansell: Requiem for a Dream: Music from the Movie
Clit 45: Self-Hate Crimes
Close Call: Too Close
Clowns For Progress: Progress
Clyde Wrenn: The Blue Cliff Record
Cock Sparrer: Live! Runnin' Riot Across The U.S.A.
Cockeyed Ghost: The Scapegoat Factory
Coco B's: Basement Songs: Firehawks and Dirtybirds EP #1
Codename: Rocky: Infinity
Cody Cods: Tribute
Coheed and Cambria: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Col. Bruce Hampton and the Late Bronze Age: Isles of Langerhan
Col. Bruce Hampton and the Late Bronze Age: Outside Looking Out
Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Coldspot 8: It's the Feel Good
Cole Marquis: Lightning in a Bottle
Cole Marquis: Treasure Island Serenade
Collapsis: Dirty Wake
Color Red, The: Clear
Comedy Central Presents... Crank Yankers: The Best Uncensored Calls - Volume 3
Comedy Central Presents...: Roast of Denis Leary: Uncensored
Coming of Age in Babylon [book and CD]
Commish, The: Season One DVD
Common Rider: This Is Unity Music
Concrete Blonde: Group Therapy
Confession of Faith: Still Born
Conflict: Now You've Put Your Foot In It
Confrontation Camp: Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Congress of the Cow: Congress of the Cow
Conjure One: Conjure One
Conshafter: Your Day Job
Console: Rocket in the Pocket
Consolidated: Dropped
Consolidated: Tikkun Survivor Demos
Conspiracy, The: Too Far Gone
Constantines, The: The Modern Sinner Nervous Man EP
Constantines: Shine A Light
Consumed: Hit For Six
Contagious: Home Remedy
Control, The: The Forgotten E.P.
Cookie: Sweat-Soaked & Satisfied
Coquettish: Total Pops Madness
Core: Not Your Size
Country Club & The Porn Horns: The Stationwagon Revolution
Country Duets
Cousin Oliver: (818)
Cousteau: Sirena
Cowslinger, The: Deluxe
Crabs, The: Brainwashed
Crack City Rockers: Joyce Hotel
Cracker: Forever
Cracker: Garage D'Or
Crank Yankers: Complete First Season
Crank: Occams Razor
Crank: Picking up the Pieces
Crary & Hoppers and Their American Band: Self-titled
Crash A/D: Thermal System
Crawdaddy: Luche Libre
Crawdaddy: The 19th Annual Badger Convention
Crawdaddy: The Lean Years...
Crazy Mary: Passion Pit
Crazy Mary: She Comes In Waves
Crease: Vindication
Creeper Lagoon: Remember The Future
Creeper Lagoon: Take Back The Universe and Give Me Yesterday
Creeper Lagoon: Watering Ghost Garden
Cricket Rumor Mill, The: Renderings
Cripples, The: Dirty Head
Cripples, The: Dirty Head
Crispy Ambulance: Scissorgun
Critters Buggin: Amoeba
Cro-Mags: Revenge
Crooked Fingers: Red Devil Dawn
Crooked Fingers: Reservoir Songs EP
Crooked Smile: A Million Things To Say...
Crossbreed: Synthetic Division
Cruel Timothy: Rules of Thumb for the Molested
Cruel Timothy: Rules of Thumb for the Molested (2nd printing)
Crumbox: Map of the Sky
Crushstory: A+ Electric
Cry Baby Cry: Jesus Loves Stacey
Cubanate: Interference
Cuffs, The: Bottoms Up
Culture Shock Punk Rock
Curlupanddie: Unfortunately We're Not Robots
Cursive / Eastern Youth: 8 Teeth To Eat You - Split CD-EP
Cursive: Burst and Bloom
Cursive: Burst and Bloom
Cursive: Domestica
Cursive: The Ugly Organ
Curve: Come Clean
Cuspidor: Keys To Quezaltenango
Cuspidor: The End Men Sing
Custom Made Scare: The Greatest Show On Dirt
Custom Made Scare: The Show Must Go Off
Custom: Fast
Cutters: Sonic Wave Love
Cyclefly: Generation Sap
Cynics, The: Living Is The Best Revenge
D.B.S.: If Life Were A Result We'd All Be Dead
Daddy Longhead: Supermasonic
Dag Nasty: Minority of One
Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The: INDecision 2004
Dale Ann Bradley: Old Southern Porches
Dale Ann Bradley: Songs of Praise & Glory
Dalek: The Low Lows
Dalvin Degrate: Met.A.Mor.Phic
Dama: 2000 A.D.
Damage Manual, The: >1
Damage Manual, The: The Damage Manual
Damien Jurado: Ghost of David
Damien Rice: O
Damn Personals, The: Driver / Driver
Damn Personals, The: Standing Still In the USA
Damnation: The Unholy Sounds of Damnation
Damned, The: BBC Sessions
Damnwells, The: Bastards of the Beat
Damnwells, The: The Damnwells E.P. #1
Damon & Naomi: With Ghost
Damone: From The Attic
Dan Bern & the IJBC: Fleeting Days
Dance Hall Crashers: Honey, I'm Homely!
Dance Hall Crashers: Purr
Dance Hall Crashers: The Live Record
Dancin' Mood
Dane Cook: Harmful If Swallowed
Daniel Bedingfield: Gotta Get Thru This
Daniel Johnston: Fear Yourself
Daniel Johnston: The Early Recordings Volume 1
Daniel Lanois: Shine
Daniel Prendiville: Tantrum Ego
Danny Barnes & Thee Old Codgers: Things I Done Wrong
Danny Barnes: Minor Dings
Dark Fantastic, The: Goodbye Crooked Sear
Darkness, The: Permission To Land
Darrell Scott: Family Tree
Darren Hanlon: Hello Stranger
Daryl: The Technology
Dashboard Confessional: The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Dashboard Confessional: The Swiss Army Romance
Dave Pirner: Faces & Names
Dave Ralph: Tranceport II
Dave Rave Group, The: Valentino's Pirates
David Alan Grier: The Book of David: The Cult Figure's Manifesto
David Andrews: Get Me Out Of This Place
David Axelrod: David Axelrod
David Bowie: Heathen
David Candy: Play Power
David Cross: It's Not Funny
David Cross: Shut Up You Fucking Baby!
David Dondero: Shooting At The Sun With A Water Gun...
David Dondero: The Transient
David Gray: A New Day At Midnight
David Hillyard and the Rocksteady Seven: Playtime
David Hurn: He Was A Woman
David J.: Estranged
David Mead: Indiana
David Parmley & Continental Divide: Pathway of Time
David Parmley & Continental Divide: There'll Always Be A Rocking Chair
David Parmley & Friends: What We Leave Behind
David Singer and the Sweet Science: Civil Wars
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys: Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest
Davis Waits: The Evolution Of...
Daycare Swindlers: In Loving Memory
Daycare Swindlers: Testosterosa
Daylights, The: Next
Daylights, The: Vehicle
De La Hoya: Has No Credibility EP
Dead Fucking Last: Grateful...
Dead Kennedys: Bedtime For Democracy / Plastic Surgery Disasters & In Dog We Trust, Inc. / Mutiny On The Bay - Dead Kennedys Live!
Dead Left: A Wishful Life
Dead Meadow: Shivering King and Others
Dead Moon: Dead Ahead
Dead Nugget's Dish: Lotushead
Dead Red Sea: Birds
Dead Voices on Air: Frankie Pett Presents Happy Su
Deadlights, The: The Deadlights
Deal's Gone Bad: Guide To Boat Drinks and Cruise Cocktails
Deal's Gone Bad: Large And In Charge
Deal's Gone Bad: Overboard
Dealership: Secret American Livingroom
Dealership: TV Highway To The Stars
Dean Osborne: Kentucky Son
Dear John Letters: Rewriting The Wrongs
Dear John Letters: Unbroken
Dear Nora: The New Year E.P.
Death By Chocolate: Death By Chocolate
Death By Chocolate: Zap The World
Death Cab for Cutie: Forbidden Love e.p.
Death Cab For Cutie: The Photo Album
Death Cab For Cutie: The Stability E.P.
Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlanticism
Death Cab For Cutie: We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes
Death Cab for Cutie: You Can Play These Songs With Chords
Death On Wednesday: Buying The Lie
Deathray Davies, The: The Kick and the Snare
Deathray: Deathray -and- White Sleeves EP
Decemberists, The: Castaways and Cutouts
Decepticonz, The: Rot Your Brain
Deep Reduction: 2
Deer Whistle: Stranded Somewhere Else
Deftones, The: White Pony
Deicide: When Satan Lives
Delgados, The: Domestiques
Delgados, The: Hate
Delgados, The: The Great Eastern
Delphine: We're Sleeping Better Now EP
Dem Brooklyn Bums Big Band: There Goes The Neighborhood
Denise Marsa: Self
Departure Lounge: Too Late To Die Young
Depeche Mode: The Singles -- 86>98
Der Dritte Raum: Spaceglider
Desaparecidos: Read Music, Speak Spanish
Descendents: Everything Sucks
Desoto Reds: Hanglide Thru Yer Window
Destroyer: This Night
Detachment Kit, The: They Raging, Quiet Army
Devendra Banhart: Nino Rojo -AND- Rejoicing in the Hands
Devlins, The: Waiting
Devoted Few, The: Sleepless
Dewey Defeats Truman: B-Sides, Rarities, and Out-Takes
Dewey Defeats Truman: The Road To Nowhere Maps E.P.
Diablotones, The: The Diablotones
Diana Darby: Fantasia Ball
Dictators, The: D.F.F.D.
Die Monitor Batss: Girls of War
Dig: Life Like
Digital Blue: The World That Revolves Around Me
Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton, The: Irony Is A Dead Scene
Dillinger Four Situationist Comedy
Dim View of the Future: A Collection of New American Gothic
Dinosaur Jr.: BBC In Session
Dinosaur Jr.: Hand it Over
Dirtclodfight: Hymnal
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The: Buck Jump
Dirty Projectors, The: Slave's Graves & Ballads
Disappointment Incorporated: F=0
Disappointment Incorporated: Spoken Through The Profits
Disappointments, The: Midwest Coast
Discount: Half Fiction
Dishes, The: 1-2
Dishwalla: Opaline
Distillers, The: Coral Fang
Distillers, The: The Distillers
Distillers, The: The Distillers 7"
Disturbed: Coming Down With The Sickness
Ditty Twisters: Pinata Baby
Divit / Everyday Victory: Split CD
Divit: Broadcaster
Dixie Hummingbirds, The: Music in the Air
Dizzy Elmer: Crying To The Moon
Dizzy Elmer: This Bad Dog
DJ Dan: In Stereo
DJ DB Presents Shades of Technology: A Drum and Bass Journey
DJ Jester, aka 'The Filipino Fist': Heavily Booted
DJ Jester, The Filipino Fist: River Walk Riots
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid: Riddim Warfare
Doc and Richard Watson: Third Generation Blues
Doc Hopper: Zigs, Yaws & Zags
Doc Watson: Trouble In Mind - The Doc Watson Country Blues Collection 1964-1998
Dodd Michael Lede: Whatever Happened To You
Dodge the Deathray: You Am, You Ain't
Dogma: Music From The Motion Picture - Original Music By Howard Shore
Dolly Parton: Halos & Horns
Dolly Varden: The Dumbest Magnets
Dolomites: Dolomites EP
Dolorean: Not Exotic
Dolorean: Violence In the Snow Fields
Dolour: Waiting for a World War
Don Campau & MJB: Sinecure
Donnas, The: American Teenage Rock 'N' Roll Machine
Donnas, The: Get Skintight
Donnas, The: The Donnas
Donner Party, The: Complete Recordings 1987-1989
Dont's, The: Misc Radio Leakage
Doogie Howser, M.D.: Season One DVD
Dopo Yume: True Romance
Doppelganger: Meet Your Evil Twin
Doppleganger: Mad Sky/Throwing Stones 7"
Dora Flood: Lost On Earth
Dora Flood: Welcome
Dorks, The: The Dorks
doubleDrive: 1000 Yard Stare
Doug Gillard: Salamander
Doug Martsch: Now You Know
Doug Sahm: San Antonio Rock
Down & Out with The Dolls: Motion Picture Soundtrack
Down by Law: All Scratched Up!
Down To Earth Approach: Another Intervention
Downpilot: Leaving Not Arriving
Downset: Check Your People
Downway: Defeat Songs
Dr. Dan: Dan on the Moon
Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars: Dandimite!
Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars: Ram Di Dance
Dr. Speedlove Presents: Chemical Warfare
Dr. Speedlove Presents: Volume 2
Dr. Theopolis: Astronomical
Dr. Theopolis: The Playa' E.P.
Dr. Theopolis: The Voice of the Future
Drag The River: Closed
Dragons, The: Cheers To Me
Dragons, The: Live at the Casbah
Dragons, The: R*L*F
Dragons, The: Rock N Roll Kamikaze
Drapes, The: Swollen
Drapes, The: The Silent War...
Dread Kennedys - In Dub We Trust
Dream City Film Club: In The Cold Light of Morning
Dredg: El Cielo
Drinking From Puddles: A Radio History
Drive-By Truckers: Southern Rock Opera 2xCD
Dropkick Murphys vs. Face To Face: Split EP
Dropkick Murphys: Do or Die
Dropkick Murphys: The Gang's All Here
Dropkick Murphys: The Singles Collection
Dropscience, The: Dies Tonight
Dropscience, The: Experimenting With Contrast
DrugMoney: MTN CTK JNK
Drunk Horse: Adult Situations
Drunk in Public: Tapped Out!
Drunks, The: Ruin It For Everyone
Dry Heaves, The: Are You Still Mad At The Dry Heaves?
Drywater: Drywater
Dub Pistols: Point Blank
Duf Davis & The Book Club: I Hate People...No Exceptions
Duke Fame: Regrets
Duke: Duke
Duke: Duke
Dulcinea: Dulcinea EP
Dumptruck: Lemmings Travel To The Sea
Dumptruck: Terminal
Duran Duran Tribute Album
Dureforsog: Exploring Beauty
Dusty 45s: Devil Takes His Turn
Dusty Trails: Dusty Trails
DVD REVIEW: Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back
DVD REVIEW: Paradise Lost 2: Revelations
Dwarves, The: Come Clean
Dwight Yoakam: Last Chance For A Thousand Years
Dylan-Thomas Vance: Cowboy Soul and Country Blues Volume 1
Dynamite Boy: Finder's Keeper's
Dynamite Boy: Somewhere In America
Dynamite Hack: Superfast
Dyslexic Apaches: Fake Angst and the Teenage Blowtorch
Eames Era, The: The Second EP
Earl Scruggs: Classic Bluegrass Live 1959-1966
Earlimart: Everyone Down Here
Earlimart: Kingdom of Champions
Earlimart: The Avenues E.P.
Earlimart: Treble & Tremble
Early Day Miners: The Sonograph EP
Earnest G. Woodall: Unusual Characteristics
East River Pipe: Garbageheads On Endless Stun
Eastern Standard Time: Second Hand
Eastmountainsouth: Eastmountainsouth
Easy Big Fella: Eat At Joey's
EchoBrain: EchoBrain
Eclectics, The: Idle Worship
Eddie Spaghetti: The Sauce
Editor's Top-Ten of 1999 List
Edna's Goldfish: Before You Knew Better
Edwin McCain: Far From Over
Edwin McCain: The Austin Sessions
EE: For 100 We Try Harder
EE: Tinyspot EP
Eels, The: Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
Eels, The: Shootenanny!
Eels: Electro-Shock Blues Show [Recorded Live]
Eels: Souljacker
Efatha: This Is What You Get
Eiffel 65: Europop
Eight Ball Grifter: Eight Ball Grifter
Einsturzende Neubauten: Ende Neu
El Jefe: El Jefe's Amorphous Phormula
Elder: Plagues/Woes
Eleanor McEvoy: Yola
Electric Eye: demo CD-R
Electric Eye: Electric Wisdom
Electric Six: Danger! High Voltage EP
Electric Six: Fire
Elefant: Gallery Girl
Elefant: Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
Eleni Mandell: Country for True Lovers
Elevator Division, The: Imaginary Days
Eleventeen: in the air
Elk City: Hold Tight The Ropes
Elliott Smith: Figure 8
Elliott Smith: From a Basement on the Hill
Elliott Smith: Happiness 7"
Elliott Smith: XO
Elliott: False Cathedrals
Elliott: Song In The Air
Elliott: U.S. Songs
Elton John: Captain Fantastic
Elton John: One Night Only - The Greatest Hits
Elton John: Songs From The West Coast
Eltro: Velodrome
Elvis Costello & The Imposters: The Delivery Man
Elvis Costello: When I Was Cruel
Elysian Fields: Queen of the Meadow
Emilia: Big Big World
Emily Sparks: What Could Not Be Buried
Eminem: How A Rapper Embodies the Spirit of Rock 'N' Roll
Emo Diaries - Chapter 7, The: Me Against The World
Emperor X: Tectonic Membrane / Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform
Engine 54: Run For The Money
English Earl: Find Yourself
Enon: High Society
Enon: In This City
Ensign: The Price of Progression
Entrance: Honey Moon EP
Entrance: The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken by Storm
Entre Rios: Idioma Suave
Enya: Paint the Sky With Stars: The Best of Enya
Epoxies, The: Stop The Future
Epoxies: Epoxies
Epoxy: Nothing Else
Era: Era
Eric Ambel: Knucklehead 1990-2004(Lakeside Lounge Records)
Eric Bachmann: Short Careers - original score for the film Ball of Wax
Eric Mingus: Um... Er...
Eric Neves: Country Bar
Erik Sanko: Past Imperfect, Present Tense
Eris: Eris
Ernies, The: Meson Ray
Errortype:11: The Crank EP
Esther Lee: Fifty Eight Now Nine
Ethnobabes, The: Stargazer
Eugene Mirman: The Absurd Nightclub Comedy Of...
Eulcid: The Wind Blew All The Fires Out
Euro Boys: Long Day's Flight 'Till Tomorrow
Evan Olson: One Room
Evanescence: Fallen
Even Johansen: quiet&still
Everclear: Slow Motion Daydream
Everclear: So Much For The Afterglow
Everlast: Whitey Ford Sings The Blues
Everything Off-Beat: A Radio Benefit CD of Chicagoland Ska
Everything Off-Beat: Volume 2
Evil Beaver: Lick It!
Ex Models: Zoo Psychology
Ex-Presidents, The: Club 33
Exit, The: Home for an Island
Exit, The: New Beat
Extra Glenns, The: Martial Arts Weekend
Eyesores, The: May You Dine on Weeds Made Bitter By the Piss of Drunkards
F-Minus: F-Minus
F.o.N.: Adventures in Boredom
Face to Face: How To Ruin Everything
Face to Face: Ignorance is Bliss
Face to Face: LIVE
Face to Face: Reactionary
Fags, The: The Fags EP
Faint, The: Blank-Wave Arcade
Fairburn Royals: Sunshine Slowdown
Fairgrove: Good Luck
Fairline Parkway, The: The Fairline Parkway
Fairweather: Alaska
Faith & Disease: Insularia
Fake Brain: Department of Our Ways
Fall Silent: Drunken Violence
Falling Sickness: Right On Time
Falsies, The: The Falsies
Fantomas: The Director's Cut
Far Too Jones: Picture Postcard Walls
Fascia: Fascia
Fastbacks: The Day That Didn't Exist
Fat Music Volume IV: Life in the FAT LANE
Faux Jean: Nature
Fear Factory: Digimortal
Feel: Feel
Feelings, The: Jammers and Zac Love Remixes
Feist: Let It Die
Feller: Furthermore
Fenix TX: Fenix TX
Fernando: Old Man Motel
Feud, The: Language Is Technology
Few, The: The Few
Fey Ray: I Wanna Be New & Perfect
Fiendz: Cole
Fifteen: Lucky
Fight, The: Home Is Where The Hate Is
Fightmaster: Closer Now
Figurine: The Heartfelt
Film School: Brilliant Career
Filter: The Amalgamut
Filthy Thieving Bastards: A Melody of Retreads and Broken Quills
Finch: What It Is To Burn
Finger Eleven: Finger Eleven
Finger Eleven: Tip
Fire Bug: Fragile
Fireball Ministry: FMEP
Fireballs of Freedom: Total Fucking Blowout
Firebrat: Demo CD-R
Firewater: Psychopharmacology
Firewater: The Man on the Burning Tightrope
Firewater: The Ponzi Scheme
First Grade Crush: It's Not You, It's Me
First Grade Crush: Our Time Down Here
Fischerspooner: #1
Fitz of Depression: Swing
Five By Nine: Recognize
Five Horse Johnson: The No. 6 Dance
Five Pointe 0: Five Pointe 0
Five Pointe O: Untitled
Five Way Friday: Run Like This
Five Way Friday: Wrecked
Fiver Here It Comes
Fiver: Strings For Satellites
Flag: A Hush Records Primer
Flamin' Groovies: Slow Death
Flaming Lips, The: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Flaming Lips: Finally the Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid 1983-1988 -and- The Day They Shot A Hole In The Jesus Egg 1989-1991
Flaming Sideburns, The: Save Rock 'n' Roll
Flaming Sideburns, The: Sky Pilots
Flashlight Brown: My Degeneration
Flaspar: Erotic Jetplane Stylings
Flickerstick: Welcoming Home The Astronauts
Flipp: Volume
Flipsides, The: Clever One
Floater: Alter
Floater: Glyph
Flogging Molly: Drunken Lullabies
Flogging Molly: Swagger
Flush: The Fearless Records Sampler
Flying Rhino International Presents: Third Flight: Slipstream
Foamers, The: Six Pints None The Wiser
Foo Fighters: One By One
Forget Cassettes: Instruments of Action
Forgotten, The: Control Me
Forgotten, The: Keeps The Corpses Quiet
Format, The: EP
Forrest McDonald: Spirit of the Blues
Forrest: On Fire!
Forty Fives, The: Get It Together
Forty-Fives, The: High Life High Volume
Fountains of Wayne: Welcome Interstate Managers
Four Letter Word: A Nasty Piece of Work
Frames, The: Dance The Devil...
Frames, The: For The Birds
Franceska: Modern Music For Dancing Lovers
Frank Bango: Fugitive Girls
Frank Bango: The Unstudied Sea
Frank Black & The Catholics: Black Letter Days and Devil's Workshop
Frank Black and The Catholics: Dog in the Sand
Frank Jordan: Milk the Thrills
Franklin Bruno: A Cat May Look At A Queen
Frantic Flattops, The: Rock-N-Roll Murder
Freaks from the Apocalypse: We Always Knew Better
Frederic Galliano and the African Divas: Self-Titled
Free The West Memphis 3: A Benefit For Truth & Justice
Freezepop: Fancy Ultra-Fresh
French Kicks: One Time Bells
Frenzal Rhomb: A Man's Not A Camel
Frenzal Rhomb: Sans Souci
From Good Homes: Farewell Concert 1999
Frontline Assembly: Monument
Frontline Assembly: Reclamation
Frost, The: Best Of
Frou Frou: Details
Fuck: Those Are Not My Bongos
fudgeGUN: Behind Closed Doors
Fugu: Fugu 1
Full: Hotdogwater Cocktail
Fun Machine: Bastards of Melody
Fun Size: Pop Secret
Funbox: V XX III
Furious IV: What's Become of the Baby?...
Furniture Huschle: Waiting For Parts
Further: Punk Rock Vampires
Fury 66: Red Giant Evolution
Fury: Resurrection
Future Pilot AKA: Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea
G Club Presents Banda Sonora: Guitarra G
G-Spot: Psycho Luna
Gabriel "Naim" Amor: Soundtracks
Gadjits, The: At Ease
Gaelic Storm: Herding Cats
Gangster Fun: Pure Amphetamines
Garbage: Bleed Like Me
Garrison: Be A Criminal
Garrison: Twenty-Four/You're Devastated, I'm Sure 7"
Gary Pig Gold's Annual Christmas Article: IT'S BEGINNING TO SOUND A LOT LIKE-- WELL--YOU KNOW WHAT
Gary Wilson: Forgotten Lovers
Gelatin Boys: Beware of the Gelatin Boys
Gene: Libertine
Generator: Generator
Generic Skaca
Generic Skaca
Generiks: Revenge of the Dung Beetle
Genitorturers: Machine Love
Geno Washington & The Blues ?uestion: What's In The Pot
Genre-Fest: A Northwest Comp-elation -- Volume One
Geoff Keezer: Zero One
George Duke: Face The Music
George Harrison: The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 Box Set
George Jones: I Am What I Am
Gerald Collier: Breakin' Down
Geraldine: Pure Bastard Rock
Get Fucked: Get Fucked
Get Up Kids, The: On A Wire
Get Up Kids, The: Something to Write Home About
Ghost Rockets, The: The Spatula Ranch Sessions Volume 1
Ghost, The: This Is A Hospital
Giant Sand: Cover Magazine
Giant Steps: Technicolor
Giants of Science: Blueprint for Courageous Action
Gigolo Aunts: Pacific Ocean Blues
Gingham Shmuz: Fallen
Gino Washington: Love Bandit
Gino Washington: Out of this World
Girls Against Boys: You Can't Fight What You Can't See
Girls Go Ska...: GIRLS GO SKA
Gitane DeMone: Am I Wrong?
Gitane DeMone: Life in Death '85-'89
Gladshot: Gladshot
Glampire: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Glands, The: The Glands
Glasseater: 7yearsbadluck
Glasses, The: Sunbreaks
Glassjaw: Everything You Wanted To Know About Silence
Glifted: Under and In
Gloria Record, The: Start Here
Glossary: How We Handle Our Midnights
Glossary: This Is All We've Learned About Living
Glucifer: Get The Horn
Go For Broke: New Music With Old Chords
Go, The: Whatcha Doin'
Go-Betweens, The: Bright Yellow, Bright Orange
Go-Betweens, The: The Friends of Rachel Worth
GOB: The World According To GOB
God Or Julie: What Doesn't Kill You
Goddamn Gentlemen: Sex-Caliber Horsepower
Godhead: Power Tool Stigmata
Godsmack: Awake
GoGoGo Airheart: Exith Euxa
Gogogo Airheart: Gogogo Airheart
GoGoGo Airheart: Love My Life... Hate My Friends
Goldcard: Goldcard
Golden Delicious: Live At The Laurelthirst
Golden Shoulders: Let My Burden Be
Golden Smog: Weird Tales
Goldenboy: Blue Swan Orchestra
Goldfinger: Darrin's Coconut Ass - Live From Omaha
Goldfinger: Hang-Ups
Goldfinger: Open Your Eyes
Goldfinger: Stomping Ground
Goldo: Goldo
Golgo: triSKAdekaphobia
Goo Goo Dolls, The: Gutterflower
Goober Patrol: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Drunk
Good Life, The: Black Out
Good Life, The: Lovers Need Lawyers
Good Life, The: Novena On A Nocturn
Good Riddance: Cover Ups
Good Riddance: Operation Phoenix
Good Riddance: The Phenomenon of Craving
Goodness: Anthem
Gordon Downie: Battle of the Nudes
Gore Gore Girls: Up All Night
Gorillaz: Gorillaz
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: The Blue Trees
Gosling: Gosling
Gossip, The: That's Not What I Heard
GoToHells: Rock 'n' Roll America
Gourds, The: Cow Fish Fowl and Pig
GOV'T Mule: The Deep End
Graham Colton Band: Drive
Graham Parker: Your Country
Graig Markel: The Gospel Project
Grain USA: Billboard
Grain USA: Over The Counter Culture
Gran Torino: Two
Grand National: kingSIZE
Grand Theft Autumn Presents: The Fast-Trak Holy Nova Symphony featuring Coco B's and Eskimohunter
Grandaddy: Concrete Dunes
Grandaddy: Sumday
Grandpaboy: Dead Man Shake
Grandpaboy: Grandpaboy
Granfaloon Bus: Exploded View
Gravel Pit, The: The Gravel Pit Manifesto
Gravelpit: History: Mission & Tradition
Gravy, The: Hangman's Pop
Great Crusades, The: Damaged Goods
Greater California: The Little Pacific
Greatest American Hero, The: Season Two
Green and Yellow TV, The: Record X
Green Day: International Superhits!
Green Day: Shenanigans
Green Day: Warning
Green Rode Shotgun: Bang
Green Velvet: Green Velvet
Greenbriar Boys, The: Best of The Vanguard Years
Greenbriar Boys: Big Apple Bluegrass
Greenhouse: Tomorrow The World
Greenwheel: Soma Holiday
Greetings from the Welfare State
Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers present...: She Loves You
Gren: Camp Grenada
Grind: Best Of
Grindspoon: Licker Bottle Cozy
Grindstone: Grindstone
Grindstone: Nowhere Under
Grinspoon: Guide To Better Living
Grinspoon: Licker Bottle Cozy
Grnd Ntl Brnds: The Great Dumbening
Groovie Ghoulies: Fun in the Dark
Groundswell: Corrode
Group Therapy -- Late for Session
Gruesome Galore: Gracious Living
Guano Apes: Proud Like A God
Guided By Voices: Earthquake Glue
Guided By Voices: Universal Truths and Cycles
Guitar Lessons: Learning From Books: The "First Stage" Guitar Book!
Gunga Din, The: Your Glitter Never Dulls
Gunshy, The: No Man's Blues
Gunshy, The: To Remember/To Forget
Gus Black: Uncivilized Love
Gus Gus: Polydistortion
Gutter Swans: Foolishness Meets Vision
Guttermouth.: Gorgeous
Guttermouth: Covered With Ants
Guttermouth: Gusto
Guy Clark: The Dark
Gwen Mars: Driving A Million
Gwen Mars: Gwen Mars EP
Gwens, The: Devil's Cliff
H2O: F.T.T.W
H2O: Go
H3llb3nt: Hardcore Vanilla
Hagfish: Hagfish
Hairball 8 Records Injects You With...: Keep the Beat
Hairy Apes BMX: Expatriape
Hal Lovejoy Circus, The: American Made
Halfway To Gone: High Five
Halloween Hootenanny
Hangmen, The: We've Got Blood On The Toes Of Our Boots
Hank Locklin: Generations In Song
Hank Plank & the 2x4s: Venus Hair Trap
Hank Williams: Alone With His Guitar
Hapi Skratch Records: Skratch Trax 1 1/2
Happy Fernandez: Happy Fernandez
Happy Texas: Music From The Miramax Motion Picture
Har Mar Superstar: The Handler
Har Mar Superstar: You Can Feel Me
Hasil Adkins: Out To Hunch
Hasil Adkins: Poultry In Motion
Haste: Pursuit in the Face of Consequence
Haven: Between The Senses
Hayden: Skyscraper National Park
Hayley Hutchinson: Independently Blue
Haze: Master of the Powerless
Hazel: Airiana
Headboard: Brendan Goes to College
Headstrong: Headstrong
HEAR YOU ME!: A Tribute To Mykel and Carli
Heather Eatman: Real
Heavenly States, The: King Epiphany [single]
Heavenly States, The: The Heavenly States
Hednoize: Searching For The End
Hefner: Boxing Hefner
Hefner: Dead Media
Heidi Berry: Anthology
Helio Sequence, The: Young Effectuals
Hell Child: Bare Skin
Hell Yeahs, The: The Hell Yeahs
Hella: Bitches Ain't Shit But Good People
Hellacopters: Payin' The Dues
Hellcat Records Presents...: Give 'Em The Boot II
Hellcat Records Presents...Give 'Em the Boot
Hello Goodbye: Heart Attack
Helms: McCarthy
Hem: Rabbit Songs
Henry's Child: Clearly Confused
Hentchmen, The: Three Times Infinity
Hepcat: Push 'N Shove
Hepcat: Right On Time
Heptet (formerely Ska King Crab), The: Mission To Mars
Her Flyaway Manner: Her Flyaway Manner
Here Comes Everybody: Once More With Feeling (Four songs from...)
Here: Brooklyn Bank
Herman Dune: Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom
Herman Jolly: Mad Cowboy Disease
Hey Brother...Can you Spare Some Ska?: Vegas Records Cheap-O Ska Comp.
Hey Mercedes: The Weekend E.P.
Hi-Fi Drive By: Life's Not This Book You've Been Sold
Hicky: The Proof Is In The Booze
Hidden Cameras, The: The Smell of Our Own
Hidden Cameras: Mississagua, Goddam
High Llamas, The: Lollo Rosso
High Violets, The: 44 Down
Higher Burning Fire, The: In Plain Song
Hill Stomp: the cree.p.
Hillstomp: One Word
Himsa: Death Is Infinite
Hippos, The: Forget The World
Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades: Armed and Swingin'
His Name Is Alive: Last Night
His Name Is Alive: Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth
Hives, The: Oh Land! When? How?
Hives, The: Veni Vidi Vicious
Hockey Night: Rad Zapping
Holiday Matinee CD Compilation Volume 2
Holiday Matinee: Pedal Faster Bicycle Rider
Hollows, The: Descend
Holly Figueroa: How It Is
Holly Golightly: Truly She Is None Other
Holly McNarland: Stuff
Holly Palmer: Holly Palmer
Hollywood Rivals: Get Into the Act...
Holopaw: Holopaw
Holy Sons: I Want To Live A Peaceful Life
Home Grown: Act Your Age
Home Grown: Kings of Pop
Honest Don's Welcome Wagon
Honey Ryder: Honey Ryder EP
Honey Tongue: Take Me Anywhere
Honeys, The: Hot Day In Heaven
Honor System, The: Single File
Hoods: Time... The Destroyer
Hope Blister, The: ...Smile's OK
Hope Conspiracy, The: Endnote
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions: Bavarian Fruit Bread
Horace Pinker: Burn Tempe to the Ground
Hot Hot Heat: Make Up The Breakdown
Hot Rod Circuit: If I Knew Now What I Knew Then
Hot Rod Circuit: If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me
Hot Rod Circuit: Sorry About Tomorrow
Hot Snakes: Suicide Invoice
Hot Stove Jimmy: Salute
Hot Stove Jimmy: Theme For A Major Hit
Hot Water Music: A Flight and a Crash
Hot Water Music: No Divisioin
Hot, The: Not For Sale
Hotter Than Hell!: An Injection of Psychobilly Madness!
House of Blues SWINGS!
House of Blues: Tangled Up In Blues: Songs of Bob Dylan, But This Ain't No Tribute
House of Large Sizes: Idiots Out Wandering Around
Howie Beck: Hollow
Howie Beck: Hollow
Human Television: Human Television
Humble Gods: No Heroes
Hummel: Rhythm Riots
Humpers, The: Plastique Valentine
Hunger, The: Cinematic Superthug
Hungry Mind Review, The: Redemption
Hunter: Season One DVD
Hurricane Lamps, The: Tilting at Windmills
Hurtbird: Hurtbird
Hutch and Kathy: Hutch and Kathy
Hutch: Hutch demo
Hutch: Turn It Around
Hypatia Lake: Your Universe, Your Mind
I Farm: So My Kids Won't Have To.
Ian Gillan: Dreamcatcher
Ian Moore: Luminaria
Ian Tyson: Live At Longview
Icarus Line, The: Mono
Ida: Will You Find Me
Idaho: Hearts Of Palm
Ides of Space: There Are No New Clouds
Idle Hands: Music from the Motion Picture
Idlewild: The Remote Part
Idlewind: Idlewind
Iggy & The Stooges: Live In Detroit
Iggy and The Stooges: Live in Detroit
Ignite: A Place Called Home
Ill Ease: Live At The Holiday Sun
Ill Lit: I Need You
Ill Nino: Revolution Revolucion
Imperial Teen: Live at Maxwell's
Imperial Teen: On
Inara George: All Rise
Incognitos, The: "Hold On Amigos"
Independents, The: In for the Kill
Indigo Swing: All Aboard!
Indigo Swing: Red Light!
Inger Lorre: Transcendental Medication
Ink & Dagger: The Fine Art of Original Sin
Inner Circle: Speak My Language
Inner: lovetheonlyway
Innerlude: Music Within
Inspecter 7: ...The Infamous
Inspecter 7: Banished to Bogeyland
Inspector, The: Ingrid
Instar: Rich Girls EP
Insyderz, The: Fight of My Life
Intercooler: Old School Is The New School
Internal/External: Featuring...
Interpol: Interpol
Interpol: Turn on the Bright Lights
INTERVIEW: 44 Long's Brian Berg: Singer/Songwriter/Guitar
INTERVIEW: 50 Foot Wave: Former Throwing Muses Front Woman Discusses New Band
INTERVIEW: Actionslacks: Power-Pop That Rocks
INTERVIEW: alaska!: Indie rock's finest come out and rock
INTERVIEW: Alaska: Sebadoh and Lowercase Members Create Alaska
INTERVIEW: Alien Crime Syndicate
INTERVIEW: Alien Crime Syndicate: Joe Reineke
INTERVIEW: Alien Crime Syndicate: Loop-Laden Power-Pop With A Rock 'n' Roll Tail
INTERVIEW: Alien Crime Syndicate: Recently Signed V2 Band Interprets Power Pop
INTERVIEW: ALL - Bill Stevenson (Drums)
INTERVIEW: AM/FM: AM/FM's Frontman, Brian Sokel, Talks About His Indie-Pop Project
INTERVIEW: Amazing Crowns: Rock-A-Billy Goes Punk and Punk Goes Rock-A-Billy
INTERVIEW: Amazing Royal Crowns
INTERVIEW: American Hi-Fi: Not Just The Flavor of the Week
INTERVIEW: April March: April March Talks About Delivering Her Most Focused Album To Date
INTERVIEW: Aquabats, The
INTERVIEW: Ash: Ireland's melodic rock act delivers another record that will make you want to Meltdown
INTERVIEW: Audio Learning Center: Vagrant Band Thinks Outside The Box
INTERVIEW: Autolux: Indie-rock and electronic rock explode in melodic beauty
INTERVIEW: Bangs, The: Kill Rock Star's Punk-Rock Powerhouse
INTERVIEW: Barrett Martin (ex. Screaming Trees): Rock Drumming To Soundtracks and Instrumentals
INTERVIEW: Barry, guitar player for The Jimmies
INTERVIEW: Bell Rays: Punk's Soul Child
INTERVIEW: Ben Kweller: Sophomore Solo Album Pays Off
INTERVIEW: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
INTERVIEW: Billy Spunke (lead singer of the Blue Meanies.)
INTERVIEW: Bingo: aka Kevin Richey
INTERVIEW: Bitter, Bitter Weeks: Miner Street Studios Engineer Creates Solo Album
INTERVIEW: Black Halos: All Out RAWK!
INTERVIEW: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Virgin Records Earns Underground Success with BRMC
INTERVIEW: Blues Explosion: They dropped Jon Spencer from their name, and left Matador... what is the Blues Explosion up to now?
INTERVIEW: Brady Brock: Musician, Label Owner, Musician
INTERVIEW: Brendan Benson: Lapalco - Five Years in the Making
INTERVIEW: Brendan Benson: Power-pop's rising star delivers an alternative to love
INTERVIEW: Brendon Massei: Singer-songwriter
INTERVIEW: Brett White-Lead Singer/song writer/guitar for "GREN"
INTERVIEW: Brian (guitars) and Jose (Trumpet) for Save Ferris
INTERVIEW: Brian Jonestown Massacre
INTERVIEW: Buck-O-Nine: Interview with Jonas
INTERVIEW: Butch Walker: He's seen it all in the industry - and is still making records
INTERVIEW: Cake's John McCrea: 70's soft rock outfit Bread gets tribute album
INTERVIEW: Calexico: Calexico Talks About Their Feast of Wire
INTERVIEW: Califone: Califone Discusses Latest Album
INTERVIEW: Capitol Years: Capitol Years Get New Life With Re-Release of Album
INTERVIEW: Cave-In: Hardcore Band Finds Way Onto Major Label
INTERVIEW: Centaur: Discussing Life and A New Record with Matt Talbott
INTERVIEW: Centro-Matic: Will Johnson is one of the indie world's most prolific songwriters
INTERVIEW: Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Front man Steve Perry Discusses Popularity Contests
INTERVIEW: Cherry Valence: Riffin' and Talking Rock
INTERVIEW: Chris (lead singer/guitar) and Nate (drummer)-Brothers from Svelt
INTERVIEW: Chris Kennedy from Ruth Ruth
INTERVIEW: Chris Mills: Chicago-based Pop Songwriter
INTERVIEW: Clinic: Liverpool's Other Fab Four
INTERVIEW: Clinic: Liverpool's other fab four discuss new record
INTERVIEW: Creeper Lagoon: The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Creeper Lagoon
INTERVIEW: Crooked Fingers: Front man Eric Bachmann discusses new record, touring, and collaboration
INTERVIEW: Cursive: Tim Kasher Talks Latest Album, Rising Popularity
INTERVIEW: Dandy Warhols: Dandy Warhols Talk About Next Album
INTERVIEW: Danny Barnes: Bad Livers, Minor Dings, and Danny Barnes
INTERVIEW: Darrin (drummer) from Goldfinger
INTERVIEW: Daylights, The
INTERVIEW: Death Cab for Cutie: Indie Rock Stars
INTERVIEW: Death Cab For Cutie: Indie's Rising Stars
INTERVIEW: Deborah Gee: Singer-Songwriter
INTERVIEW: Derek Sivers: Hit Media/ Founder and CEO
INTERVIEW: Dig! The Movie: The Dandy Warhols' guitarist Peter Holstrom discusses Dig!, the movie about The Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre
INTERVIEW: Downpilot: Seattle's roots-indie-rock band talks about their debut full-length
INTERVIEW: Dr. Theopolis: Portland's Funk-Hip-Hop-Rap Act Is Just What The Doctor Prescribed
INTERVIEW: Dropkick Murphys: Mike
INTERVIEW: Ean Hernandez: Tales from the Birdbath
INTERVIEW: Easy Big Fella
INTERVIEW: Elliott Smith: Oscar-Nominee Speaks About Fame and Music
INTERVIEW: Entrance: Indie-blues Songwriter Guy Blakeslee Unleases Debut Solo Record
INTERVIEW: Firewater: Former Cop Shoot Cop Bassist's Latest Record
INTERVIEW: Fiver: Indie Rock from the Central Valley of California
INTERVIEW: Flickerstick: From VH-1 to Epic Records
INTERVIEW: Forty-Fives: Soul-Drenched Rocker Boys Creating Classic Pop
INTERVIEW: Gerald Collier: One of the most underrated singer-songwriters
INTERVIEW: Glasses, The: Seattle's New Rock 'N' Roll Offering
INTERVIEW: Goldcard: Former Pond Lead Singer's Goldcard Ready To Spend
INTERVIEW: Goldenboy: Los Angeles' Pop Gem Waiting to Shine
INTERVIEW: Goldfinger: New Album, New Label, New Goldfinger
INTERVIEW: Goldfinger: Pop-Punk Mainstays Get Heavy And Fast
INTERVIEW: Grandaddy: Jason Lytle talks about Grandaddy's last record, his mood, and why it is hard to make money as an independent musician
INTERVIEW: Greg Sage and the Wipers: Return of the Rocker
INTERVIEW: Gruesome Galore: Riding the Line Between Art Rock and Gospel
INTERVIEW: Gwenmars: Brit-Pop? Power-Pop? Just Good Rock!
INTERVIEW: Herman Jolly: Sunset Valley Frontman Discusses Family Life, Second Solo Album
INTERVIEW: Herman Jolly: Vocals/Guitar for Sunset Valley
INTERVIEW: Hidden Cameras: Canada's next big indie rock sensation
INTERVIEW: Holly Golightly: Truly the singer-songwriter is none other
INTERVIEW: House of Large Sizes: IOWA's Hardest Working - and Rocking- Band
INTERVIEW: Interview with Steve Perry, lead singer/guitar from the Cherry Poppin' Daddies
INTERVIEW: Iron & Wine
INTERVIEW: Isaac Green and the Skalars
INTERVIEW: Jackson: Foo Fighters' Guitarist Chris Shiflett Talks About His Band, Jackson
INTERVIEW: Jared Louche: Chemlab vocalist
INTERVIEW: Jealous Sound
INTERVIEW: Jeff Pilson of Dokken: Dokken Bass Player Talks Rock Star, Solo Album, and More!
INTERVIEW: Jeff Trott: From Sheryl Crow's Songwriter To A Solo Career
INTERVIEW: Jim Boggia: Sideman/studio musician goes front and center on second pop-rock solo record
INTERVIEW: Jimmies, The: Pop-Punk's Saving Grace
INTERVIEW: John Doe: Doe Discusses Dim Stars, Bright Sky
INTERVIEW: John Doe: Seminal Frontman John Doe Explains What Freedom Is...
INTERVIEW: Johnathan Rice
INTERVIEW: Johny Vegas: Keith Calveric
INTERVIEW: Jonas Cabrera (front man for the Skeletones)
INTERVIEW: Josh Rouse: Melancholy Pop Bliss
INTERVIEW: Julian Coryell: Son of Famous Jazz Musician Cranks Out Pop-Rock
INTERVIEW: Keith Holzman: The Complete Guide to Starting a Record Company
INTERVIEW: Ken Stringfellow: Posies Front Man Talks Pop
INTERVIEW: King Black Acid: From The Mothman Soundtrack to Their Next Record
INTERVIEW: King Django: Front man for Skinnerbox and the Stubborn All-Stars
INTERVIEW: Lake Trout: From Jam Band To Radiohead-Esque Pop
INTERVIEW: Less Than Jake: Buddy
INTERVIEW: Let's Go Bowling
INTERVIEW: Libertine: Punk-bred Rock 'n' Rollers
INTERVIEW: Lisa Germano: Alcohol, Loneliness, Depression, and Isolation
INTERVIEW: Loveless: New York-by-way-of-Boston power-pop outfit speaks about new record
INTERVIEW: Luther Russell: The Musician's Musician
INTERVIEW: M. Ward: Old-time folk and indie-rock meet, and M. Ward talks about it
INTERVIEW: M. Ward: Popular In Europe / Gaining Momentum In The States
INTERVIEW: Man of the Year: Indie Pop On Buffy?
INTERVIEW: Manda and the Marbles: Punk rock's princess goes pop - but still keeps the rawk edge
INTERVIEW: Mark Mallman: After a 52-hour song, where do you go?
INTERVIEW: Martin Atkins
INTERVIEW: Mary Timony: Ex. Helium Lead Singer Discusses Her Second Solo Album
INTERVIEW: Matt Keating: Critically Acclaimed Pop Singer-Songwriter
INTERVIEW: Matt Sharp: The Rentals Front Man Talks About Going Solo
INTERVIEW: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Punk Rock's Ultimate Cover Band
INTERVIEW: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Punk's Reigning Cover Band Takes On R&B
INTERVIEW: Megan Reilly: Singer-songwriters talks about her indie star supporting cast
INTERVIEW: Menomena: Up and Coming indie trio delivers stunning debut, captivates nation
INTERVIEW: Mike Jones: From CEO of an Independent Distributor to A CD Manufacturing Company
INTERVIEW: Mike Watt: Punk rock legend discusses living, new record, touring, life
INTERVIEW: Miles: German Rock Band Invades The States
INTERVIEW: MILLENCOLIN - Nikola (bass/vocals)
INTERVIEW: Minders: Pop Music's Savior
INTERVIEW: Minus 5: Scott McCaughey Discusses Getting Down with Wilco
INTERVIEW: Mishka Shubaly: New York singer-songwriter writes the most depressing songs EVER... and you'll love him for it
INTERVIEW: Monkeywrench: Punk-Blues With Substance and Style
INTERVIEW: Mull Historical Society
INTERVIEW: My Superhero (pop-ska from Southern California)
INTERVIEW: My Twilight Pilot: Texas' indie rock threat talks about their new album
INTERVIEW: Nada Surf: "Popular" Band Is Back With More Catchy Rock
INTERVIEW: Nada Surf: They're Back and They're On Their Way To Being Popular - Again!
INTERVIEW: Nedelle: Sacramento's Jazz-Pop Princess
INTERVIEW: Nerf Herder: Pop-Punk With A Sense of Humor
INTERVIEW: North Mississippi All-Stars: A live album out now, a new album on the way, these all-stars keep shining
INTERVIEW: Onelinedrawing
INTERVIEW: OtherStarPeople: CaliPhonic Pop for the New Millennium
INTERVIEW: Otis Taylor: Future blues legend and current indie cult blues artist discusses new record
INTERVIEW: Patti Rothberg: Rock 'n' Roll Diva Strikes Back, On Her Own
INTERVIEW: Pete Krebs (solo musician, Hazel, Golden Delicious, etc.)
INTERVIEW: Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings: Interview with Pete Krebs (Vocals/guitar)
INTERVIEW: Pete Krebs: From Amsterdam To Portland
INTERVIEW: Pete Krebs: Portland's Hardest Working Musician
INTERVIEW: Pete Miser (local hip-hop/rap artist -- former front man for Five Fingers of Funk)
INTERVIEW: Pete Miser: From Dido to Underground Hip-Hop
INTERVIEW: Pete Townshend: The Who's Songwriter Speaks About Current Projects, including The Who Reunion.
INTERVIEW: Pinehurst Kids
INTERVIEW: Pinehurst Kids: Unforgettable Fuzzy Power-Pop
INTERVIEW: Pitty Sing: Brit-pop meets modern rock gives hipsters nightmares
INTERVIEW: Primitive Radio Gods: Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With A Gold Record In Their Hands
INTERVIEW: Quasi: Indie-Pop Darlings Back With Some Hot Shit
INTERVIEW: Quasi: Quasi Front Man Speaks On Band's Latest, Sword of God
INTERVIEW: Rancid - Brett Reed (Drums)
INTERVIEW: Red Star Belgrade: Interview with Bill Curry
INTERVIEW: Reel Big Fish: Aaron Barrett discusses 15 minutes of fame, new record, and SKA's next generation
INTERVIEW: Remy Zero: Song on the Radio, Song A TV Theme Song
INTERVIEW: Rhett Miller: Ex. Old 97's Artist Discusses Solo Life
INTERVIEW: Richmond Fontaine
INTERVIEW: Richmond Fontaine: Alt-Country? Rock 'n' Roll? Call Them Anything, Just Listen To The Music.
INTERVIEW: Rocket from the Tombs: Heavily bootlegged, Cleveland's infamous punk rock band returns
INTERVIEW: Rosey: Rosey's Sexy Sounds - funk? rock? pop? soul?
INTERVIEW: Roxy Saint: L.A. Vixen Gets Down and Dirty with videos, music DVD
INTERVIEW: Royal Crown Revue
INTERVIEW: Royal Crown Revue: Interview with Daniel Glass -- drums, percussion
INTERVIEW: Ruth Ruth: Chris Kennedy -- vocals/bass
INTERVIEW: Ruth Ruth: The Major Label System Can't Keep A Great Band Down
INTERVIEW: Sam Coomes: Quasi Frontman as the Blues Goblins
INTERVIEW: Say Hi To Your Mom: Brooklyn-based indie-pop, lo-fi rock band discusses touring, latest release
INTERVIEW: Scott Heard from Sweaty Nipples
INTERVIEW: Sebadoh: Jason Loewenstein
INTERVIEW: Sheila Nicholls
INTERVIEW: Sid Hillman Quartet:
INTERVIEW: Silverchair: Daniel Johns Talks About His Reactive Arthritis and More
INTERVIEW: Simon Stinger: New Wave Glam Punk With Charm
INTERVIEW: Sir Mix-A-Lot: From Big Butts To Big Johnsons, Sir Mix-A-Lot Is Back
INTERVIEW: Skinnerbox: Paul (bass), Django (vocals, lyrics), Michael (Drums)
INTERVIEW: Slackers, The: Vic Ruggiero -- Vocals, Piano, Hammond B-3
INTERVIEW: Sloan: Canadian's finest finally release new record in the U.S. - and talk about it!
INTERVIEW: Social Distortion: Mike Ness on politics, new album, and touring
INTERVIEW: Sounds Like Sunset: Australia's Pop Marvels
INTERVIEW: Spinanes, The: Rebecca Gates -- singer/songwriter
INTERVIEW: Sponge: Platinum-selling hard rock band discusses being on indie label
INTERVIEW: Spoon: Austin, TX's reigning indie-rock kings
INTERVIEW: Stephanie Schneiderman: One Of The NW's Finest Female Singer-Songwriters
INTERVIEW: Steve Turner: Ex. Mudhoney guitarist goes folk
INTERVIEW: Steve Wynn: Dream Syndicate Front Man Discusses Static Transmissions
INTERVIEW: Storm and The Balls: Storm and The Balls discuss re-mix, next record, and being in The Balls
INTERVIEW: Storm Inc.: San Francisco Rocker Girl, Storm Talks About Rock!
INTERVIEW: Suicide Machines
INTERVIEW: Sunday's Best: Sunday's Best discusses the kids, a new record, touring
INTERVIEW: Sunday's Best: Tom Ackerman Steps Out From Behind The Kit and Talks About His Latest Band
INTERVIEW: Sunset Valley: Northwest's Quirky Indie Pop Trio Is Back
INTERVIEW: Sunset Valley: Quirky Pop Lunacy At Its Best
INTERVIEW: Superdrag: Off of the Majors, At Home on an Indie
INTERVIEW: Supersuckers: A Country And A Loud Rock Album In 2002
INTERVIEW: Supersuckers: Eddie Spaghetti
INTERVIEW: Tavis Werts (trumpet player for Reel Big Fish)
INTERVIEW: Tazy Phyllipz - The host of California's THE SKA PARADE
INTERVIEW: Tegan and Sara: Canadian twin duo discusses new album, tour
INTERVIEW: Tegan and Sara: Canadian Twins, Dynamic Duo
INTERVIEW: Telefon Tel Aviv: Growing beyond electronica
INTERVIEW: The Bronx: White Drugs and Islands
INTERVIEW: The Busy Signals: Busy Signals' Pop-Electronica-Hip-Hop Sound
INTERVIEW: The Damnwells: From indie to Epic, New York's The Damnwells are moving on up
INTERVIEW: The Deterrents: Former Amazing Royal Crowns Frontman Talks About His New Band
INTERVIEW: The Dishes: The 1-2 From Chicago All-Girl Punk Outfit
INTERVIEW: The Figgs: From new record to touring with Replacements Tommy Stinson, you gotta love The Figgs
INTERVIEW: The Jealous Sound: Ex. Knapsack Frontman's New Project Releases Debut Full-Length
INTERVIEW: The Jealous Sound: Ex. Knapsack Frontman's New Project Releases Debut Full-Length
INTERVIEW: The Lone Pigeon: Ex. Beta Band Founding Member, Now The Lone Pigeon
INTERVIEW: The New Folk Implosion: Lou Barlow Talks New Folk Implosion
INTERVIEW: The Oohlas: Former Everclear drummer fronts his own rock band, The Oohlas
INTERVIEW: The Places: Portland, Oregon's soft pop outfit The Places' Amy Annelle discusses latest offering, touring
INTERVIEW: The Shocker: Ex. L7/OtherStarPeople bassist Jennifer Finch's new band
INTERVIEW: The Standard: Touch and Go's Most Promising Band
INTERVIEW: Tim Easton: Alt-Country Star Discusses His Folk Album, "Break Your Mother's Heart"
INTERVIEW: Tommy Stinson: Former Replacements bassist yap yaps about his perfect career, solo album
INTERVIEW: Tracker (Film Guerrero and John Askew)
INTERVIEW: Transmissionary Six: Subtle, Quiet Pop
INTERVIEW: True Love: New York's Finest... Pop Band
INTERVIEW: Ultimate Fakebook: Emo Geeks Rock Out After School
INTERVIEW: Ultimate Fakebook: Former Major Label Power-Pop/Rock Pranksters Back To Basics
INTERVIEW: Vegas DeMilo: San Francisco Power-Pop Quintet
INTERVIEW: Vic Chesnutt: Legendary Songwriter Talks Silver Lake, Tour
INTERVIEW: Vue: From Sub Pop to RCA, Vue raises the stakes
INTERVIEW: Washington Social Club: Washington D.C.'s hottest indie rock act discusses debut record, etc.
INTERVIEW: Waxwings: Indie rock act Waxwings discuss latest record, new label
INTERVIEW: West of Zero: Portland Hardcore Band Talks - Hardcore!
INTERVIEW: Wheat: Indie rock/pop outfit Wheat discusses new record, touring, record deals, and more
Invaders From A Forbidden Planet: Queen City
Investigators, The: Steal the Show
Iodine: Baby Grand
IOs, The: Center and Stop
IOs, The: Three-song demo EP
Irie Beats: Downtown Reaction
Iron-Ons, The: Yeahwhatever
Irving: Good Morning Beautiful
Isaac Green and the Skalars: Skoolin' with Skalars
It's A Punk World...After All
It's Only A Dream: Songs of the Collective Unconscious
Ivet: Failure Boy
J Church: One Mississippi
J Mascis + The Fog: Free So Free
J Mascis + The Fog: More Light
J-Majesty: J-Majesty
J.C.: Deathbed Recollections
Jabberjaw-Pure Sweet Hello: A compilation to benefit the Jabberjaw Club
Jack Hayter: Practical Wireless
Jack Johnson: Brushfire Fairytales
Jackass: The Movie Soundtrack
Jackmove: Too Pissed For Hard Love
Jackson Pollack 5ive, The: Humble Yourself Under The Mighty Hand of...
Jackson United: Western Ballads
Jackson: Jackson
Jah Wobble & Evan Parker: Passage To Hades
James Angell: Private Player In Concert
James Apollo: Camilla
James Brown: The 50th Anniversary Collection
James Mathus & His Knockdown Society: National Antiseptic
James McMurtry: Saint Mary of the Woods
James Solberg: The Hand You're Dealt
James Talley: Nashville City Blues
James Talley: Woody Guthrie and Songs of my Oklahoma Home
James William Hindle: James William Hindle
James William Hindle: Prospect Park
Jamey Hampton: Throw Caution
Jamie Hutchings: The Golden Coach
Jamons, The: Beauty Bravura
Jana McCall: Slumber
Jane Doe: Converge
Janet Bean and the Concertina Wire: Dragging Wonder Lake
Janis Figure: Damage Control
Januaries, The: The Januaries
Japancakes: Belmondo
Japancakes: Waking Hours
Jared Louche and the Aliens: Covergirl
Jason Loewenstein: At Sixes And Sevens
Jason Mraz: Waiting For My Rocket To Come
Jason Rubenstein: Cathedral
Jason Shain: Sooner or Later
Jay Farrar: ThirdShiftGrottoSlack EP
Jayhawks, The: Blue Earth
Jazz June, The: They Love Those Who Make The Music -AND- The Boom, The Motion and The Music re-issues
Jealous Sound, The: The Jealous Sound
Jeff Aug: Before Then After
Jeff Autry: Foothills
Jeff Black: B-Sides and Confessions Volume 1
Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas: Songs To No One 1991-1992
Jeff Dahl: All Trashed Up
Jeff Krebs: Keep an Eye Out
Jeff London: Slowness
Jeffries Fan Club: "Nothing To Prove"
Jeffries Fan Club: Feelin' Sorry...For All The Hearts We've Broken
Jem: Finally Woken
Jen Chapin: Linger
Jen Gloeckner: Miles Away
Jen Wood: This Uncontainable Light
Jennifer Daniels: Dive and Fly
Jennifer Love Hewitt: BareNaked
Jennifer Marks: Jennifer Marks
Jenny Bruce: Soul On Fire
Jenny Toomey: Antidote
Jeremy: Pop Heaven
Jeremy: Salt The Planet / Rare
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons: Conscious Contact
Jerry Joseph: Everything Was Beautiful
Jerry Seinfeld: I'm Telling You For The Last Time
Jesse Harris & The Ferdinandos: The Secret Sun
Jesse Malin: The Fine Art of Self Destruction
Jesters, The: ...Which Is Nice
Jesters, The: The Jesters
Jet City Fix, The: Play To Kill
Jetenderpaul: Presents The Model Lines
Jetlag / Lonely Kings: Split CD-EP
Jets To Brazil: Perfecting Loneliness
Jettingham: Jettingham
Jiker: An Eh For An Eh A Toque For A Toque
Jim & Jesse with the Opry Stage Band: Our Kind of Country
Jim & Jesse: The Old Dominion Masters
Jim Barbaro: Sketches
Jim Basnight: From The Moberlys to The Rockinghams -- pop pleasure
Jim Boggia: Safe In Sound
Jim Hurst and Missy Raines: Two
Jim Yoshi Pile-Up, The: Homemade Drugs
Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, The: It's Winter Here
Jimmies, The: Countdown
Jimmies, The: Let The Fat Men Plunder
Jimmies, The: This Is It
Jimmies: Win Some, Lose Most!
Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American
Jimmy Eat World: Jimmy Eat World EP
Jimmy Fallon: The Bathroom Wall
Jimmy Johnson: Every Road Ends Somewhere
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes: Live at the Greek
Jindra: Guitar + Voice
Joan Baez: 5 -and- Farewell, Angelina
Joe Henry: Fuse
Joe Jackson Band: Volume 4
Joe Maphis: Fire On The Strings
Joel Plaskett: In Need of Medical Attention
Joey Ramone: Don't Worry About Me
Joggers, The: Solid Guild
John Brown's Body: Among Them
John Bunzow: Darkness and Light
John Danley: Canvas + Rhythm
John Doe Thing, The: Freedom Is...
John Doe: Dim Stars, Bright Sky
John Doe: Forever Hasn't Happened Yet
John Fogerty: Deja Vu All Over Again
John Hiatt: The Tiki Bar Is Open
John Lee Hooker: Live at Newport
John Lennon: Acoustic
John Stuart Mill: Forget Everything
John Vanderslice: Life and Death of an American Fourtracker
John Vecchiarelli: Songs From Whoville
John Vecchiarelli: Tiny Rooms
Johnny Boyd: Last Word In
Johnny Cash & June Carter: Carryin' On With
Johnny Cash: At Folsom Prison
Johnny Cash: At Madison Square Garden
Johnny Cash: At San Quentin
Johnny Cash: Hymns By
Johnny Cash: Orange Blossom Special
Johnny Cash: Ride This Train
Johnny Cash: Silver
Johnny Cash: Sings the Ballads of the True West
Johnny Cash: Songs Of Our Soil
Johnny Cash: The Essential 2-CD Set
Johnny Cash: The Fabulous
Johnny Dowd: Temporary Shelter
Johnny Marr + the healers: Boomslang
Johnny Society: Life Behind The 21st Century Wall
Johnny Socko: Full Trucker Effect
Johnny Socko: Full Trucker Effect
Johnny Staats Project, The: Wires & Wood
Johny Vegas: Forest Hill Drive
Jollymon: Nobody Knows Who You Are
Jon Auer / Ken Stringfellow: Private Sides
Jon Auer: 6 1/2
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp: Melon
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The: Plastic Fang
Jonah's onelinedrawing: Sketchy EP #1
Jonah: Safe Distance EP
Jonathan Rice: Trouble Is Real
Joseph "The Count" Viglione: Love Songs Just For You
Joseph Arthur: Come To Where I'm From
Josette's Eye: Alibi Clock
Josh Joplin Group: The Future That Was
Josh Kelley: For the Ride Home
Josh Roseman Unit: Cherry
Josh Rouse: 1972
Josh Rouse: Home
Josh Rouse: Under Cold Blue Stars
Joy the Bug: Many Mighty Massive Malls
JoyDrop: Metasexual
JR Ewing: Ride Paranoia
Jr. High: Killer of Friendships
Jr. High: Their Future is Looking Brighter Than Ever
Jr. High: Walk Like A Man 7" B/W Mouthful of the Past ('66)
Jucifer: I Name You Destroyer
Judge Roughneck: Rude One's Money Making Scheme
Jugga the Bully: Hostile Takeover
Julia Brown: Jubilant Newborn Alien Haze
Julian Coryell: Bitter to Sweet
Jumpstarts, The: Just A Little Bit...
Junction 18: This Vicious Cycle
June Star: Telegraph
Junior Delcado: Fearless
Junk Records Presents: Straight from the Gutter... And Into Your Panties
Justin Mikulka: Move Toward The Exit
K's Choice: Almost Happy
K's Choice: Cocoon Crash
Kaisers, The: Shake Me!
Kaitlyn Ni Donovan: Songs for 'Three Days'
Karlophone: Press Any Key To Begin
Kasey Anderson: Harold St. Blues
Kasey Chambers: Barricades & Brickwalls
Katharine Whalen: Jazz Squad
Katrina Landon: River Voice
Kaz Murphy: Devil in the Barn
Keepsake: Black Dress In A B Movie
Keith Levene's Murder Global: Killer in the Crowd E.P>
Keith Welsh: American
Keller Williams: Buzz! and Spun
Kelly's Lot: Test Drive
Kemuri: Little Playmate
Ken Siegert: Up From The Murky Depths
Ken Stringfellow: Touched
Kennedy: Kennedy
Kennedy: Pink Afros
Kenny Howes and The Yeah!: self-titled
Kev Russell's Junker: Buttermilk & Rifles
Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets: Restoration
Kevin Chalfant: Running With The Wind
Kevin Deal: Kiss on the Breeze
Kevin James: Sweat The Small Stuff
Kevin Salem: Ecstatic
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror: Judo
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror: Wake Up Captain
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror: Wake Up Captain
Kevin Welch and the Danes: Millionaire
Khan: No Comprendo
Khan: Passport
Kickovers, The: Osaka
Kid Chaos: Love In the Time of Scurvy
Kid Millions: American Tabloid
Kids of Widney High, The: Act Your Age
Kill Creek: Colors of Home
Kill Hannah: For Never & Ever
Kill Henry Sugar: Love Beach
Kill Me Tomorrow: The Garbage Man and The Prostitute
Kill Your Idols: Funeral for a Feeling
Kill, The: superdragsmackheadpsychoplasticgogopunk
Killingtons, The: The Killingtons
Kills, The: Keep On Your Mean Side
Kilowatthours / The Rum Diary: Split CD
Kim Fox: Return To Planet Earth
Kimya Dawson: I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean
Kind of Like Spitting: Bridges Worth Burning
Kind of Like Spitting: Kind of Like Spitting
Kind of Like Spitting: Old Moon in the Arms of the New
King Black Acid and the Starseed Transmission: Into the Sun
King Bravo selects SKA authentic volume 2: Tricia & The Supersonics (Miss Jamaica meets the Skatalites)
King Coleman: It's Dance Time!
King Django: Meets The Scrucialists
King Django: Reason
King Rat: The Towne Liar
Kingdom Flying Club, The: Non-Fiction
Kings of Leon: Holy Roller Novocaine
Kinks: Come Dancing With The Kinks, The: The Best of The Kinks 1977-1986
Kinski: Airs Above Your Station
Kittie: Oracle
Kittie: Spit
Kleenexgirlwonder: After Mathematics
Kleveland: Everybody Wants To
KMFDM: WWIII: Tour 2003
Knapsack: This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now.
Knievel: No One's Going To Understand In My Way
Knotworking: Notes Left Out
Know How, The: Happy Robot
Knowledge: A Gift Before I Go
Knoxville Girls: Knoxville Girls
Kodo: Sai-So: The Remix Project
Koop: Waltz For Koop
Korea Girl: Korea Girl
Kosher: Self Control
Koufax: It Had To Do With Love
Koufax: Koufax
Krakatoa: Channel Static Blackout
Kris Kristofferson: Kristofferson
Kristin Hersh: The Grotto
Kufala Recordings: Live albums by: Carrie Akre, Rudy, Velvet, Straight No Chaser, Ponticello, and Lappelectro
Kyle Fischer: Open Ground
L'Age D'Or
L7: The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum
La Musica Della Mafia: IL Canto Di Malavita
Lackloves, The: Star City Baby
LaDonnas, The: Pick Up Your Soul 7"
Ladybug Transistor, The: Argyle Heir
Ladybug Transistor, The: The Albemarle Sound
Ladytron: Light & Magic
Laguardia: Laguardia
Lagwagon: Blaze
Lake Trout: Another One Lost
Lamplighter: A Three Point Perspective
Land of the Bigfoot Ska: Ska from Bigfoot Country
Land of the El Caminos: Subourbon
Land of Thin Dimes: Land of Thin Dimes
Landing: Centrefuge EP
Landing: Circuit
Lanky: Inner Onwriter
Lanterna: Elm Street
Lanterna: Sands
Larry Stephenson Band, The: Heavenward Bound
Larry Stephenson Band, The: Two Hearts On The Borderline
Larry Stephenson: Webco Classics Volume Five
Last AmAndA: Last AmAndA
Last Burning Embers: Lessons In Redemption
Last Days of April: Ascend to the Stars
Latex Generation: 360 Degrees
Latex Generation: Boysrock
Latterman: Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing
Laub: Intuition
Laurel Brauns: Periphery
Lawrence Arms, The / Shady View Terrace: Split CD
Lawrence Arms, The / The Chinkees, The: Present Day Memories
Lawrence Arms, The: A Guided Tour of Chicago
Lawrence Arms, The: Ghost Stories
Le Tigre: From the Desk of Mr. Lady
Leatherface: Horsebox
Leatherface: The Last
Lee Roy Parnell: Tell The Truth
Left Alone: Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts
Leftover Salmon: The Nashville Sessions
Lefty's Deceiver: Cheats
Legendary Pink Dots: All The King's Men
Legendary Stardust Cowboy and the Altamont Boys, The: Tokyo
Legends of Rodeo: A Thousand Friday Nights
Lemon Jelly: Lost Horizons
Len Brown Society: It Wasn't The Smoothest Time
Les Baton Rouge: Chloe Yurtz
Les Savy Fav: Go Forth
Lesliwood: Ms. Led
Less Than Jake: Anthem
Less Than Jake: Borders & Boundaries
Less Than Jake: Hello Rockview
Lesser Birds of Paradise, The: A Suitable Frame
Lesser Birds of Paradise, The: It Isn't The Fall
Let's Go Bowling: Freeway Lanes
Letter E, The: EP
Letter E, The: No. 5ive Long Player
Letters to Cleo
Letters To Cleo: GO!
Lettuce: Outta Here
Lewis Black: Rules of Enragement
Lewis: Even So
Liars Inc.: Superjaded
Liberator: This is Liberator
Liberator: Worldwide Delivery
Libertine: See You In The Next Life
Libido: Killing Some Dead Time
Lick 57's: ...and the Band Played On!
Lifehouse: Stanley Climbfall
Lifer: Lifer
LifeSavas: Spirit In Stone
Lift To Experience: The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads
Like Wow: Burn, World, Burn
Limes, The: Turn Your Lights Off
Limited Sight Distance: 4-Song EP
Limitpoint: ...It All Takes Time
Lindsay Smith: Were You Prom Queen?
Link 80: 17 Reasons...
Link 80: Killing Katie
Link 80: The Struggle Continues...
Link Cromwell and the Zoo: Crazy Like A Fox
Lisa Germano: Lullaby For Liquid Pig
lisahall: Is This Real?
Litany: Peculiar World
Little Champions: Transactions + Replications
Little Sue: Crow
Little Sue: Shine
Little Sue: The Long Goodbye
Live at the Blue Room
Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of Brit Pop
Living End, The: Roll On
Liz Phair: Liz Phair
Lizzie West: WEST
Llama Farmers: El Toppo
Llorca: New Corner
Lloyd Brevett and the Skatalites: African Roots
Loaded Dreams: In It But Not Of It
Loadstar: Loadstar
Local H: The No Fun EP
Local H: Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?
Loch Ness Mouse, The: Flair For Darjeeling
Loch Ness Mouse, The: Key West
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels: Music from the Motion Picture
Lockgroove: Calm Right Down
Logh: Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings
Lollipop Lust Kill: My So Called Knife
Lone Pigeon: Concubine Rice
Lonely Kings: Crowning Glory
Lonely Kings: What If?
Long Beach Dub Allstars: Long Beach Dub Allstars
Long Beach Dub Allstars: Right Back
Long John Hunter: Ooh Wee Pretty Baby!
Long Winters, The: The Worst You Can Do Is Harm
Long Winters, The: When I Pretend To Fall
Longshot: Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?
Longwave: Day Sleeper EP
Longwave: The Strangest Things
Lopez: Lopez
Lorenzo Goetz: Allure
Los Halos: Los Halos
Los Hooligans: Traditions
Los Mex Pistols Del Norte: Esta Noche We Ride
Los Rudiments: Psycho Ska [The First Three Years -- 1990-1993]
Lost City Angels: Lost City Angels
Lostprophets: Start Something
Lot Six, The: Animals
Lot Six, The: GWYLO
Lot Six, The: The Code Mode
Lou Barlow's Sentridoh: Loobiecore
Loudermilk: The Red Record
Loudmouth: Loudmouth
Louise Goffin: Sometimes A Circle
Lounge-O-Leers Two, The: Now That's What I Call The Lounge-O-Leers Two
Love and Affection: Ska In The Key Of Love
Love As Laughter: Destination 2000
Love In Reverse: I was Here
Love Nut: !Baltimucho!
Love Seed Mama: Jump
Love-Cars: I'm Friends With All Stars
Loveless: Gift to the World
Lovemongers: Here is Christmas
Lovetones, The: Be What You Want
Low: Things We Lost In The Fire
Lower East Side Stitches: Lower East Side
Lubby Nugget: Flying Blue Rat Bites Punk Rock Horse
Lucero: Nobody's Darlings
Lucid Nation: The Stillness of Over
Luckie Strike: Future Is Turning
Lucky Strikes, The: Song and Dance
Lucy Loves Schroeder: Lucy Is A Band
Lug Nut and the Spare Tires: Back To The Past Lane/Movin' On
Luna: Close Cover Before Striking
Luna: Romantica
Lunachicks: Pretty Ugly
Lupine Howl: The Carnivorous Lunar Activities Of...
Lush: Ciao! Best Of...
Luther Russell: Down at Kit's
Lyndsay Diaries, The: Remember The Memories
Lyndsay Diaries, The: The Tops of the Trees Are on Fire
M's, The: The M's
M. Ward: End of Amnesia
M. Ward: Transfiguration of Vincent
M. Ward: Transistor Radio
m.i.j.: The Radio Goodnight
Maceo Parker: dial: Maceo
Maceo Parker: Funk Overload
Macha: See It Another Way
Mad At Gravity: Resonance
Mad Caddies: Duck And Cover
Mad Caddies: Just One More
Mad Caddies: Quality Soft Core
Mad Caddies: The Holiday has Been Cancelled
Madball: Hold It Down
Madcap: Stand Your Ground
Made for TV Movie: The Story of My Heroics
Mads Ericksen: Suburban Cowboy
Magdalen Hsu-Li: Fire
Magic Love Fountain: Free
Magic Lunchbox: Doin' Alright!
Magnapop: Mouthfeel
Magnetophone: Magnetophone
Magnolia Electric Co., The: The Magnolia Electric Co.
Magstatic: Country Vs. City
Mahjongg: Machinegong
Major Healy: Nonstop!
Make Lisa Rich: Another Venus
Make Up: Save Yourself
Makers, The: Rock Star God
Makers, The: Stripped
Makeshift Conspiracy/The Sarcastic Bitch SPLIT CD, The: The Makeshift Conspiracy/Jaded From Ninth Grade
Malcolm Hunter: WUNDerground Radio
Malevolence: DVD
Mammoth Volume: Noara Dance
Man Man: Man Man
Man Man: The Man in a Blue Turban With a Face
Man Show, The: Season One, Volume One
Manatees, The: Snackin' With The Manatees
Manda and The Marbles: Angels with Dirty Faces
Mandarin: Fast>Future>Present
Manic Hispanic: The Recline of Mexican Civilization
Mankind Liberation Front: Isolated re-mixes 12"
Mankind Liberation Front: Mankind Liberation Front
Mantler: Sadisfaction
Maplewood: Maplewood
Maquiladora: White Sands
Marah: Kids In Philly
Marc Almond: Open All Night
Marc Copely: Limited Lifetime Gaurantee
Marc Olsen: Brighter When
Marc Olsen: Didn't ever...Hasn't Since...
Marilyn Manson: The Last Tour On Earth
Mark Helm: Everything's OK
Mark Kozelek: Rock 'N' Roll Singer
Mark Lanegan: I'll Take Care Of You
Mark Lemhouse: Big Lonesome Radio
Mark Mallman: Mr. Serious
Mark Mallman: The Red Bedroom
Mark Mallman: Who's Gonna Save You Now?
Mark Mathis: Songs I Learned in College
Mark Mulcahy: Smilesunset
Mark Olson and the Creekdippers: December's Child
Mark Stuart: Songs From A Corner Stage
Marlee MacLeod: Like Hollywood
Maroon5: Songs About Jane
Marshall Wilborn: Bass & Banjo
Marshmallow Coast: Time Square
Martin Rev: Martin Rev
Martinis, The: Smitten
Marty Robbins: Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs
Mary Ann Farley: My Life of Crime
Mary Timony: Mountains
Mary Timony: The Golden Dove
Mascott: Electric Poems
Maserati: The Language of Cities
Mash It Up 2000 - Boston Ska Volume 5
Mashin' Potatoes: A Tribute to DEVO
Masticators, The: Masticate!
Mastretta: Mastretta
Mates of State: My Solo Project
Mates of State: Our Constant Concern
Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture
Matt Elliott: The Mess We Made
Matt Keating: Tiltawhirl
Matt Parker: Private Jet
Matt Pond PA: The Green Fury
Matt Pond PA: The Nature of Maps
Matt Skiba & Kevin Seconds: Split CD
Matt Suggs with thee Higher Burning Fire: Amigo Row
Matt Tiegler: Gods and Heroes
Matthew Bayot: Circling Buzzards
Matthew Sweet: Time Capsule: The Best Of...
Matthew: Everybody Down
Mattoid, The: Hello
Maudlin of the Well: Leaving Your Body Map
Maura O'Connell: Walls & Windows
Mayday: I Know Your Troubles Been Long
Mayday: Old Blood
Mayflies USA, The: Walking in a Straight Line
MC5: '66 Breakout!
McLains, The: More Fun Than We Ought To Have
Mclusky: Mclusky Do Dallas
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Are A Drag
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Blow In The Wind
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Have A Ball
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Take A Break
Me'Shell Ndegeocello: Peace Beyond Passion
Mealticket: Lisa Marie
Meat Beat Manifesto: Actual Sounds + Voices
Mechakucha: One Million Safe Hours
Meet Joe Black: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Meg Lee Chin: Junkies and Snakes
Meg Lee Chin: Piece and Love
Megan Reilly: Arc of Tessa
Meisha: Meisha Returns Meisha Forever
Mekons, The: New York, On the Road
Mekons: Punk Rock
Melissa Ferrick: Everything I Need
Melissa Ferrick: Freedom
Melissa Ferrick: Valentine Heartache
Mellow: Another Mellow Spring
Mellowdrone: Go Get 'Em Tiger
Melochrome: Stay A Little Longer
Melochrome: This Is Motion
Melting Pot: Live At Berkeley Square
Melting Pot: Polarities of Paradox
Melvins, The + Fantomas: Millennium Monsterwork
Melvins, The: Hostile Ambient Takeover
Melvins: The Crybaby
Memphis Radio Kings: Memphis Radio Kings
Memphis: I Dreamed We Fell Apart
Men In Plaid: A Tribute To The Bay City Rollers
Mendoza Line, The: If They Knew This Was The End
Menomena: I Am The Fun Blame Monster!
Menthol: Danger: Rock Science!
Mento Buru: No Dancing Please!
Meow Meow: Snow Gas Bones
Mephiskapheles: Maximum Perversion
Mephiskapheles: Might-Ay White-Ay
Mercenaries, The: how Sweet The Sound
Mercenaries, The: The Last Resident In A Tourist Town
Mercury Program, The: All the Suits Began to Fall Off
Mercury Program, The: From the Vapor of Gasoline
Mercury Rev: All Is Dream
Merle Haggard: Big City
Merrick: Drive Around A Lot Hard and Fast Driving Club
Merrie Amsterburg: Season of Rain
Merril Bainbridge: Between The Days
Meshell Ndegeocello: Bitter
Messyheads, The: I'm No One
Messyheads: Say Something Stupid
Mest: Destination Unknown
Metric: Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Metro Stylee: Metro Stylee
Michael Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel: Love Lies Bleeding
Michael J. Sheehy: Ill Gotten Gains
Michael J. Sheehy: No Longer My Concern
Michael J. Sheehy: Sweet Blue Gene
Michael McGlone: Hero
Michael Miller: When We Come To
Mickey Hampshire & The Masonics: Silently By Night
Microphones, The: Mount Eerie
Middlefinger: Quickie!
Midtown: Save The World, Lose The Girl
Migala: Arde
Mighty Hannibal, The: Hannibalism!
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The: A Jackknife To A Swan
Migraines: Shut Up
Mike Gibbins: A Place In Time
Mike Johnson: What Would You Do
Mike Ness: Cheating At Solitaire
Mike Ness: Under the Influences
Mike Park: For the Love of Music
Mike Skinner: Staring Into Spaces
Mike Watt: The Secondman's Middle Stand
Miles: Structure vs. Happiness
Milk Cult: Project M-13
Millencolin: Life on a Plate
Millencolin: Pennybridge Pioneers
Millionaire: Outside the Simian Flock
Milton Mapes: Westernaire
Minders, The: Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends
Minders, The: Down in Fall EP
Minders, The: Golden Street
Mindless Self Indulgence: Alienating Our Audience
Mines, The: theWaytheWindWhipstheWater
Ming Star: King of Woolworths
Minibar: Road Movies
Minister Hill: Minister Hill
Minklungs, The: The Better Button
Minus 5, The: Down With Wilco
Minus 5: In Rock
Minus The Bear: Highly Refined Pirates
Miss: Civil War
Mission: Accomplished: Music From San Francisco's Mission District
Mississippi John Hurt: Live
Missy Roback: Just Like Breathing
Mitch Friedman: Fred
Mitch Hedberg: Strategic Grill Locations
Mix Mob, The: Four Song Demo CD
MK Ultra: The Dream Is Over
Mobtown: Cactus Juice
Model Rockets: Pilot County Suite
Modernist Explosion, The: A Popular Tool
Modest Mouse: Sad Sappy Sucker
Mogwai: Happy Songs for Happy People
Mogwai: Mogwai EP+2
Mogwai: My Father My King
Moke: Carnival
Molly: The Finger
Mollys Yes: Wonderworld
Moment: Moment
Momus: 20 Vodka Jellies
Momus: The Little Red Songbook
Mondo Grosso: MG4
Mondo Topless: Go Fast!
Mondo: This Is This
Money Mark: Change Is Coming
Monk: Quiver
Monkey Paw: Hating You Is So Easy
Monkey: "-Changito!"
Moodorgan: Nexus
Moodswings: Horizontal
Moon-Ska Records Presents: Latin Ska Volume II
Mooney Suzuki, The: Electric Sweat
Moonshine Hangover: Mulberry Squeezins
Moonspell: The Butterfly Effect
Morcheeba: Parts of the Process
More Than Mountains - A Two-CD Set To Benefit Colorado Conservation
Morning Becomes Eclectic -- live from the KCRW Studios
Morning Recordings: Music for Places
Morphine: The Best Of Morphine: 1992-1995
Morrissey: My Early Burglary Years
Mother Hips, The: Green Hills Of Earth
Mothman Prophecies, The: Music from the Motion Picture 2xCD
Motion City Soundtrack / Schatzi: Split CD
Motorbaby: Motorbaby
Mount Analog: New Skin
Mountain Goats, The: Tallahassee
Mountain Goats, The: The Coroner's Gambit
Movielife, The: This Time Next Year
Movies With Heroes: The Slate EP
Moving Units: Moving Units
Mr. Review: One Way Ticket To Skaville
Mrs. Fun: The Best Of...
Ms. Led: Afternoon In Central Park
MU330: Chumps on Parade
MU330: Crab Rangoon
MU330: MU330
MU330: Press
MU330: Ultra Panic
Mudhoney: Since We've Become Translucent
Mudville: The Glory of Man is Not in Vogue
Muffs, The: Alert Today Alive Tomorrow
Muffs, The: Happy Birthday To Me
Mull Historical Society: Loss
Mull Historical Society: Us
Murder City Devils: In Name And Blood
Murder City Devils: Thelema EP
Murder Inc.: Locate Subvert Terminate (The Complete)
Murphy's Law: The Best of Times / Good For Now
Murphy's Law: The Party's Over
Mus: El Naval
Muse: Showbiz
Mushroom: Foxy Music
Music For Our Mother Ocean II: A Benefit for the Surfrider Foundation
Mustard Plug: Evildoers Beware!
Mustard Plug: Pray For Mojo
Muzzle: Betty Pickup
MxPx: Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo
MxPx: The Renaissance EP
My Awesome Compilation: Every Souvenir Has A Story
My Chemical Romance: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
My Dad Is Dead: The Engine of Commerce
My Friend Stephanie: All The Pieces
My Friend Steve: Hope & Wait.
My Hotel Year: The Composition of Ending and Phrasing
My Man Friday: Sassy Girl single
My Morning Jacket: Chocolate and Ice EP
My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves
My Superhero: SKAteboard Music
My Superhero: Solid State 14
Myk Gordon: The Real Thing
Mysteries of Life, The: Come Clean
Mytown: Mytown
mytown: mytown
Mytwilightpilot: 555 EP
N.C. Thirteens, The: Demo Tape
N.I.L.8: Eunuch
Nada Surf: Let Go
Nada Surf: The Proximity Effect
namelessnumberheadman: When We Leave, We Will Know Where We've Been
Nancy Hess: Away
Nancy Moore: Local Flowers
Napalm Death: The Complete Radio One Sessions
Narrowcasting: ...Current Or the Tide
Nash Kato: Debutante
Nathan Larson: Jealous God
National Splits, The: Fontana
National Splits, The: The National Splits
National Trust, The: Dekkagar
Natural History, The: Beat Beat. Heartbeat
Navigators, The: Glory, Glory
Near Miss: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Nectarine No. 9, The: Received Transgressed & Transmitted
Negatones, The: Snacktronica
Neighborly: Grass Is Greener
Neil Finn & Friends: Live at the St. James
Neil Finn: One All
Neil Halstead: Sleeping On Roads
Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Broken Arrow
Neilson Hubbard: Why Men Fail
Neko Case: Blacklisted
Neosoreskin: Toiletry
Nerf Herder: American Cheese
Nerf Herder: How To Meet Girls
Nerf Herder: Nerf Herder
Nerve Agents, The: The Butterfly Collection
Nervous Return, The: Wake Up Dead
Ness: Up Late With People
Neurosis: Sovereign
Neurosis: Times of Grace
Nevada Bachelors: Hello Jupiter
Neve: Neve
New Amsterdamns, The: Worse for the Wear
New Amsterdams, The: Para Toda Vida
New Bomb Turks: Nightmare Scenario
New Christs, The: We Got This!
New Folk Implosion, The: The New Folk Implosion
New Morty Show, The: Mortyfied!
New Morty Show, The: Rigormorty
New Pornographers, The: Electric Version
New Pornographers, The: Mass Romantic
New Society: 5-song Demo
New Sweet Breath: A Shotgun Down An Avalanche
New Vintage: Changing Times
New Wave Hookers: New Wave Hookers EP
New Wave Hookers: Not Even A Virgin b/w Thunderbird
New Wet Kojak: Do Things
New Wet Kojak: No. 4 EP
New Wet Kojak: This Is The Glamorous
New Year, The: The End is Near
New York Beat: Breaking and Entering
New York Dolls: A Hard Night's Day
New York Rifles: Faraway Faster
New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Get This!
New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Low Blow
Newlydeads, The: The Newlydeads
Next Best Thing: Music From The Motion Picture
Niblick Henbane: Go Away
Nic Endo: Cold Metal Perfection
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: The Boatman's Call
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: God Is In The House [DVD]
Nickelback: The State
Nicki Jane: Of Pigeons and Other Curiosities
Nicolai Dunger: This Cloud Is Learning
Nicolai Dunger: Tranquil Isolation
Nicotine: Pleeeeeeez! Who Are You?
Nicotine: Samurai Shot
Nicotine: The Black Tape
Nik Freitas: Heavy Mellow
Nik Freitas: Here's Laughing At You
Nik Kershaw: to be Frank
Nina Storey: Shades
Nine Days: The Madding Crowd
Nine Inch Elvis: Nine Inch Elvis
Ninon Ska Dansu (Land of the Rising Ska): Various Japanese Ska Artists
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Will The Circle Be Unbroken Volume III
No Innocent Victim: Tipping The Scales
No Knife: ...Hit Man Dreams...
No Knife: Fire in the City of Automatons
No Knife: Riot For Romance!
No Merit: Fomunda
No Motiv: Diagram For Healing
No One's Victim: ...On A Thin Line
No Trend: Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex
No Use For A Name: Hard Rock Bottom
No Use For A Name: More Betterness
No-No's, The: Let Your Shadow Out
No. 2: Allistair Chestnut
No. 2: No Memory
Noahjohn: Water Hymns
Nobodys: The Smell of Victory
Nobukazu Takemura: 10th
Nobukazu Takemura: Sign
Nocturne: Twilight
NOFX: 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records
NOFX: Pump Up The Valuum
NOFX: Regaining Unconsciousness
NOFX: So Long and Thanks For All The Shoes
NOFX: The Decline
NOFX: The War On Errorism
Noise Ratchet: Till We Have Faces
NoMotiv: And The Sadness Prevails
Norfolk & Western: Winter Farewell
North by Northwest Music and New Media Conference: Disassembling The Hype
NORTH BY NORTHWEST: Conferences and Music
North Mississippi All Stars: Shake Hands With Shorty
Northern State: Dying In Stereo
Not Breathing: Itchy Tingles
Not From There: Sand on Seven
Not, The: The Not
Notchoma: Skamish
Notwist, The: Shrink
Novadriver: Void
Now It's Overhead: Now It's Overhead
NYC Smoke: For The Posers
Nynex: Zerozero
Oberon: Sonnet
Oddbox: Stray From Logic
Offbeatniks, The: 12
Offspring, The: Americana
Oi!/Skampilation: Volume #3
OK Go: OK Go
Old School 101: Pura Vida
Old Time Relijun: La Sirena De Pecera
Oleander: February Son
Olive: Trickle
Once Hush: Say It Anyway
One Good Eye: Let Go My E.G.O.
One Groovy Coconut: More Like That Than This
One Star Hotel: Good Morning, West Gordon
One Way System: Waiting For Zero
Oneida / Liars: Atheists, Reconsider
Oneida: Enemy Hogs
Onelinedrawing: The Volunteers
Onelinedrawing: Visitor
Onyas, The: Three More Hits from the Onyas 7"
Ooberman: Running Girl
Open Hand: The Dream
Operators, The: Citizens Band
Ophelia Rising: Step 1 - Acknowledge You Are Part of the System
Opium Jukebox: Music To Download Pornography By
Orange 9MM: Pretend I'm Human
Orange Country's Punk vs. Ska-ROUND I: 27 punk and ska bands take it to the ring
Orange Country's Punk vs. Ska-ROUND I: 27 punk and ska bands take it to the ring
Orange County Supertones, The: Chase the Sun
Orange Goblin: The Big Black
Orangetree: Fixing Stupid
Orbiter: Sparks On A String
Orgasmico: Deals Gone Bad
Orgy: Candyass
Orgy: Vapor Transmission
Original Brothers and Sisters of Love, The: H.O.M.E.S. Volume 1
Original Carter Family, The: Can The Circle Be Unbroken
Orwell: Following Days
Osborne Brothers, The: Dayton To Knoxville
Osborne Brothers, The: Hyden
Osker: Idle Will Kill
Osker: Treatment 5
Otep: Sevas TRA
Other 99, The: At The Eleventh Hour
Our Lady Peace: Gravity
Our Lady Peace: Spiritual Machines
Out Crowd, The: Go On, Give A Damn
Out of Order: Eye Caramba
Overthrow: React
Owen: No Good for No One Now
Owen: Owen
Owl & The Pussycat: Owl & The Pussycat
Oxbow: An Evil Heat
Oxford Collapse: Some Wilderness
Oxymoron: Best Before 2000
Oxymoron: Feed The Breed
Oxymoron: The Pack Is Back
Oxymoron: Westworld
P.J. Olsson: P.J. Olsson
P.M. Dawn: Dearest Christian, I'm So Very Sorry For Bring You Here. Love, Dad.
P.W. Long: Remembered
Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive: Building A Building
Paloalto: Heroes and Villains
Pangs: Stalemates & Sad Pastimes
Pansy Division: Absurd Pop Song Romance
Panty Lions: So Dang Rad
Papa Roach: Infest
Papa Roach: Lovehatetragedy
Paper Lions: The Symptom and the Sick
Papillon: Soledad
Paramore: whatyoudon'tknow
Parasites: Rat Ass Pie
Parasol's Sweet Sixteen 5: A collection of Parasol, Hidden Agenda, and Mud Label releases
Paris, Texas: Brazilliant!
Paris, Texas: Like You Like An Arsonist
Parka Kings, The: -Bienenidos!
Parker & Lily: The Low Lows
Parker and Lily: Hello Halo
Pat MacDonald: In The Red Room
Pathos: PAX
Patrick Conway: The Rocking Stone
Patrick O'Donnell: Then I Woke Up
Patrick Park: Under the Unminding Skies
Patron Saints of Pop: An apostilary homage to Fleetwood Mac
Patron Saints of Pop: An apostilary homage to Fleetwood Mac
Patterson Hood: Killers and Stars
Patti Rothberg: Candelabra Cadabra
Paul Brill: New Pagan Love Song
Paul Kerschen: The Mozart Club
Paul Weller: Live at Braehead DVD
Paul Westerberg: Come Feel Me Tremble
Paul Westerberg: Stereo / Mono
Paul Westerberg: Suicaine Gratifaction
Pavement: Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe
Paybacks, The: Knock Loud
PC69: Electrified
Pea Shooter: Pea Shooter
Peabody: Professional Againster
Peabody: Stupid Boy
Peaches: The Teaches of Peaches
Peacocks: Come With Us
Pedro The Lion: Control
Peggy Honeywell: Honey for Dinner
Pele: Enemies
Pele: The Nudes
Pennywise: Full Circle
Pennywise: Land of the Free?
Pennywise: Live @ The Key Club
People Involved, The: The People Involved
Pep Rally: Deadline
Pepe Deluxe: Super Sound
Pere Ubu: Beach Boys See Dee Plus
Perfect: Once, Twice, Three Times A Maybe
Pernice Brothers: Yours, Mine & Ours
Pet Shop Boys: Disco 3
Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings: Flying High with Forthcoming Album
Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings: I Know It By Heart
Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings: Sweet Ona Rose
Pete Krebs and the Kung Pao Chickens: Hot Ginger and Dynamite
Pete Krebs/Danny Barnes: Duet for Clarinet and Goat
Pete Krebs: Bittersweet Valentines
Pete Miser: Radio Free Brooklyn
Pete Palladino: Sweet Siren of the Reconnected
Pete Townshend & Raphael Rudd: The Oceanic Concerts
Peter Case: Bee Line
Peter Parker: Semiautobiographical
Peter Searcy: Could You Please And Thank You
Phantom Planet: The Guest
Phantom Tollbooth: Beard of Lightning
Phil Norman: If By Yes
Philadelphia Ska Revolution: Philadelphia ska compilation
Phoenix Thunderstone: Picnic With The Dead
Physics: Live: 2.7.98
Piano Magic: Writes Home Without Homes
Pieces, The: The Pieces
Pierces, The: Light of the Moon
Pietasters, The: Awesome Mix Tape #6
Pietasters, The: Willis
Pigface: Below the Belt
Pigface: Easy Listening
Pigface: The Best of Pigface
Pilfers: Chawalaleng
Pilfers: Pilfers
Pillbox: Gimme What I Want
Pilot: When The Day Has Broken
Pin-Ups, The: Backseat Memoirs
Pinback: Blue Screen Life
Pine Hill Haints / Clampitt, Gaddis, & Buck: The Pine Hill Haints meet Clampitt, Gaddis, & Buck
Pine Hill Haints, The: You Bury Your Hate In A Shallow Grave
Pine Marten: Beautifulstakesandpowerpoles
Pinehurst Kids: Minnesota Hotel
Pinehurst Kids: Three Song demo
Pinehurst Kids: Viewmaster
Piney Gir: Peakahokahoo
Pinhead Circus: The Black Power of Romance
Pinkeye d'Gekko: Rhythm & Westrn
Pinq: Quiet Games for Hot Weather
Pistol Grip: The Shots From The Kalico Rose
Pitch Black: Pitch Black
Pitchshifter: Deviant
Pitty Sing: Demons, You Are The Stars In Cars 'Til I Die
Pitty Sing: Pitty Sing
Pixies, The: Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies
PJ Harvey: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
Placebo: Black Market Music
Places, The: The Autopilot Knows You Best
Plaid Pantry Project: Hit Songs From The Service Industry
Plaid: Double Figure
Plaid: P-Brane EP
Plan B: Like A Ship Sailing
Plane: Hello More
Plastic Mastery: In the Fall of Unearthly Angels
Plastiscene: Seeing Stars
Plea for Peace: A Punk Rock Sampler Benefiting PFP
Pleasure Forever: Pleasure Forever
Plone: For Beginner Piano
Plural: Have a Rad Summer
Plus / Minus: + / -
Plus Ones / Travoltas, The: Split CD-EP
Plus Ones, The: It's A Calling
Point Defiance: Point Defiance
Polar Goldie Cats: Polar Night Stress
Poleposition: XO
Polysics: Hey Bob! My Friend!
Ponticello: Dark Skies
Pop Culture Casualties: They're Only Doing It To Get Attention
Pop Unknown: The August Division
Pope Factory: Pope Factory
Pornstore Janitors: Porn Again
Posies, The: Every Kind of Light
Posies, The: In Case You Didn't Feel Like Pluggin In
Posies, The: Nice Cheekbones and a Ph.D.
Possibilities, The: Way Out
Post Office: Fables In Slang
Post Stardom Depression: Ordinary Miracles
Postal Service, The: Give Up
Postal Service, The: Such Great Heights
Poster Children: International:RTFM
Poster Children: On The Offensive
Potshot: 'Til I Die
Potshot: Pots and Shots
Potshot: Pots and Shots
Potshot: Potshot A-GoGo
Potshot: Rock 'n' Roll
Pounders, The: Demo
Powerman 5000: Anyone For Doomsday?
Presidents of the United States of America, The: II
Pressure 4-5: Burning The Process
Pressure Cooker: Burning Fence Instrumentals
Prey for Rock & Roll: Starring Gina Gershon, Drea De Matteo, and Marc Blucas
Prime Sth: Underneath The Surface
Primetime Glick: The Best Of...
Primitive Radio Gods: White Hot Peach
Princeton Reverbs Colonial, The: Ring The Pair-A-Bells
Project Dark: Excited by Gramophones Volume 4
Prom, The: Under the Same Stars
Promise Ring, The: Wood/Water
Proton Accelerator: Proton Accelerator
Pseudocipher: Pseudocipher
Pseudopod: Pseudopod
Psychic TV: Origin of the Species - Volume Too
Public Enemy: Revolverlution
Puffy AmiYumi: Nice
PuffyAmiYumi: An Illustrated HIstory
Pulley: @#!*
Pulley: Together Again For The First Time
Pullman: Viewfinder
Pulp: We Love Life
Punchy: Just My Type
Punk Goes Metal
Punk Goes Ska
Punk Goes Ska
Punk Rock Jukebox Volume II
Punk Uprisings - Volume Two
Punk-O-Rama 4: Straight Outta the Pit
Pure Drama: 3:33
Pure Joy: Gelatin and Bright
Puritans, The: Marquee Themes
Puritans, The: Sing The Hymns of Shoutin' Abner Pim
PURO ESKANOL: Latin Ska Underground Volume 1 & 2 [Two separate discs]
Purusa: 101
Purusa: Spectacle
Put-Downs, The: Wrong Side of Texas
PUYA: Fundamental
PV: Create Your Lover
Q and Not U: No Kill No Beep Beep
Quags, The: Out in the Community
Quasi: Early Recordings
Quasi: Field Studies
Quasi: Hot Shit!
Quasi: The Sword of God
Queers, The: Beyond The Valley...
Queers, The: Later Days and Better Lays
Quickspace: The Death of Quickspace
Quirk: Machina Electrica & Fornax Chemica
R.B. Morris: Zeke and the Wheel
R.E.M.: In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003
Rabies, The: The Rabies 7"
Race For Titles: Race For Titles
Race for Titles: Race for Titles
Racer Ten: Melodies & Memories
Rachael Yamagata: EP
Rachael Yamagata: Happenstance
Rachel Gaudry: Leaving Traces
Rachel Nevada's, The: Viva Problems
Radar Bros.: The Singing Hatchet
Radar Brothers: And The Surrounding Mountains
Radar Mercury: Thank You, Goodnight
Radiation Kings, The: Early Years
Radio 4: The New Song and Dance
Radio Birdman: The Essential Radio Birdman
Radio Hour 491: World's Worst Antenna
Radio Noise: Bright New Day
Radio Zumbido: Los Ultimos Dias Del AM
Radiobaghdad: 665: Neighbor of the Beast
Radiolistener Remixes
Radney Foster: Another Way To Go
Radney Foster: Are You Ready For The Big Show?
Rae & Christian: Mixer
Raft of Dead Monkeys: Thoroughley
Raging Teens, The: Rock 'N' Roll Party!
RagzMo'Rocka: Rising of the Phoenix
Rahzel: Make The Music 2000
RAIL: Adio
RAIL: Arrival
RAIL: Big World
Railroad Earth: Bird in a House
Railroad Earth: The Black Bear Sessions
Railroad Earth: The Good Life
Rainer Maria: A Better Version of Me
Rainer Maria: Ears Ring
Rainer Maria: Long Knives Drawn
Rainer Maria: Look Now Look Again
Ralph White: Trash Fish
Ramble: Yeah, Whatever
Ramon Bermudez Group, The: Fuego en el Alma
Ramona Church & Carolina Road: Carolina Memories
Ramones, The: RAW
Ramsay Midwood: Shoot Out At The OK Chinese Restaurant
Rancid / NOFX: BYO Split Series / Volume III
Rancid: Indestructible
Rancid: Life Won't Wait
Rancid: Rancid
Randy Baugh: The Road Is Promising
Randy Moore & The Fabulous Deltones: Self-Titled
Rank 1: Such Is Life
RARE ON AIR: Volume Four - Still more selections from KCRW-FM on-air performances
Rarely Herd, The: Coming of Age
Rarely Herd, The: Part of Growing Up
Raveonettes, The: Whip It On
Ray Charles: Genius Loves Company
Ray Charles: Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival
Ray Charles: Thanks For Bringing Love Around Again
Ray Wylie Hubbard: Growl
Ray-Guns, The: Talentless Fools
Raz Ohara: Realtime Voyeur
Razzels, The: ...Throttle
RC5: RC5 4 Song 7"
Real Kids, The: Better Be Good/No Place Fast
Real Kids, The: Senseless - Live at Cantone's 1982
Real Pills, The: Nine Long Years
Realistics, The: The Realistics EP
Rebecca Pearcy: Constellation
Rececca Gates: Ruby Series
Recover: Leci N'Est
Red Animal War / Slowride: Split EP
Red Animal War: Black Phantom Crusades
Red Bennies: Announcing
Red Dirt Rangers: Rangers' Command
Red Elephant: More Sounds From Spaghetti Westerns
Red Flag: Fear of a Red Plant
Red Hot Valentines, The: Calling Off Today
Red Planet: Let's Degenerate
Red Sector, The: The Red Sector
Red Session: R. Roan's Wee Thyme
Red Star Belgrade: Telescope
Red To Violet: Red To Violet
Reel Big Fish: Cheer Up!
Reel Big Fish: Everything Sucks
Reel Big Fish: Keep Your Receipt
Reel Big Fish: Turn the Radio Off
Reel Big Fish: Why Do They Rock So Hard?
Refused: The Shape of Punk to Come
Regatta 69: Prime Time
Reggae On The Rocks - Voodoo, Sacraments, Oddities, & Other Holy Anthems
Reggae Rocks: Blowin' in the Wind - A Reggae Tribute To Bob Dylan
Reggae Rocks: Here Comes The Sun - A Reggae Tribute to The Beatles
Reggae Rocks: Paint It Black - A Reggae Tribute to The Rolling Stones
Reggie and the Full Effect: Promotional Copy
Regina Spektor: Soviet Kitsch
Regurgitator: Tu-Plang...Kon-Uauk
Reindeer Section: Son of Evil Reindeer
Reindeer Section: Y'all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear!
Remake Remodel: 12345 Accelerate EP
Remy Zero: The Golden Hum
Renegade: Season One
Reno 911!: The Complete Second Season Uncensored!
Reno 911: Complete First Season
Rentals, The: Seven More Minutes
Reo Speedealer: Reo Speedealer
Repercussions, The: Don't Fear
Replacements, The: All For Nothing/Nothing For All (two disc set)
Replacements, The: BOINK!! The Replacements Anthology
Reputation, The: The Reputation
Residents, The: Icky Flix - Original Soundtrack Recording
Resonars Lunar Kit, The: The Resonars Lunar Kit
Retisonic: Return to Me
Retsin: Cabin in the Woods
Return of Rock
Reuben's Accomplice: I Blame The Scenery
Reubens Accomplice: The Bull, The Balloon and The Family
Reveille: Laced
Reverend Glasseye: Happy End and Begin
Reverend Horton Heat: Lucky 7
Reverend Horton Heat: Spend A Night in the Box
Revolutionary Hydra, The: The Antiphony
Rex Aquarium: Privacy
Rhapsody: Legendary Tales
Rhett Miller: The Instigator
Rhythm Masters: Ghetto
Rhythm Trip: Return of Da' Dragon
Rialto: Night On Earth
Richard Davies: Telegraph
Richard Hell: Time
Richmond Fontaine: El Cortez 7"
Richmond Fontaine: Lost Son
Richmond Fontaine: Miles From
Richmond Fontaine: Winnemucca
Richmond: Richmond
Rick Altizer: All Tie Zur
Rick Bain: Virtual Heavy Pet
Rick Holmstrom: Hydraulic Groove
Rick Monroe: Shame
Riddlin' Kids: Hurry Up and Wait
Riffbrokers, The: Fix It If You Hate It
Right Side Of The Tracks
Rilo Kiley: Take Offs and Landings
Rilo Kiley: The Execution of All Things
Rise Against: Revolutions Per Minute
Ritchie Valens: Come On, Let's Go!
Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing: Split CD-EP
Rival Schools: United By Fate
River City High: River City High Won't Turn Down
River City Rapists: Love Hurts
River City Rebels: Racism, Religion, and War...
Riverboat Gamblers: Riverboat Gamblers
Riverfenix: Riverfenix
Rivieras, The: Califonia Sun - The Best of The Rivieras
Rivieras, The: Unissued 1964 Recordings
Rizzudo: Rizzudo
Roadside Attraction: Ribbed For Your Pleasure
Rob Dougan: Furious Angels
Rob Wasserman: Space Island
Robbers On High Street: Tree City
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise: New Ground
Robert McCreedy: Streamline
Robert Randolph & The Family Band: Live at the Wetlands
Robert Roth: Someone, Somewhere...
Robert Walter: There Goes The Neighborhood
Robustos, The: Introducing...The Robustos
Rocker T and Version City Rockers: Version City Lady 7"
Rocket 350: American Grease
Rocket 350: Junglebilly
Rocket From The Crypt: Group Sounds
Rocket from the Crypt: Live From Camp X-Ray
Rocket Summer, The: Hello, Good Friend
Rocking Horse Winner, The: Horizon
Rockinghams, The: Makin' Bacon
Rocky Votolato: Burning My Travels Clean
Rod: The Story Changes Every Day
Roddy Frame: Surf
Rodney Crowell: Diamonds & Dirt
Rodriguez: Swing Like A Metronome
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers: Americano
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers: Honky Tonk Union
Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers: Sonoran Hope and Madness
Roht: Rant
Rollerball: SuperStructure
Rollins Band: The Only Way To Know For Sure 2xCD
Ron House: New Wave as the Next Guy
Ron Sexsmith: Cobblestone Runway
Ron Sexsmith: Retriever
Ron Sunshine & Full Swing: Straight Up
Ron Sunshine: Deluxe
Ron Sunshine: Soul Drug
Ronderlin: Wave Another Day Goodbye
Ronnie Spector: She Talks to Rainbows
Rootsman, The: Versions of the Unseen EP
Rosabel with Jennifer Holliday: And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
Rose of Sharon: Even the Air Is Out of Tune
Rosemary's Billygoat: Cheeses Of Nazareth
Rosey: Dirty Child
Ross Beach: Ride Theory
Rowan Brothers, The: Now & Then 2xCD
Roxy Saint: The Underground Personality Tapes
Royal City: Little Heart's Ease
Royal Crown Revue: Caught In The Act (LIVE!)
Royal Crown Revue: Mugzy's Move
Royal Crown Revue: Passport To Australia - LIVE!
Royal Crown Revue: The Contender
Royal Crown Revue: Walk On Fire
Royalties, The: Endless Nights On The Town
RPM: Irrational Anthem
Rube Waddell: Bound for the Gates of Hell
Rube Waddell: Hobo Train
Ruby Vileos: The King Is Dead
Rubyhorse: Rise
Rude Bones: There'll Be Lots of Hard Times Along The Way
Ruder Than You: Horny for Ska
Rudiments: Bitch Bitch Bitch
Rudy Ray Moore: Hully Gully Fever
Rufus Wainwright: Want One
Rum Diary, The: Poisons That Save Lives
Run DMC: Crown Royal
Run For Cover Lovers: The Difficult Nature Of Interpersonal Relationships
runforyerlife: runforyerlife
Russian Futurists, The: The Method of Modern Love
Ruston Mire: Driving Straight Up In the Siam
Rusty Santos: Bad Is Good
Rusty Santos: Outside Versus In
Rutabega/Owen split EP, The: Near and Far Volume 1
Ruth Ruth: Are You My Friend?
Ruth Ruth: Who Are They, and Why Should YOU Care?
Rx Bandits: Halfway Betwen Here and There
Rx Bandits: Progress
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals: Cold Roses
Ryan Adams: Demolition
Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker
Ryan Adams: Rock 'n' Roll
Rye Coalition: On Top
Rye Coalition: The Lipstick Game
Sad Riders, The: Lay Your Head on the Soft Rock
Saeta: Resign To Ideal
Safes, The: The Safes
Sahara Hotnights: C'Mon Let's Pretend
Sahara Hotnights: Jennie Bomb
Saint Etienne: Finisterre
Saint Etienne: Travel Edition 1990-2005
Sally Taylor: Apt. #6s
Sally Taylor: Tomboy Bride
Saloon: (This Is) What We Call Progress
Sam Bisbee (and his incredible band): Live at Arlene Grocery
Sam Bisbee: Vehicle
Samiam: Astray
Samiam: You Are Freaking Me Out
Samples, The: Here and Somewhere Else
Sanford Arms: Too Loud For The Snowman
Sarah Dougher: The Bluff
Sasha: Xpander EP
Satanic Surfers: 666 Motor Inn
Satanic Surfers: Unconsciously Confined
Satori: A Tribute to Bauhaus
Saturday Looks Good To Me: All Your Summer Songs
Saul Williams: Amethyst Rock Star
Save Ferris: Introducing...Save Ferris
Save Ferris: It Means Everything
Save Ferris: Modified
Saves the Day: In Reverie
Saves The Day: Stay What You Are
Saves the Day: Through Being Cool
Say Hi To Your Mom: Discosadness
Say Hi To Your Mom: Ferocious Mopes
Say Hi To Your Mom: Numbers & Mumbles
Scapegoat Wax: Swax
Scared of Chaka: Tired Of You
Scaries, The: Souvenir
Scene Creamers: Suck On That Emotion
Schatzi: Death of the Alphabet EP
Schema: Schema
Schlager on Parade: Arizona Man 7"
Scofflaws, The
Scofflaws, The: LIVE! Volume 1
Scofflaws, The: Record of Convictions
Scoldees, The: My Pathetic Life
Scorn: (Anamnesis): 1994-97
Scot Sax: Scot Sax
Scotchgreens, The: !Draw!
Scott Miller & The Commonwealth: Thus Always To Tyrants
Scott4: Recorded in State LP
Scout Niblett: Kidnapped By Neptune
Scrabbel: Scrabbel
Screamfeeder: Kitten Licks
Screamfeeder: Rocks on the Soul
Scrimmage Heroes, The: Nothing Comes Clean
Sea and Cake, The: One Bedroom
Seafood: Surviving the Quiet
Seafood: When Do We Start Fighting...
Sean Croghan: King Of Clubs
Sean Na Na: My Majesty
Season To Risk: Men Are Monkeys. Robots Win.
Seaworthy: The Ride
Second Chance: Double or Nothing
Secret Cajun Band: Big House
Secretaries, The: The Secretaries
See Spot: Is There Any Love In Your Ska?
See Spot: Who Got It?
Seela: Something Happened
Seether: Disclaimer
Self: Gizmodgery
Senor Happy: I'm Sorry
Sense Field: Living Outside
Sense Field: Tonight and Forever
Sentridoh: Lou B's Wasted Pieces '87-'93
Sepultura: Nation
Serial Killer Compilation
Set 'Em Up Joe: Set 'Em Up Joe
Setting Sun: Holed Up
Settlefish: Dance A While, Upset
Seven Foot Politic: Three Song Cassette
Seven Story: Dividing By Zero
Sevendust: Home
Sgt. Rock: Live The Dream
Shades Apart: Sonic Boom
Shadow Project: From The Heart
Shaft: Quint
Shake Appeal: You're Too Rich
Shakes, The: The Shakes
Shallow: Jumping Away From Something Exploding
Sham 69: 99% 2000
Shams, The: Take Off
Shannon Moore: LTD
Shanti Project Collection 2: Benefit Album for the Shanti Project
Sharks and Minnows: Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board
Shazam, The: The Shazam
Sheavy: Celestial Hi-Fi
Sheila Divine, The: New Parade
Sheila Divine, The: Where Have My Countrymen Gone
Sheila Nicholls: Wake
Shimmer Kids UnderPop Association: The Natural Riot
Shiner: Starless
Shins, The: Chutes Too Narrow
Shins, The: Oh, Inverted World
Shipping News: Three-Four
Shoeshine Blue: Shoeshine Blue
Shoeshine Blue: Sometimes Through the Static
Short Music for Short People: 101 Bands Playing 30 Second Songs
Short Round: Language
SHOW REVEIW: COMEDIAN Doug Stanhope: Dante's - Friday, March 25, 2005
SHOW REVEIW: Paul Westerberg and His Only Friends: Roseland Theater - February 19, 2005
SHOW REVEIW: Tegan and Sara w/ The Ditty Bops: Aladdin Theater - Saturday, March 26, 2005
SHOW REVIEW: Art Alexakis with Joe Davis: April 9, 2002 - Portland, Oregon
SHOW REVIEW: Beck with the Flaming Lips: December 2, 2002 - Arlene Schnizter
SHOW REVIEW: Blue Man Group: Saturday, October 4, 2003 - Memorial Coliseum
SHOW REVIEW: Braille Stars/Papillon/J. Hell
SHOW REVIEW: Cherry Poppin' Daddies/Lucky Sevens/The Diablotones/Teen Heroes
SHOW REVIEW: Cravedog Records Family Picnic: A Two-Day Celebration With Some of the Northwest's Best Roots Rock/Country Acts
SHOW REVIEW: Dave Attell w/ Doug Stanhope and Sean Rouse: June 18, 2005
SHOW REVIEW: Death Cab For Cutie w/ Pinehurst Kids and The Maroons
SHOW REVIEW: Elliott Smith: Portland, Oregon - November 10 & 11, 2000
SHOW REVIEW: Hepcat/The Slackers/The Gadjits
SHOW REVIEW: Jimmies/Longfellow/Drapes/Stagger
SHOW REVIEW: John Doe/Brian Berg/Sean Croghan: August 18, 1999 -- Portland, Oregon
SHOW REVIEW: Jr. High's last show!
SHOW REVIEW: No. 2 CD release party with Braille Stars and Elephant Factory
SHOW REVIEW: Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings/Richmond Fontaine/The Maroons
SHOW REVIEW: Pete Krebs/No. 2/Sean Croghan/J. Hell/Jeff London
SHOW REVIEW: Quasi with Elliott Smith
SHOW REVIEW: Reel Big Fish/My Superhero/Engine 54
SHOW REVIEW: Save Ferris/The Smugglers/The Varicoasters
SHOW REVIEW: Ska Against Racism TOUR
SHOW REVIEW: Smashmouth/Goldfinger/Blink-182
SHOW REVIEW: Spectator Pump/Jr. High/No. 2: January 16, 1999 -- Portland, Oregon
SHOW REVIEW: Supersuckers w/ The Jimmies and The Briefs: March 31, 2000 - Portland, Oregon
SHOW REVIEW: The Eels: The Aladdin Theater -- June 16, 2005
SHOW REVIEW: West Coast Safari Tour '99 with Kneeling Elephant Recording Artists' Sunset Valley, Adam Elk, and Gloritone
Showoff: Showoff
Shuggie: What It Is... And How To Get It
Shyness Clinic, The: Sea of Redlights
Shyster: Say Uncle
Si*Se: Si*Se
Sic & Mad: 23 Blues: The Destruction of Utopia Part 2
Sick Bees: My Pleasure
Sick Of It All: Call to Arms
Sick of it All: Live In A Dive
Sick Of It All: Potential For A Fall -- CD Single
Sick On The Bus: Set Fire To Someone In Authority
Sid Hillman Quartet, The: Volume Two
Sidestepper: 3am
Sights, The: Got What We Want
Sigur R?s: ?g?tis Byrjun
Sigur Ros: ()
Sigur Ros: Ba Ba/Ti Ki/Di Do
Silencers, The: Cyclerific Sounds
Silent Poets: To Come...
Silkenseed: Hurry Home
Silkworm: Italian Platinum
Silos, The: Laser Beam Next Door
Silver Sunshine: Silver Sunshine
Silverchair Diorama
Simon & Garfunkel: Old Friends: Live In Concert
Simon Says: Shut Your Breath
Simon Stinger: Devil On My Mind
Simpatico: The Boy Is Mine
Simple Plan: No Pads, No Helments...Just Balls
Sing-Sing: The Joy Of Sing-Sing
Sinkcharmer: Stars In Winter
Sister Sonny: Lovesongs
Six Going On Seven: American'T
Six Going On Seven: Heartbreak's Got Backbeat
Six Parts Seven, The: Things Shaped In Passing
Six. By Seven: The Way I Feel Today
Sixer: Beautiful Trash
Sixer: Saving Grace
Sixteen Deluxe: The Moonman is Blue EP
Sixteen Horsepower: Folklore
SKA American Style
Ska Parade: Runnin' Naked Thru the Cornfield
Ska Rock-Steady Reggae: The West Coast Chronicles Volume One
Ska Titans: Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites: The Godfather vs. The Founding Fathers
Ska United: A Global Ska Sampler
Ska Zone
Skalars: Traditional Ska and Rock Steady
Skanic: Last Call
Skankaholics Unanimous: Under the Influence of SKA
Skankin' In the Pit: 7 American ska-punk bands/7 Japanese ska-punk bands
Skankin' Pickle: Fever
Skankin' Pickle: SkaFunkRastaPunk
Skanksters, The: Dub Cookery
Skapone: Bold New Flavor
Skarmagenddon 3: A New Beginning
Skatalites: Stretching Out
Skating Club: Bugs & Flowers
Skating Club: Skating Club
Skavoovie & the Epitones: The Growler
Skavoovie and The Epitones: Ripe
Skeletones, The: Dr. Bones
Skeptictank: Potted Meat Food Product
Skinnerbox: Demonstration
Skinnerbox: Hepcat Season 7"
Skinnerbox: What You Can Do. What You Can't.
Skip James: Studio Sessions - Rare and Unreleased
Skiptrace: Skiptrace
Skoidats, The: The Times
Skunk Anansie: Post Orgasmic Chill
Sky Cries Mary: Seeds
Sky Cries Mary: Until the Grinders Cease
Skycam: Minutes Into Days
Skyline BLVD.: Skyline BLVD.
Skypaint: A Pop Opera
Slackers, The: Redlight
Slackers, The: The Question
Slackjaw: The Curvature of the Earth
Slapstick: Slapstick 93-96
Sleater-Kinney: The Hot Rock
Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum: Grand Opening and Closing
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Of Natural History
Slightly Stoopid: Slightly Stoopid
Slink Moss: Legend
Slip, The: Angels Come On Time
Slipknot: IOWA
Slipknot: Slipknot
Sloan: Navy Blues
Slobberbone: Barrel Chested
Sloe: Inexact Replica
Sloppy Meateaters: Conditioned By The Laugh Track
Slow Fore: Oil
Slow Gherkin: Double Happiness
Slow Gherkin: Run Screaming
Slow Gherkin: Shed Some Skin
Slow Ride: Slow Ride
Slow Signal Fade, The: Through The Opaque Air
Slowcoach: New Strategies Are Necessary, This Is Not Solid Ground
Slowrush: Volume
Slumber Party: Psychedelicate
Slut Em Go: The Disrespectful Beat
Smart Brown Handbag: Fast Friends
Smarty Pants: Annoyager
Smarty Pants: EP Phone Home
Smashing Pumpkins: Earphoria
Smoke Off Vinyl: Nice E.P
Smoking Popes: LIVE
Smooths, The: No Brakes
Smooths, The: Very Own Vegas
Snapcase: End Transmission
Snarfel: Thirty Years of Andy Cahan
Sneakster: Pseudo-Nouveau/Fifty-Fifty
Snowmen: Last Days of the Central Freeway
Snuff: Numb Nuts
Social Distortion: Live at the Roxy
Social Distortion: Sex, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll
Social Scare: Sound Formula
Society Gone Madd!: Save Room For Dessert
Soft Boys, The: Nextdoorland
Softball: Tenku
Solar -- A Sampler
Solar Twins: Solar Twins
Soledad Brothers: Voice of Treason
Solex: Low Kick and Hard Bop
Some By Sea: Get Off the Ground If You're Scared
Son of Sam: Songs from the Earth
Son, Ambulance: Euphemystic
Songs for Cassavetes: An All-Ages Film
Songs for the Jetset 2000: Volume Three
Sonic Youth: Corporate Ghost: The Videos
Sonics, The: Here Are The Sonics/Boom
Sonique: Hear My Cry
Sons and Daughters: Love The Cup
Sons of Daughters: Sons of Daughters
Sorry About Dresden: Let It Rest
Sorry About Dresden: The Convenience of Indecision
Soul Hooligan: Music Like Dirt
Soulhat: Experiment On A Flat Plane
Soulive: Get Down
Soulive: Next
Sound of Rails, The: Prelude of Hypnotics
Sound of Urchin, The: You Are The Best
Sounds Like Sunset: Saturdays
Soundtrack of Our Lives, The: Behind the Music
South Park: Complete Fifth Season
South Park: Passion of the Jew
South Park: Season 3
South Park: Season 4
South Park: The Complete Second Season
Southern Culture on the Skids: Mojo Box
Southkill: Southkill
Southpacific: Constance
Souvenirs, The: King of Heartache
Sow: Sick
Space Twins: The End of Imagining
Spaceheads: Low Pressure
Spacehog: The Hogyssey
Spanglish 101: Various Spanish-English bands
Spanic Boys: Torture
Sparta: Austere
Sparta: Wiretap Scars
Speak No Evil: Speak No Evil
Special A.K.A, The: In The Studio
Special Consensus: 25th Anniversary
Special Consensus: Our Little Town
Special Goodness, The: Land Air Sea
Specials, The: Guilty 'Til Proved Innocent!
Specials, The: More Specials
Specials, The: The Specials
Specs, The: Social Life
Spectacular Johnny Horton, The: The Spectacular Johnny Horton
Spectator Pump: Demo Cassette
Spectator Pump: Styrofoam Archives
Speed Duster: Quick and Painless
Speedball Baby: The Blackout
Speedbuggy USA: Cowboys & Aliens
Speedbuggy USA: Round Up
Speedbuggy: Hardcore Honkey Tonk
Speedbumps: Crayon Box
Spike Priggen: The Very Last Thing That You Treasure
Spin Doctors: Here Comes The Bride
Spinanes, The: Arches and Aisles
Spiritualized: Let It Come Down
Spitfires, The: In Too Deep Again
Spits, The: The Spits
Spiv: Don'tcha Know?
Sponge: For All The Drugs In the World
Sponge: New Pop Sunday
Spooks: Things I've Seen - music from the motion picture soundtrack Once In The Life
Spoon: Girls Can Tell
Spoon: The Agony of Laffitte
Spoozys: Astral Astronauts
Spring Heeled Jack U.S.A.: Songs From Suburbia
Sprout: Sprout
SPV: Demons & Wizards
Spyglass: Strategies for the Stranded
Spyndakit: Ill Children
Squad Five-O: What I Believe
Squirrel Nut Zippers: Christmas Caravan
Squirrel Nut Zippers: From Candy to Music
Squirrel Nut Zippers: Perennial Favorites
St. Germain Boulevard: New Version The Complete Series
Stacey Earle: Dancin' With Them That Brung Me
Stacey Earle: Simple Gearle
Stage: Stage
Staind: Just Go Mudshovel
Standard, The: August
Standard, The: Wire Post To Wire
Star City: Inside the Other Days
Starfighter: Beautiful Machine
Starlight Mints: Built On Squares
Starling: Sustainer
Stars of Track and Field: Stars of Track and Field
Stars: Heart
Start, The: Shakedown
Starter Kit: Starter Kit
Starter Kit: Starter Kit
Starting Line, The: With Hopes of Starting Over...
Stateside: Twice As Gone
Steadfast: Sixteen Reasons Why
Steadman: Loser Friendly
Steady Ups: Soul of the City
Steamkings, The: Marmalized
Steepwater Band, The: dharmakaya
Stella Soleil: Dirty Little Secret
Step Kings, The: Let's Get It On!
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: Pig Lib
Stereo Crush: Like A Girlfriend
Stereo Total: Musique Automatique
Stereofan: Stain My Heart
Steve Earle: Sidetracks
Steve Earle: Transcendental Blues
Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums: Come Out Swingin!
Steve Newman & Friends: Old Country
Steve Turner: And His Bad Ideas
Steve Turner: Searching for Melody
Steve Von Till: As The Crow Flies
Stewboss: Wanted A Girl
Stiffed: Sex Sells
Stingers ATX, The: This Good Thing
Stolie: Stolie
Stone Temple Pilots: Thank You
Stoned: Music For The Morons
Straight Faced: Broken
Straight Outta Burbank: The Bomp! 25th Anniversary Collection
Strange Ways, The: Corporate Monkey
Strangefolk: Weightless in Water
Strangers With Candy: Season 1
Strangers with Candy: Season 3
Strangeways, The: Another Roud
Stratford 4, The: The Revolt Against Tired Noises
Streets, The: Original Pirate Material
Stretch Armstrong: La Revolution Transmission
Stretch: Armstrong
Stretching Regular: Stretching Regular
String and Return, The: Invisible City
String Cheese Incident, The: Carnival '99
Stringtown Road: Chamomile and Color TV
Stroke 9: Nasty Little Thoughts
Strokes, The: Is This It
Strung Out: An American Paradox
Strung Out: The Element of Sonic Defiance
Stubborn All-Stars: Back With A New Batch
Stubborn All-Stars: Nex Music
Stubborn Records Presents: Version City
Stud Cole: Burn Baby Burn
Sturgeon General: Stout
Styrenes, The: It's Still Artastic
Styx: Styxworld Live 2001
Subject to Change: A compilation of Northwest Artists to benefit Artists for a Hate Free America
Subthunk: Just A Few Notes Before We Go
Suck On Sick On The Bus / Punk Police: 2xCD-EP
Sucker: Sucker
Suckerpush: Reminiscing...
Sugarbuzz: Sugarbuzz
Sugarcult: Start Static
Suicidal Tendencies: Freedumb
Suicide Machines, The: Destruction By Definition
Suicide Machines, The: Steal This Record
Suicide Machines: Battle Hymns
Sullen: Paint The Moon
Sulphur: Compound
Summer At Shatter Creek: Summer At Shatter Creek
Sun, The: Love & Death EP
Sunday Flood: Advisory
Sunday's Best: Poised to Break
Sunday's Best: The Californian
Sunfur: New Skin
Sunna: One Minute Science
Sunny Day Real Estate: How It Feels To Be Something On
Sunny Day Real Estate: The Rising Tide
Sunset Valley: Boyscout Superhero
Sunset Valley: Goldbank 78 Stack
Sunset Valley: Icepond
Sunset Valley: The New Speed
Super Transatlantic: Shuttlecock
Super TransAtlantic: Super TransAtlantic
Super XX Man: My Usual Way
Superbees, The: High Volume
Superchunk: Crowding Up Your Visual Field
Superdrag: Last Call For Vitriol
SuperKreme: SuperKreme
Supersuckers / Electric Frankenstein: Splitsville Volume 1
Supersuckers: Mid-Fi Field Recordings Volume 3: From the Audio/Video Department, Live In Anaheim
Supersuckers: Must've Been Live
Suplex: Radio Transport... Are You Leaving?
Supperbell Roundup: At Station Four
Supreme Beings of Leisure: Divine Operating System
SushiRobo: Drawings and Garbage Structures
Svala: The Real Me
Svelt: Souvenir
Sweatmaster: Sharp Cut
Sweaty Nipples: Thrill Crazed Space Kids...Blasting the Flesh off Humans
Sweeper: demo
Swell: Whenever You're Ready
Swimmer: Surreal
Swingin Utters/Youth Brigade: BYO Split Series Volume II
Swingin' Utters: Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, and Bones
Swingin' Utters: Five Lessons Learned
Swingin' Utters: Swingin' Utters
Swingtips, The: Let's Play Some Ball!
Swingvergnugen, The: Road Rage
Swords Project, The: The Swords Project EP
Swords Project: Entertainment Is Over If You Want It
Sxip: When Joy Destroys Sorrow
Sybarite: Nonument
Systems Officer: Systems Officer
Systemwide: Systemwide
T-Minus Band: Technostalgia
T. Valentine: Hello Lucille... Are You A Lesbian?
T.K.A.: TKA Forever
T.S.O.L.: Disappear
Tabitha's Secret: Don't Play With Matches
Tabla Beat Science: Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove
Tagging Satellites: One Night Falls
Tahiti 80: Puzzle
Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the Soul
Take Action!: A Punk Rock Sampler Benefiting The Foundation Fighting Blindness
Take Me Home: A Tribute To John Denver
Take Warning: The Songs of Operation Ivy
Talk, The: It's Like Magic In Reverse
Talking To Animals: Manhole
Tamara Walker: Angel Eyes
Tamas Wells: A Mark on the Pane
Tammy Cochran: Tammy Cochran
Tammy Wynette: Stand By Your Man
Tanger: Tanger
Tantra Monsters, The: The Tantra Monsters
Tara Angell: Come Down
Tara Nevins: Mule To Ride
Tarentel: We Move Through Weather
Tarnation: Mirador
Tarot Bolero: Vauderville Rising
Tea for 2000
Ted Nugent: Craveman
Teen Heroes: Audio Satellite
Teenage Fanclub: Man-Made
Teenage Frames: 1% Faster
Tegan & Sara: So Jealous
Tegan and Sara: If It Was You
Tej Leo: Rx/Pharmacists
Telefon Tel Aviv: Map of What Is Effortless
Telegraph: Quit Your Band
Telephone: EP
Telescopes, The: Third Wave
Templars, The: Reconquista 1994-1998
Templars: Biaus Seignors Freres
Templars: The Horns of Hattin
Ten Benson: Benson Burner
Ten Foot Pole: Bad Mother Trucker
Ten Foot Pole: Insider
Ten Foot Pole: Unleashed
Ten Story Love: Ten Story Love
Tenpin: Universal
Terminus Victor: Mastering The Revels
Terrorists: Forces 1977-1982
Testament: The Gathering
Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones: Eat Shit + 1
Texas Thieves: Forced Vacation
Texas: The Hush
Thalia Zedek: Been Here and Gone
Thalia Zedek: You're A Big Girl Now
Thanksgiving: We Could Be Each Other's Evidence
The Capitol Years: Pussyfootin
The Carolines: Youth Electronics
The Cinema Eye/Audion: Split CD
The Forces of Evil: Friend or Foe?
The Karl Hendricks Trio: The Jerks Win Again
The Ladybug Transistor: The Ladybug Transistor
The Letter A: Aurora Metropolis
The Locust: Plague Soundscapes
The Minders: The Future's Always Perfect
The Remedy Session: The Remedy Session
The Sleepy Jackson: Lovers
The Weakerthans: Reconstruction Site
The Woggles: Ragged But Right
The Working Title: Everyone Here Is Wrong
The, The: NakedSelf
Them Wranch: Medium Rare
Themselves: The No Music
Thermals, The: The Thermals
They Might Be Giants: Holidayland
Thinktank: In Anger!
Third Grade Teacher: Third Grade Teacher
Thirty3: Ether
This Ain't No Tribute -- Whole Lotta Blues: Songs of Led Zeppelin
This Aren't Two Tone: A Ska-Punk Compilation
This Busy Monster: Fireworks
This Changes Everything: A Second Nature Recordings Sampler
This Island Earth: Home Sweet Home
Those Peabodys: Unite Tonight
Three Bad Jacks: Made of Stone
Three Finger Cowboy: Hooray For Love
Three's Company: Season Four
Thrice: The Illusion of Safety
Thrity Odd Foot of Grunts: Bastard Life Or Clarity
Throwaway Generation: Tomorrow's Too Late
Thumper: Songs From The Grave
Tie That Binds, The: Slowly Sinking Under
Tiger Army: II: Power of Moonlite
Tiger Army: Tiger Army
Tiger Mountain: Get Along Like a House on Fire
Tiger Saw: Blessed Are The Trials We Will Find
Tight Bros. From Way Back When: Lend You A Hand
Tijuana Crime Scene: Change of Venue
Tilt: Viewers Like You
Tim Bluhm: The Soft Adventure
Tim Carroll: Always Tomorrow
Tim Easton: Break Your Mother's Heart
Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott: Real Time
Tim Reid: Any Given Day
Time Spent Driving: Walls Between Us
Tina Cousins: Killing Time
Tindersticks: Can Our Love...
Tishamingo: Tishamingo
TNT: Transistor
Toasters, The: Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
Toasters: Pioneers of the Third Wave Ska Sound
Tobin Sprout: Lost Planets & Phantom Voices
Todd Deatherage: Dream Upon A Fallen Star
Together We're Stronger: A Worldwide Hardcore and Punk Compilation
Toilet Boys: Toilet Boys
Tom Hall: Tom Hall
Tom Lillo: Blue Eyed Mystic
Tom LoMacchio: Five Years Later
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: The Last DJ
Tomahawk: Mit Gas
Tommy Guerrero: A Little Bit Of Somethin'
Tommy Guerrero: Junk Collector
Tommy Guerrero: Soul Food Taqueria
Tommy McCook and Friends: The Authentic Ska Sound of Tommy McCook
Tommy Stinson: Village Gorilla Head
Tommy Womack: Circus Town
Tone: Ambient Metals
Tonic: Sugar
Tony Babinski: Music from the mtl/ART Project
Tony Low: Sleight Of Hand
Tony Romanello: Counting Stars
Tonya Rae: Tonya Rae
Too Bad Eugene: At Any Rate
Topaz: The Zone
Tora! Tora! Torrance!: Get Into It
Torcher: Your Word Against Fire
Tories, The: Wonderful Life
Torrez: The Evening Drag
Townes Van Zandt: in the BEGINNING...
Toxic Field Mice: Nobody Cried When Jaws Died
Toxic Narcotic: We're All Doomed
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players: Vintage Slide Collections from Seattle, Volume 1
Track One AB: Reverie
Track Star Lion Destroyed The Whole World
Tracker: Blankets
Tracker: Polk
Tragically Hip, The: In Violet Light
Traindodge: The Truth
Tram: A Kind of Closure
Tram: Frequently Asked Questions
Tram: Heavy Black Frame
Trans Am: TA
Trans Megetti, The: Fading Left To Completely On
TransChamps: Double Exposure
Transmissionary Six: Transmissionary Six
Trapt: Trapt
Treble Charger: Detox
Trenchcoat Club: Hitch Your Station Wagon To A Star
Trepan: Trepan
Tri-Polar: Tri-Polar
TriAna: Electronica
TriAna: The Color of Sound
Triangle: Triangle
Tribute to the Pixies
Tricky: Blowback
Tricky: Vulnerable
Trinket: Trinket
Triple Whip: Bare Boned
Tristeza: Dream Signals in Full Circles
Tristeza: Spine and Sensory
Triumph 2000: Phazed & Confused
Troubled Hubble: Penturbia
TRS-80: The Manhattan Love Machine
Trudy Lynn: U Don't Know What Time Is
True Love: True Love
Truly: Feeling You Up
Truly: Twilight Curtains
Tuatara: Cinemathique
Tub Ring: Drake Equation
Tub Ring: Fermi Paradox
Tubetop: Three Minute Hercules
Tuesday: Early Summer
Tuesday: Freewheelin
Tullycraft: Beat Surf Fun
Turn-Ons, The: East
Turn-Ons, The: Love Ruined Us
TV on the Radio: Young Liars
Tweaker: The Attraction To All Things Uncertain
twig: Headshots
Twilight Circus: Dub from the Secret Vaults
Two Loons for Tea: Looking for Landmarks
Two Man Advantage: Don't Label Us
Two Man Advantage: Drafted
U Roy: Now
Ugly Casanova: Sharpen Your Teeth
UHF: Lottery
Ultimate Dance Party 2000
Ultimate Fakebook: Open Up and Say Awesome
Ultimate Fakebook: Open Up And Say Awesome
Ultimate Fakebook: This Will Be Laughing Week
Ultra Swank - Cacophone Sampler '99
Ultrababyfat: Eight Balls in Reverse
Ultrapull: From All Directions
Uncle Carl: Uncle Carl
Under The Radar: The Best of Wordsound Dub
Under The Sun: Under The Sun
Unemployed: Fight Dog Fight!
Unicorns, The: Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone!
Unified Theory: Unified Theory
Unilever: Smorgasbord
Union 13: East Los Presents...
Unisex: Salon
United DJs of America Presents Soul Slinger: One Sound System One Music
United: Distorted Vision
Universal Truth: Symbol of Confusion
Unloco: Healing
Unsealed: A Tribute to the Go-Go's
Unseen, The: The Anger and The Truth
Unsound Series: Volume 2: Guitars!
Unsound--Volume 1: POP!
Unsteady: Double or Nothing
Unsteady: Double or Nothing
Unwound: Leaves Turn Inside You
Unwritten Law: Elva
Upsidedown, The: Trust Electricity
Urge, The: Master of Styles
Uriah Heep: Sonic Origami
Used To Be: Blues From The Pacific Delta For Bill Monroe
Used, The: The Used
Vagrant Records: Another Year on the Streets (label sampler)
Valley of the Giants: Valley of the Giants
Vanilla Ice: Hard To Swallow
Vanishing, The: Songs for Psychotic Children
Vans Warped Tour: A Compilation of Warped Music II
Varicoasters, The: She Loves Me Not...
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Six Feet Under: Music From The HBO Original Series
VARIOUS ARTISTS: 11 Objects Lost and Found
VARIOUS ARTISTS: A Tribute To Weezer
VARIOUS ARTISTS: American Pie 2: Music From The Motion Picture
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Atticus... Dragging The Lake
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Beast of British
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Because We Care: A Benefit For The Children's Hospital of Orange County
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Beggars Group - Winter Sampler 201-2002
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Billy: Volume One - A compilation of rockabilly bands
Various Artists: Buddyhead Presents - Gimme Skelter
VARIOUS ARTISTS: BYO Presents: Sample This, Too!
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Coming Up!: Independent Artists Pay Tribute To The Music of Paul McCartney
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Composed On Bicycles - Holiday Matinee Compilation Volume 3
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Concerts for a Landmine Free World
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Death By Salt: A Slug Magazine Compilation
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Deep Elm Records Presents...: Emo Is Awesome, Emo Is Evil
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Deep Elm Records Presents...: Unreleased 2
VARIOUS ARTISTS: DiY-FEST Compilation Volume 1
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Don't Be Scared: It's Only A Fearless Records Sampler
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down: A Tribute To Kris Kristofferson
Various Artists: Dreaming Up The Perfect Pop
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dressed In Black: A Tribute To Johnny Cash
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Evangeline Made: A Tribute To Cajun Music
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Everybody's Boppin' / Chicken Session / Shake Um Up Rock - Early Northwest Rockers and Instrumentals Volume 1, 2, and 3
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Fields and Streams 2xCD
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Friday at the Hideout: Boss Detroit Garage 1964-67
VARIOUS ARTISTS: From Hell To Breakfast: A Taste Of Sugar Hill's Texas Singer-Songwriters
Various Artists: From Hell To Gone and Back - Texas Blues
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Gearhead Records Presents...: Thingmaker
Various Artists: Gothabilly: Razin' Hell
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Hangin' from the Devil's Tree
VARIOUS ARTISTS: He's A Rebel: The Gene Pitney Story Retold
Various Artists: How We Rock: Rock 'N' Roll Insurrection!
VARIOUS ARTISTS: If I Was Prince: A Tribute To Prince
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Initial Records Punk Rocker Sampler
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Innocent Words: Small, My Table
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: Music From The Motion Picture
Various Artists: Kicksville! Volume 2: Raw Rockabilly Acetates
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Laugh at the World: A Compilation Presented By the Laughing World
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Listen To What The Man Said: Popular Artists Pay Tribute To The Music of Paul McCartney
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Live & Unreleased from
Various Artists: Live From Nowhere Near You - Volume 1
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Living Tomorrow Today - A Benefit for Ty Cambra
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Lonesome, On'Ry and Mean: A Tribute To Waylon Jennings
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Lotus Lounge Volume 2 - A Worldly Mix of Global Grooves
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Maybe This Christmas
Various Artists: Maybe This Christmas Too?
Various Artists: Maybe This Christmas Tree
VARIOUS ARTISTS: My Very Last Breath: The Emo Diaries - Chapter Eight
VARIOUS ARTISTS: New Geographic Music: You Don't Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right
VARIOUS ARTISTS: New York's Hardest Volume 2
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Nothing Left To Lose: A Tribute To Kris Kristofferson
Various Artists: O Brother Where Art Thou?: Music from the Motion Picture
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Parasol's Sweet Sixteen
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Plea For Peace - Take Action
Various Artists: Punch Drunk III: TKO Records Compilation
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Punk O Rama 2001 - Volume 6
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Rare & Unissued Blasts from the Vaults of Kearney Barton Volumes 1-3
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Roswell Soundtrack
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Shout!: The Revolutionary Rave-Up Alive 1997-2003
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music Volume 1 and 2
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Soul Tribute To The Beatles
Various Artists: Sounds Eclectic 3
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sounds Eclectic Too: Benefit Album for KCRW
Various Artists: StarTime International presents Supercuts
Various Artists: Still Standing: A North American Ska Uprising
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Swivlin Wahine - High Tide
Various Artists: Take Action - Plea For Peace
VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Amos House Collection Volume II
Various Artists: The L.A. Shakedown
Various Artists: The Raging Teens: Wild New England Rock N' Roll Volume 4
Various Artists: The Rhythm Teens: Rare & Unissued New England Vocal Groups!
Various Artists: The Sound of Young New York II
VARIOUS ARTISTS: This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-based Compilaton
VARIOUS ARTISTS: This Is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies & The Kinks
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Twisted Nerve Label Sampler: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Twisted Nerve, But Were Afraid To Ask
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Unreleased No. 1: Unreleased Songs from the Deep Elm Vaults
Various Artists: Vanguard's Roots of Folk 3xCD
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Vans Warped Tour Compilation 2001
VARIOUS ARTISTS: We Won't Take No More
Various Artists: Wig In A Box: Songs from and inspired by Hedwig and the Angry Inch
VARIOUS ARTISTS:: Shake Yer Pop Boomerang - Volume 2
Varnaline: Songs in a Northern Key
Varnaline: Songs In A Northern Key
Veda Hille: Spine
Vegas Demilo: Before It Gets Old
Vehicle: Can't Get to Memphis
Vendetta Red: White Knuckled Substance
Venus Hum: Big Beautiful Sky
Venus Hum: Venus Hum
Verbena: Into The Pink
Veronica: Hope For A Brighter Future
Verve Pipe, The: The Verve Pipe
Very Ape: Kosher Boogie
Vestals, The: The Vestals
Vex Red: Start With a Strong and Persistent Desire
Vexers, The: The Vexers
VH-1'S BANDS ON THE RUN: Josh Dodes Band
VH-1'S BANDS ON THE RUN: Soulcracker
Victory By Sea: The Good Night
VIDEO: Cinema Beer Nuts: The Original Punk Rock Taste
Vietnam: A Musical Retrospective
Vigilantes Of Love: To The Roof of the Sky
Vigilantes, The: No Destiny
Village Singers, The: All Aboard
Village Singers, The: There's A Great Day Coming
Vince Bell: Texas Plates
Vincent Gallo: Recordings of Music for Film
Vines, The: Highly Evolved
Vines, The: Highly Evolved [single]
Vinnie Santino: That's Him Officer - A Collection of Original TV Cop Show Themes
Vinyl: EP (BTB Ehf.
Violent Femmes: Freak Magnet
Violet Indiana: Casino
Virgil Shaw: Still Falling
Virginia Coalition: Rock & Roll Party
Virginia Coalition: Townburg
Visible Men, The: In Socks Mode
Visitations: Visitations
Visqueen: King Me
Visqueen: Sunset On Dateland
Viva Death: Viva Death
Viva Voce: The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
Voltasound, The: Fast Light With Radio Signal:
Von Bondies, The: Pawn Shoppe Heart
Voodoo Glow Skulls: Baile De Los Locos
Voodoo Glow Skulls: Steady As She Goes
Voodoo Glow Skulls: The Band Geek Mafia
Voodoo Lounge: Voodoo Lounge
Vowels, The: In Cahoots With...
Voyager One: Monster Zero
Vue: Babies Are For Petting
Vue: The Death of a Girl
Vue: Vue
Vykki Vox: Woman's Touch
Waco Brothers: New Deal
Wailers, The: At The Castle featuring Rockin' Robin and Gail Harris - Recorded Live!/Livewire!!! - The Best of The Wailers 1965-67
Waking Hours, The: The Waking Hours
Waldeck: Balance of the Force
Walkmen, The: Bows and Arrows
Walkmen, The: Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone
Wanda Sykes: Tongue Untied
Wank: Get A Grip On Yourself
Wanteds, The: Let Go Afterglow
War & Peace: Light At The End Of The Tunnel
War Against Sleep: Invitation to the Feast
Warren Commission, The: Rendezvous With You
Warren Commission, The: What the Rain Doesn't Know
Warren Commission: Tricked By Cleverness
Warren Pash: Parts Unknown
Warren Zanes: Memory Girls
Warren Zevon: Life'll Kill Ya
Warren Zevon: The Wind
Washdown, The: The Washdown
Watch It Burn: Why Wouldn't I
Waxwing: Intervention: Collection + Remix
Waxwing: Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns
Waxwing: One For The Ride
Waxwings, The: Low to the Ground
Waxwings, The: Shadows of The Waxwings
Wayne Kramer: Citizen Wayne
Wayward Shamans: Alchemy
We Ragazzi: The Ache
We Talked About Murder: Expecting The Explosion
Weaklings, The: Just The Way We Like It
Weaklings, The: The Weaklings
Webbers, The: The Oldest Whiskey In Town
Weezer: Video Capture Device - Treasures from the Vault 1991-2002
Weezer: [Blue Album / Deluxe Edition]
Wellwater Conspiracy: Brotherhood of Electric: Operational Directives
Welt: Brand New Dream
Welt: Broke Down
Wes Cunningham: Pollyanna
Westbound Train: Searching for a Melody
Western Aerial: Rock 'n' Roll
Weston/Doc Hopper: The Stepchildren of Rock
Weston: Music From the Soundtrack Matinee
Weston: The Massed Albert Sounds
Whaleman: Heroes In The Seaweed
Wheat: Hope and Adams
Wheat: Per Second Per Second Per Second... Every Second
Where's The Beef?: A Punk, Ska, Pop, & Emo Comp.
White Kaps: The Endless Bummer
White Light Motorcade: Thank You, Goodnight!
White Octave, The: Menergy
White Stripes, The: Elephant
Who, The: Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Whodads, The: Bongo Festeris
Why Intercept?: All Of This Is Circumstance
Wicked City: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Wilco: A Ghost Is Born
Wild Colonials: Reel Life Vol. #1 - A Collection of Wild Colonials Film Music
Wildhearts, The: Riff After Riff
Will Haven: Carpe Diem
Will Kimbrough: Home Away
William Orbit: Pieces in a Modern Style
William Topley: Feasting With Panthers
Willie Nelson: Crazy: The Demo Sessions
Willie Nelson: It Always Will Be
Willie Nelson: Red Headed Stranger
Willie Nelson: Stardust
Wilson Gil and the Willful Sinners: Wilson Gil and the Willful Sinners
Wipers, The: 3 CD Box Set [Is This Real? / Youth of America / Over The Edge]
Wipers, The: The Herd
Wisdom of Harry, The: House of Binary
Wish You Were Queer: A Tribute To Ministry
Witches, The: On Parade
Witchman vs. Jammin Unit: Inferno
Witnesses, The: Tunnel Vision
Woke Up Falling: Dividing Blue From Blue
Woke Up Falling: It's Only Your Ghost
Woke Up Falling: Woke Up Falling
Wolf Call: Tall Cool Ones from the Valuts of Golden Crest
Wolf Colonel: Vikings of Mint
Wonderlick: Wonderlick
Woodbine: Woodbine
World Inferno Friendship Society, The: It's Pumpkin Time 7"
World Is My Fuse, The: Drunk b/w Happy
World Is My Fuse, The: Good Intentions
World/Inferno Friendship Society, The: East Coast Super Sounds Punk of Today
Wow & Flutter: Pounding the Pavement
Wrenfields, The: 21st Century Pioneer
Wretch Like Me: Calling All Cars...
Wunder Years, The: Pitstops on the Road Less Travelled
X-Rated Cowboys: Honor Among Thieves
X: The Best of X: Make The Music Go Bang!
Xiu Xiu: A Promise
Xiu Xiu: Chapel of the Chimes
XYGoatZ: I Don't Have A Monkey
Yardbirds, The: Birdland
Yeah Yeah Yeah's: Fever To Tell
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Machine
Yellow Machinegun: Spot Remover
Yo La Tengo: Nuclear War
Yo La Tengo: Summer Sun
Yongen: Floating World
You Am I: #4 Record
You Can Count On Me: Music From The Motion Picture
Young Fresh Fellows vs. The Minus 5: Because We Hate You / Let The War Against Music Begin
Young Heart Attacks: Mouthful of Love EP
Youngs, The: The Youngs
Your Enemies Friends: The Wiretap E.P.
Yuji Oniki: Tvi
Zeke: Death Alley
Zeke: Kicked In The Teeth
Zen Guerrilla: Shadows on the Sun
Zen Guerrilla: Trance States Tongues
Zero 7: Simple Things
Zero Parade: Zero Parade
Ziggens, The: Ignore Amos
Zoo Story: Come Out and Play
Zwan: Mary Star Of The Sea w/bonus DVD
[Daryl]: Uneven Surfaces

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